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Flowers {make me HAPPY!}

Posted on: November 10th, 2016 by Lorna McMahon
Finally. I have a finish to share!
This is the Flowers quilt. It was finished this past week. And on Wednesday I finally was able to install the plywood panels on the side of the “new” old hay wagon so that I can display my quilts outside for a photo shoot.


Here is an uncropped photo to show how I have the quilt rigged up. I attached a couple of old bale strings to the ends of a board to hoist up the sail. Depending on how much wind we get, I just may be able to put this show on the road!
This quilt really makes me HAPPY!

I love all the bright, fun colours and prints that I was able to choose from Mad About Patchwork. And especially the Blueberry Park: Fence in Breakers. This print was used for the strips and 9 patch units that make the sky. And was also used for the binding.



Some of the other prints I chose are…..

Blueberry Park: Flowers in Grellow, Canary and Goldfish
Blueberry Park: Sunflower in Candy Pink
Sun Print: Endpaper in Azure
True Colors: Zen Dot In Green
True Colors: Divvy Dot In Violet
Macrame: Braidy Fuschia
C+S Basics: Netorious in Plummy
C+S Basics: Netorious in Teal
C+S Basics: Sprinkle in Pickup Truck



AND Abacus: Grow in Sky is the perfectly subtle low volume fabric used for the background.


These wee flowers are my absolute favourite blocks in this quilt and I am sure they will be a welcome sight once we are in the middle of the long hard winter that is soon to come.


For the quilting, I used Light Grey Omni from Superior Threads, both on top and in the bobbin. I could have used white, but I love how this helps the quilting to show up. And it blends in well with the super soft backing that is Widescreen in Grey by Carolyn Friedlander.

The Flowers design is available in two sizes. Directions are also included for this square 70″ size. Perfect for a lap quilt or used as a pretty wall hanging to decorate a big bare wall. You can check out all the details for this pattern in my shop here.

As I previously mentioned, the Old Hay Wagon won’t be used for a photo shoot ever again. She’s being retired. The last time I used it I thought I was going to die. The sides are both leaning heavily to the one side. It’s broken and it’s old. I know this new old hay wagon is not as pretty. But at least I no longer have to worry about sacrificing my life for some decent pics.


The “Flowers quilt finished at 70” x 90″
and was the 12th use of my 2nd edition of 100 labels
ordered from Ikaprint.

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28 Responses

  1. Nice quilt. Yes, it is a happy quilt.

  2. Nancy J says:

    I did like the old wooden wagon, but safety is so important. Great woodwork skills there, and I like it uncropped as well. You could always move the quilt to the very right hand edge of the ply, then crop out the boards showing on the left, and we would see just the cart and the quilt. But I don't mind at all seeing it in reality. Great way to lift it up, easier than carrying out a ladder as well!!! And, those flowers and wavy lines are beautiful.

  3. Such a bright and happy quilt! Looks great!

  4. Tish Stemple says:

    I'm so happy to see that you have your new hay wagon set up all ready to go. I notice it looks like you even have your own little hanging system, which is very cool. This quilt turned out FABULOUS! I love all those bright prints.

  5. Ariane says:

    This quilt is so sweet! Love it!

  6. Nicole says:

    Love the 9patches in the sky. Very interesting and effective.

  7. I wish I had the time to make this quilt, so cute, right up my alley with all the flowers and butterflies. Great design!

  8. Carol S. says:

    Another amazing design by you! I love how creative you are and how your quilts are always fun…I love fun! That wagon is a great quilt holder. My backyard is too small for that, but I wish I had one!

  9. Wonderful colors Lorna. It is a happy quilt for sure. I am thankful you no longer have to risk your life to take pictures of your gorgeous quilts. Moving on to bigger and better hay wagons! Also, the nine patches in the sky are a sweet extra touch. I like them.

  10. I love this quilt!! Another one for my wish list! 🙂

  11. Danice G says:

    Another beautiful quilt. So cheerful and crisp. Perfect!

  12. And you don't want to die for the sake of your art …. think of the blog post !! Love your happiness of this quilt .

  13. This is so gorgeous 😍! I'm so in love with this quilt.

  14. A beautiful quilt! The new wagon setup looks great.

  15. This quilt is so gorgeous, Lorna! Love how you included the butterflies in this quilt with all the beautiful flower blocks! Keep safe on the new hay wagon :)!

  16. Sewmom18 says:

    I love this quilt.

  17. Lori says:

    So sweet! Love this quilt. Nice job.

  18. Congrats on a fantastic finish!Love your colours… and that background fabric is perfect!

  19. lindav says:

    Nice job with coordinating the prints! What a joyful quilt 🙂

  20. quilting1965 says:

    Lovely, bright quilt. It's a damp day here in the UK so your quilt has definitely cheered me up. Could I ask a question – how do you manage to photograph the whole quilt? Do you have a particular lens for your camera? I make quilts but always struggle on the photography bit! Thank you so much. S Xx

  21. legato1958 says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this Flowers quilt! That sky is so clever !Your fabric selections are soooo beautiful and cheerful , and add such a personality to the flowers! I also love your trademark quilting, in the light gray thread! It gives a light and airy feeling to your quilt.It is really interesting to see how you hang your quilts for your beautiful photo shoots. I am glad you have a safe hay wagon now!!Susie

  22. Judy MacLeod says:

    Gosh, another one to love, it's gorgeous! \\like the new, old hay wagon too!See you tomorrow!!!

  23. Skootchover says:

    Another gorgeous quilt Lorna!

  24. Ioleen says:

    A very bright and happy quilt. Love all the colours. Great system for hanging the quilt on the new hay wagon.

  25. Lisa J. says:

    It's a great set up for outside shots. Love that blueberry park in the quilt Lorna.

  26. Unknown says:

    Very pretty. Yes, I think that the flowers will be very uplifting during a long cold winter.

  27. Ruth says:

    such a pretty happy quilt – love this design!

  28. Christine S says:

    Happy indeed! I absolutely love this, so very cute!!