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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Posted on: December 25th, 2021 by Lorna McMahon

This is the 9th Blogiversary of Sew Fresh Quilts….

My first post was written on December 24th of 2012. It was more of a New Year’s resolution post than a quilting post, but I kept my promises to myself and then made another New Year’s resolution type post the following year. And since then, it has become a tradition to make a post each year…. to celebrate how “It’s a Wonderful Life”!

Nine years of quilting/blogging has meant an accumulation of lots of stuff. Fabric of course. And many, many quilts. But best of all, these years have given me the opportunity to make so many, many friends. You are my friends and what I treasure above all else in this journey. Your friendship, love and support are what I am truly thankful for this Christmas. You are a gift that is greater than gold – or even fabric!

Having friends like you is what has kept me going through all these years, but ESPECIALLY the last four years. When I shared this post in December 2017, you all rallied behind me when I needed you most.

Things have changed a lot since moving to a new home and starting a new life. And you have been there for me, just like friends are in REAL LIFE. YOU are what makes me look forward to many years to come!
THANK YOU for being here for me!

To celebrate these last NINE years, I am having a giveaway!

There will be 3 MAIN prizes as shown at the top of this post, and LOTS of paper patterns to give away!!!

Please comment below to enter to win. Or comment on my Instagram or Facebook posts!

Winner will be chosen in the New Year!!!

Happy 2022!!!

Keep On Quilting On!


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178 Responses

  1. Pauline Gudas says:

    I look forward to your posts and I love your patterns Happy blogiversary.

  2. Pam Wisner says:

    Thanks for all the great patterns you have brought in your nine years . I made 5 as gifts . The giraffe 2 times . Keep bringing more awesome patterns . If you ever do a dirt bike tag me in the post . Lol hint for a new pattern

  3. Jill says:

    Merry Christmas and congratulations on your 9 years! I have made many of your patterns over the years and they are well loved. Keep doing what you do.

  4. CARLA says:

    congratulations on your 9 years and more to come.

  5. Cynthia Marshall says:

    Happy Blogiversary, wishing you many more years I of fun!

  6. Frédérique says:

    Happy blogiversary, and Merry Christmas too!

  7. Janie says:

    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us for the past 9 years!!

  8. Tara says:

    Happy blogiversary!

  9. Jackie Goulding says:


  10. Michelle says:

    Happy Blogiversary and Congrats on 9 years! May 2022 bring you more creativity and friendships! 😄

  11. Alyssa says:

    Congratulations on 9 years!

    • Jean G-Bauer says:

      Congratulations on 9 years! I always look forward to what you come up with. You are very talented. Here\’s to many more years and patterns.

  12. Cathy Grant says:

    I admire your talents and the patterns you’ve created over the last 9 years. I remember reading that post back in 2017 and thinking what a strong and courageous WOMAN you are.
    I’m so happy for you, and Thankful you are in a GOOD place.
    Congratulations on all your success.
    Merry Christmas and looking forward to your creations in 2022.

  13. Victoria Steel says:

    Thank you for creating such happy and easy to complete projects. Each time I make one (or even look at them) I have to smile.

  14. Diane Beavers says:

    Happy 9th Lorna! Cheers to goals and many more years of cute patterns and your beautiful quilts. Thank you , this is so kind and generous.

  15. Cathy says:

    Merry Christmas & Happy Blogiversary to you. I Love reading your blog! I made Elephant Parade for my great nephew – he loved it and I enjoyed making it!

  16. Tiff o says:

    Happy blog-overstay and congrats on 9 short years

  17. Lisa says:

    Happy anniversary! Keep up the great work

  18. Cassandra Cusack says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching your development since leaving that terrible situation behind you.
    You truly are an inspiration, love to you and your whole family

  19. Kathy E. says:

    So happy to have been with you during most, if not all, of these 9 years! I enjoy your posts and am always impressed by your creativity and spunk! May you have many more years of sharing your thoughts and ideas on this blog.

  20. Laura says:

    Happy blogiversary, Lorna!

  21. Kathy Gilson says:

    I always love to see your creations! They make me smile and want to create more fun-loving quilts!
    Wishing you the best in your future!
    Hugs, Kathy

  22. Resie says:

    Congratulations with your nine years blogging. Even oversees I am following your blog. I like your quilts and ideas, it gives new inspiration. Thank you! Please go on.

  23. Janine says:

    Has it already been nine years? Your imaginative patterns just keep getting better and better. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve for the next nine years! Happy ninth blogiversary!

  24. Norma says:

    I have been making quilts from your patterns for years; they are so fun!

  25. Alicia says:

    Congrats! Love your colorful patterns.

  26. Heidi Lien says:

    Love your patterns and eye for color!

  27. Wendy ewing says:

    Thank you for sharing your talents with us. So great fun for your patterns.

  28. Melody Lutz says:

    Congratulations on your Blogaversary…please let there be many more!!!

  29. Amanda Hutchens says:

    Happy blogiversary!!! Love your patterns.

  30. Mari says:

    Merry Christmas Lorna, and happy blogaversary! You home looks warm and comfy, so I would guess that’s the best change since 2017. Congratulations on the journey thus far!

  31. Kathy says:

    Congrats on nine fabulous years! It sure doesn\’t seem like it\’s been 9 years. Your creativity shines through all the fantastic patterns and they are truly so much fun to make! Cheers to many more wonderful and fun patterns! Merry Christmas friend!

  32. Paula says:

    Congratulations, my how time flies! I have so enjoyed the ride aka your creative journey. And I wish you a joyful and healthy new year!

  33. Terri says:

    I love your patterns and cannot imagine a world without your blog.

  34. Donna Simonton says:

    Happy anniversary! I love your patterns and one of my all time favorites is the Elephant Parade quilt along:). I made it for me but ended up gifting it to my grandson (who just turned 6 so that was a while ago). I am going to have to make my own one of these days! So many great quilt patterns not enough time!

  35. Sherry says:

    Congratulations on your nine year blogiversary! I don’t know what we would do without our blogger friends. I love your pattern and hope for many more years to come. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  36. Jeanne says:

    even after 9 years you are still surprising us with new ideas…..WOW

  37. CA Bobbie says:

    I have enjoyed your posts and your style of humor for these many years.
    I’m wishing a happy and healthy 2022 to you and yours .
    Bobbie from CA

  38. Sandy Allen says:

    Happy blog-anniversary! It has been fun watching you grow over the years. Congratulations!

  39. MoeWest says:

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for many more fun years of quilting and blogging!

  40. Beryl says:

    I love your patterns and have made quilts, wall hangings and other. I especially love your wavy line quilting and hope you’ll someday post a tutorial!

  41. Carole says:

    Happy Blogiversary and Congrats on 9 years!

  42. Sandra M says:

    Merry Christmas Lorna. I have followed your blog these past years and your perseverance and bravery have motivated me to keep trying and putting my best foot forward in my own life. Love your style of quilting and look forward to seeing what the new year brings.

  43. Karen says:

    Congrats on your 9th year blogiversary. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and continued success and blessings in the New Year!

  44. Lisa McGriff says:

    Happy blogiversary!

  45. JoyceLM says:

    Happy blogiversary. Love your patterns THanks.

  46. Jenna Stuckey says:

    Congratulations on 9 years! Thank you for sharing them with us! 😁💜

  47. Connie says:

    Love your patterns. Thanks for the giveaway drawing

  48. Vicky says:

    Congratulations! So exciting for you. I have enjoyed receiving your emails and watching for the next new design. Love all the animals quilts. One day I will get one made.
    Thank you for all you do for the quilting world.

  49. Susan S says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful designs with us. I have purchased many patterns and they are enjoyed by everyone I give a quilt to. Hoping you have a blessed new year.

  50. Nancy Angerer says:

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas season and a Happy New Year. Hope this next year is a good one for you. And I love your patterns.

  51. Laura Manning says:

    Congratulations on your blogiversary. I have enjoyed watching your designs over the years. Your ideas are always so much fun. It’s wonderful to support a Canadian business.

  52. Raewyn says:

    Merry Christmas and happy Blogaversary! I’ve always enjoyed your posts and your patterns. Wishing you a great year!

  53. JANICE says:

    Merry Christmas and congrats on your nine year blogaversary.
    I have enjoyed many of your patterns. Keep up the wonderful work.

  54. Leslie K. says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Blogiversary! I have enjoyed reading your blog for years….your creativity and your strength should be an inspiration to all! Your patterns are so creative and always put a smile on my face. (Also, as one who does not like to free motion quilt, your quilting style assures me it’s ok not to free motion quilt!). I always look forward to your latest patterns!

  55. Kay says:

    Love, love, love your creative patterns! I loved creating the Giraffes in a Row quilt. Keep up your creativity!

  56. Dorothy says:

    Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I have followed you from your beginning. It’s been a pleasure to watch you grow

  57. Susan says:

    I really enjoy the simplicity of your patterns. They have a big impact because you choose such great colors. Thanks for sharing your quilt visions with us!

  58. Zina says:

    Congratulations on nine years! You have created so many fabulous patterns in that time. Thank you for sharing!

  59. Carol S. says:

    Happy anniversary to your blog. I love your creativity- your patterns are a delight!

  60. QuiltE says:

    Congratulations on the first nine and here’s to the next nine, and then some!! Your creativity seems never ending with great attention to detail in their designs. Merry Christmas!!

  61. Lindsay says:

    I have to pay a picture of my Christmas quilt that I have my quilty Mom of the Christmas quilt along you did a few years ago! I love your patterns. So easy to follow. Merry Christmas!!

  62. Karen Granoff says:

    Haooy blogversary. I look,forward to seeing what you do in 2022

  63. shoshana says:

    when i re read your 2017 post, and realized i’ve been following you and being inspiried by you for “so many years”, i was first caught by the elephant parade quilt. at the time, i though i would never have the skills to make that, but step by step, i’ve made it, and i’m still reading and loving you emails. thank you for sharing and inspiring me, have strenght and keep going with joy.

  64. nealich says:

    Dear Lorna, happy Blogiversary and Merry Christmas for you!!! Thank you for all your awesome patterns, my favorites are the Holly Jolly Christmas Quilt and the Alphabeth…

  65. Veronica Scott says:

    Congrats on 9 years. Your quilts are so creative. Merry Christmas!

  66. Joni says:

    I have been reading your blog since the beginning and I love your patterns! Wishing you the best year yet in 2022, many happy and creative days ahead! Happy Blogiversary, Lorna!

  67. Fabie says:

    Joyeux Noël et bon anniversaire ! J’adore vos modèles !

  68. Lily says:

    Merry Christmas and congratulations. I love making quilts using your patterns because they make you smile.

  69. Christi says:

    Merry Christmas and Congratulations on 9 years. That is a long time. Imagine if you had made one quilt block for every week of that 9 years. It would be a big quilt.

  70. Jacqueline Denise says:

    Great easy to read and follow patterns! Merry Christmas Happy New Year

  71. Terry says:

    Merry Christmas! Love your patterns. Always amazed at what you come up with.

  72. Maria says:

    Happy blogiversary and many more to come. I love your creativity.

  73. Mary Lynn says:

    Life is held together by threads and Friends. I cried with you back in 2017 but smiling every day since. Thank you for being our friend and such a giving one. Love all your patterns.

  74. CJ Jolly says:

    Congratulations on ALL you have accomplished.

    I EnJoY ALL your patterns & have many. “Thank you.”
    A Dear Friend of mine/online have followed you and we both really REally like your patterns! Keep up the awesome “work” <3
    Happy New Year!

  75. DB says:

    Congratulations on all you have accomplished! You are such a strong and talented woman. I am always amazed at your creativity when you post a new quilt. May you have a Blessed New Year.

  76. lee says:

    Congrats on 9 years of blogging! I love your creativity! That Boo Kitty is cute ( I love animals and especially cats!) Wishing you many more fun years of quilting and blogging!

  77. Pamela says:

    Congratulatiions! You have really given a lot of creativity to the quilting community. Thank you.

  78. Delisa says:

    Congrats on all of your successes!

  79. Michele says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I’m so happy that your life is so happy now and I know that you will continue to create awesome designs for all of us to enjoy.

  80. Susan L. says:

    Merry Christmas and congratulations on your 9th Blogiversary! Thanks so much for all the great patterns & quilty inspiration!

    • Clarissa says:

      Happy Blog-versary! ❤ I enjoy your patterns and am so glad you started this! 😊 Very encouraging and easy to follow patterns! 🍻 Here’s to another nine!

  81. Chris Bryant says:

    Keep up the great work!

  82. Joy says:

    Happy New Year. I can\’t believe it\’s been 9 years and I hope 2022 is your best yet.

  83. Bonnie says:

    Merry Christmas and happy Anniversary. It has been a joy following your blog the past few years and seeing your creativity evolve and grow. I love your designs. Thank you!!

  84. Laura-Lee says:

    Have loved your patterns for years, but it was that 2017 post that truly hit home. I followed suit a year later and now am in a new home, new life and couldn’t be happier. I guess this is a thank you for that tough email. That was one of many I read before I pulled the plug – and I remember that post to this day. Thank you for your courage – without knowing it, you helped me regain my own. All the best in the year to come.

  85. Sandra McAvoy says:

    Congratulations on nine years of your blog! I really enjoy reading it and I love your cute quilts!!!

  86. Nancy Lewis says:

    Thank you for sharing your blog with us. I have enjoyed reading it. Wishing you many more years of creativity and looking forward to reading all about it!!

  87. Beth says:

    Love seeing your fun patterns, have never made one YET!

  88. Lisa says:

    Congratulations on 9 years, Lorna! I backed a quilt with Grumpy Cat ( so fun to put together) and some of your Christmas ornaments. Best to you and yours in the new year.

  89. MaryBeth says:

    Congratulations on your blogiversary. You\’re quilts are very cute. I\’ve adopted your technique of quilting wavy lines for many of my quilts. Happy New Year!

  90. Marty Goodwin says:

    I have just recently found your blog and I’m also new to quilting looking forward to more of both in the new year

  91. Deanna says:

    I just finished another baby quilt using your cow pattern. It is a favorite! Thank you so much for the chance at more Sew Fresh fun.

  92. Jennifer says:

    Hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for all the wonderful patterns you do. So easy to follow which means a lot!

  93. Caroline Simm says:

    Congratulations 🎉 on 9 years of blogging & thank you for all your wonderful patterns 💝👏👏👏

  94. Bette says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year. My kitty’s favorite Christmas quilt is your Christmas sampler quilt from a few years ago. He’s either on it or under it every day of the holiday season.

  95. Amanda King says:

    Love you designs!

  96. Angela Bowling says:

    What a great designer you are! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I hope the next year will be better that the past couple of years.

  97. Marcy says:

    I have been following you for several years and have enjoyed making a few of your quilts. I have a couple patterns still waiting to be made. Your patterns are fun and can be enjoyed for everyone. I appreciate that the quilts can be loved by both sexes no matter what age.
    Wishing you many more happy years of creativity and success in what you love to do. Cheers!

  98. Cheryl says:

    I’ve been following your blog since your Christmas sampler quilt. I’ve made some of your quilt patterns (the Giraffe’s 3 times now). I’m glad that you are in a better place now, personally. That book at the top looks cute. Happy Blogiversary!

  99. Vicky says:

    I so enjoy your blog and love your spunky designs. Congrats on 9 years of blogging!

  100. Thunder says:

    congrats on 9 years. looking forward to many more
    have a few up your patterns coming up soon on my list
    thanks for sharing your talents.💝💝💝

  101. Karen Hosler says:

    Congratulations on 9 years!! I look forward to your new pattern to make this year. Love your creative ideas!!!

  102. JM Horosew says:

    Congrats to 9 years… so far! Love your artistry & imagination. Wishing you & everyone hear great health for the New Year!

  103. Cathy B. says:

    Many, many congrats on both 9 years blogging and your courage to move forward! Been following since Elephant Parade.

  104. Andrea Schmidt says:

    I love your patterns and have made several of them as gifts. I love the giraffe pattern so much I made a single one to hang on my sewing room wall! Keep designing. Have a great year. Here’s to the 10th anniversary next year and many more!

  105. Becky says:

    So glad your celebrating 9 years…. Lets look forward to 9 more. Love your stuff and send people to your site all the time.

  106. Debbie Frick says:

    I love all your patterns! Thanks for the giveaway. It would so wonderful if I was the winner! crossing fingers…

  107. Cary Wisnosky says:

    Enjoy reading your blog and see the pattern
    You have a great talent ….
    A quiet holiday for my family this year
    May 2022 be peaceful & prosperity for you and your family.

  108. Julie Mirdoch says:

    Merry Christmas Lorna!!! What a great ride you have had so far, and many more years to come. Thanks for the opportunity of the prize! I’d love to win – I’ve had trouble with my sew-jo lately, and I’m sure this would knock me out of that and get me going again!!!

  109. Kathleen says:

    Merry Christmas and congrats on 9 years of blogging! I’ve always loved your giraffe quilt.

  110. Ty says:

    I have collected many of your patterns over the years. So far, I have made 2 (Giraffes in a Row & Kissy Fishy). I love the humour in your patterns and how well they look when made into a quilt. Thank you!

  111. Dawn says:

    I so enjoy seeing all of your new inspirations!! I have a few ready to work on in the new year

  112. Jill McCaughey says:

    Lorna, so proud to have a wonderful Canadian designer (that’s you!) who has so many great designs. Thanks for your fox pattern, and the ugly Christmas sweaters, and the giraffes — it goes on and on!

  113. Jeanie says:

    Happy blogiversaryQQ

  114. Judy Browne says:

    What a journey! Merry Christmas!

  115. Amy says:

    Congratulations on 9 years, such a great accomplishment and inspiration to many. Love your creativity and enjoy making art with your patterns.

  116. Gail N says:

    Love reading your blog and viewing your ideas/patterns. Thanks for the “give away,” and keep on blogging!

  117. Chriss says:

    I just found you today and am excited to follow along, thanks.

  118. Jessica says:

    Congratulations on 9 years!!

  119. Cathy H says:

    I look forward to reading your blog when I see the new entry. I have gotten ideas to better my quilting and have tried hard to not want all the patterns. I’ve certainly enjoyed the free sew alongs. Keep up the blogging and the creativity!

  120. AmyC says:

    Awesome – I am pleased you are still blogging as I gave it up many years ago! Happy blogiversary!! Keep designing, writing and documenting 🙂 We love it!

  121. Lynda says:

    have always been drawn to your patterns – great imagination. happy that you recognized what was right for you and your family and took the steps needed to follow through for a much happier life. would that everyone could be so lucky.

  122. Nancy Sumner says:

    Congratulations! Nine years is a long time to blog and stay consistent at it. I for one appreciate that you still blog as I do use instagram and Facebook, but I guess I am old fashioned and prefer blogs. Thanks for all you have shared over the years and the fabulous giveway!

  123. Terri in BC says:

    I first found your blog after I bought your Forest Friends pattern (which I still have not made!) Love your style!

  124. mandymend says:

    Love your patterns, hopefully I will have great grandchildren before much longer and I will have fun making quilts for them.

  125. KatieQ says:

    Congratulations! Your patterns are unique and fun. They never fail to make me smile. I love making tops, but am not a confident quilter. Your signature wavy line quilting made me feel more confident about quilting my tops. It made me realize I didn’t have to do “feathers” and other complicated motifs to create a great quilt. Although I own 20 of your patterns, Kishy Fishy was my first and remains my favorite.

  126. Pam C says:

    Congrats on all your achievements over these past nine years!

  127. Doreen S says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and congratulations on 9 years. Love all of your patterns. I made the PrimeMates quilt and can’t wait to make the Lemurs and Ostriches!

  128. Marsha Miku says:

    love your patterns…

  129. Peggy says:

    I am so in awe of you. I also left my husband of 18 years in 2018 and am now retired. I absolutely adore your giraffes but I think I will need to make the foxes in some form for my 27 year old baby.

  130. Carol Andrews says:

    Happy Holidays/Blogiversary Lorna. Has it really been that long? Nine years is amazing! Your blog was one of the first I followed and you hosted the first QAL I ever did. Thanks for the memories and the fun. ⛄️😉

  131. Rachell R says:

    I’ve had sew much fun doing quilt-along with you!
    You make such easy, fun, cute patterns, thank you!

  132. Edwina Smith says:

    Merry Christmas & happy blogaversary!

  133. Cindy Shelley says:

    Congratulations on your 9yh Blogiversary.

  134. Jen Vienneau says:

    Congrats! I love your designs and patterns! Keep ‘em coming!

  135. calicoquilter166 says:

    I am just checking you out for the first time. I like what I see.

  136. Rose Paslay says:

    Love your patterns! Happy Blogiversery!

  137. Lee says:

    Congratulations and thanks for the chance!

  138. Kate Bottrell says:

    Happy blogiversary! Hope you had a joyous and peaceful Christmas, and all the best for a happy and prosperous 2022 💕🎄🍾

  139. Linda Cartwright says:

    Congratulations on celebrating 9 years.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.
    Good luck everyone.

  140. Roxanne says:

    I fell in love with your patterns when I saw your elephants in the baby quilt. So glad you kept going for 9 years

  141. Cindy says:

    Congratulations on 9 years. Wish you continued success and inspiration! Love your patterns/style!

  142. Sue Holman says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful, fun-filled patterns over the years. I was a pattern tester for you once, and always look forward to what you will come up with next.

  143. Cheryl Hammond says:

    Congratulations on your 9-year blogiversary!!

  144. Jill Henige says:

    Congrats on 9 years. Thank you for all your wonderful posts and patterns

  145. Edna L says:

    Love all your patterns! You are so creative! I smile every time I see your patterns. They make me happy! May you have a blessed 2022!

  146. Linda Bick says:

    Happy Blog Anniversary I adore your new wine quilt!!! All your patterns are great! Thank You

  147. Andrea says:

    Congrats on the milestone.

  148. Sharon says:

    I love your patterns! Merry Christmas!

  149. Linda says:

    Congratulations on perseverance and working hard with your creativity. Your work gets better and better. All of your patterns make me smile.

  150. Donna says:

    love the quilt patterns. I have purchased a couple of the patterns just because of the names. Don\’t wine to me is next on the list.
    Here is too many more years.

  151. Cathy Weber says:

    I have made four of your quilts and multiples of those too. Just finished fox among the birches and it is so cute. Thank you for all the fabulous patterns that are perfect for so many people in my life.

  152. Sharon Duda says:

    Congratulations, Lorna, on your 9th Blogiversary (woo hoo!) and your journey (double woo hoo!). All the best in 2022 for continued success and happiness. Love your patterns. They are so easy to follow and so cute and clever. They make me smile. (-:

  153. Nancy Van Deusen says:

    I love Sew Fresh Quilts. Have made 3 different ones. Would love to win.

  154. Liz Horgan says:

    Congratulations Lorna on 9 fabulous years! And thank you for your wonderful, fun patterns – I love collecting them and have made quite a few. I’ve loved your quilt alongs – especially the elephant one🐘!!
    You are so strong and generous!
    I look forward to continuing to follow you and look forward to watching what you come up with in 2022!
    Happy New Year!

  155. Karen Hootman says:

    Congratulations!!! Hope you have many more years. Have a wonderful New Year!!!🎉❤️

  156. Christine Kosmak says:

    Congratulations on the 9th birthday of your blog, which I did the mistake of coming across as I now have several/most of your patterns on my “never ever gonna end” wish list! lol! After going back and reading your post from 2017 it reminded me I just recently “celebrated” 31 years since I did the same with my son’s father. Looking forward to see what you come up with for 2022! Hoping you had a merry Christmas and a better new year than the last one!

  157. Betty Anne says:

    I am always inspired by your blog. You have shown your talent and humanity. Wishing you a safe, peaceful, happy, healthy and prosperous 2022!

  158. Janet T says:

    Has it been that long ago? Time does fly! Congratulations with many more good years to come!!

  159. Colleen says:

    Congratulations on 9 years! I love your whimsical quilts. I have yet to make one, but it is definitely on my plan to do list.

  160. Maree Whitley says:

    BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your 9 Year Blogiversary! 🥳 All the very best wishes for the new year and many more blogiversaries to come. 🥰

  161. Emily says:

    Happy Blogiversary!!!! I’ve been along for the ride for many of those 9 years, starting with the Teddy Bear pattern you featured in a blog hop I don’t know how many years ago. Your patterns are some of the best out there and your creativity and positive energy never cease to amaze me. Happy New Year!

  162. Connie Wolfe says:

    Way to Go! That is an amazing accomplishment! Thank you for sharing your creativity. Having found your blog and joining over the recent year, I’ve been inspired to try a few more complicated blocks. Wishing you many years of designing, blogging and quilting.
    Connie W.

  163. Eileen Maher says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary, all the best for a great new year!! Love your designs, keep us inspired!!

  164. Carole S. says:

    Happy Blog Anniversary, and Happy New Year to you! Your designs just keep getting more and more interesting, and are such a delight to see. I wish you many more blog anniversaries to come, and I hope the new year brings you much success and love and passion for quilting.

  165. Renae C. says:

    Congratulations! I recently discovered your blog and love your patterns!

  166. Irene Yee says:

    Big congratulations on 9 years! I love your patterns and have made several of your quilts. Wishing you all the best in 2022!

  167. Marjorie says:

    Blessings as you continue on your journey! All the best in 2022!

  168. Joyce Carter says:

    Congratulations on your 9 year Blogiversary, Lorna. I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all the awesome designs you have come up with. I hope the future holds many wonderful things for you. Happy New Year!

  169. Cathy C says:

    Happy Blogiversary. I enjoy your fun patterns and happy blog.

  170. Tina Short says:

    Congratulations, what a lovel way to start a new year. Here’s to another 9 years……then another 9!

  171. Linda Parnell says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary. I’ve just found your blog and website! Such lovely patterns, can’t wait to make some.

  172. Barb Brandt says:

    I have stitched and gifted quilts from your fun, creative patterns, and look forward to stitching many more💚 Happy Blogiversary!

  173. Kellie Cotton says:

    Is it too late to join this party? Congrats on your Blogiversary! I found you a few years ago when I made your Dog Gone Cute quilt for a friend’s new baby. 🙂 Happy New year!