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Trunk Show in my own home town of Stratford

Posted on: October 21st, 2016 by Lorna McMahon

The finishes posts are getting few and far between lately.

Now that my daughter has her driver’s license, and following the summer when the kids were back in school, I thought that I would have so much more alone time at home and that I would be able to crank out lots of quilts this fall. But this has not been the case…..

The months of September, October and November have been, and are scheduled to be, filled with many events that have taken me all over the surrounding area. Living in such an isolated, rural environment, has always led me to believe I lived in the middle of nowhere. Turns out I really in the middle of everywhere!

My baby Forest Friends quilt with Canadian Beaver block.

In August, I went north to Harriston, as a vendor during the International Plowing Match. I guess that was my warm up event for this Fall…

In September, I provided Trunk Shows in the east, in Burlington and Milton, Orangeville and Milton and also north to Barrie. And I participated in our local Fall Fair in Brussels.

This month I have been further east to Port Perry and WAY over east, staying overnight in Kingston, for a Trunk Show and Workshop. Later this month, I will be heading north to be a vendor for the Teeswater Gathering of the Guilds and then back east again to provide a Workshop in Guelph. Go Royal City Quilters’ Guild!!!! See you soon!!!

The red stars show where I have been – and where I will be going

In this close up, you can see my home, signified by the little green house on the west side near Listowel, which is directly north of my old home town of Stratford. On Wednesday night, I had the very great pleasure of giving a quilt show for the ladies of the Stratford Quilting Club. For many reasons, this was a very special event for me.


Firstly, Wednesday was what would have been my dad’s birthday. He passed away a little more than two years ago. And the empty spot that remains in all of my family’s lives is still very fresh. Being as this event was held in my old home town, it was the perfect opportunity to invite my mother along to be able to see my quilts. She does not drive and hasn’t been out to my house since my dad’s passing. I come to town to visit with her, but my quilts mostly don’t come along for the ride. My mom does not have the internet. So giving her the chance to see many of my quilts in person was a great treat. 
Secondly, my sister, Georgina moved back to Canada from Milwaukee, WI around the same time as my dad died. And since she works in Stratford, I also invited her to come along to the show. Little did she know, she would be volunteered to help out. Not that she minded!
My twin size Forest Friends quilt with American Eagle block.
Thirdly, my daughter, Erin was invited. I did not expect that she would want to come along. But her basketball game that day was cancelled. So she sent me a last minute text asking me for directions to the hall. What a wonderful surprise! I was so happy to have all three of my favourite girls along for this show!!!
Erin kindly agreed to take on the role of photographer. This was also very much appreciated because I don’t usually have anyone along who can help me get photos to show you here on the blog.
Ay, Chihuahau!!!


Elephant Parade


Dog Gone Cute


My Pet Hamster


Little Blooms


My baby MOD Bear Paw
My big MOD Bear Paw
And my Black Bird baby quilt that was sold the next day and is now on it’s way to California. Those aren’t CROWS! They’re SNOWBIRDS!!!
It was a touching show. I am so proud of all my girls! And thankful to have been able to have them all along with me for this event in my old home town.
A great big Thank You! so much to Barbara of the Stratford Quilting Club for your hospitality. It was so nice to see you again and to meet all your club members. Thank you for allowing me to bring along my three favourite girls! 
Most of my shows and workshops have been scheduled by various quilting guilds across Ontario. But every once in a while, I am lucky to be offered to take part in an event that is open to the general public. In November, I will be visiting the Oakville Sewing Centre to provide a trunk show. And you are invited!!!!


The Oakville Sewing Centre has been offering sewing pleasures for the past 25 years, under the ownership of Linda Peel Devitt. Sewing has been her passion for her entire life and is evident with the 6000 bolt inventory of the most current, high quality quilting cottons, patterns and threads. That passion is also extended to a full line of Bernina and Janome sewing machines and accessories.
The Oakville Sewing Centre offers a full compliment of sewing workshops on quilting, sewing machine skills and specialized sewing skills. This is a one-stop shop for quilters and crafters.
Linda says…..
Treat yourself to a Quilting Delight
Welcome Lorna McMahon
Creative Genius of Sew Fresh Quilts
Modern, Fresh and Funky
Trunk Show and Demonstrations 
on Lorna’s line of exquisite quilts
Saturday, November 26, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Fee: $25 plus HST (includes $10 voucher
for the purchase of one of Lorna’s quilt patterns
to be used the day of the event)
The Oakville Sewing Centre is located at 488 Speers Road, Oakville, ON
And you can find their website here.
And I hope to see you in Oakville in November!!!
Keep On Quilting On!




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30 Responses

  1. Nancy J says:

    Lorna, this must have been so special. Your Mum, maybe this will be a small step to the scary outdoors again, Life alone can be so hard to adapt to, one of my friends, after she was a widow, who lived right by the coast, said, that even if it wasn't cold, she lit the fire for company. I do hope all your girls had a wonderful time together. And a great event.

  2. I loved the chance to your quilts here in your blog altogether – nearly as good as being there!

  3. What a special night for you. So glad you had not 1, but 3 of your favorite girls to support you. Thank Erin, for all the pics she took. They were wonderful to see. Yes, in the middle of nowhere, but really in the middle of everywhere – so true. So happy for you!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations, Lorna! You have so many wonderful quilts to show.

  5. Sewmom18 says:

    How great to meet and share with so many quilters in person.The finishes will come.To also share the time with family is priceless.

  6. Ariane says:

    It's so great that you were able to share with your family this special night. It's great when family is able to support you in your journey as a quilter. I'm sure they all had a great time.

  7. Sounds like a great show! How wonderful that your family members were able to attend – besides the fact that you could show them the quilts, they could also help you. Hope you had a nice lunch/dinner afterwards.

  8. you are keeping busy and turning into a traveling on the road girl! Have fun!

  9. Thanks for sharing your quilts! Great show. If you ever want to venture to Buffalo, NY, our guild would love to host you! There a lot of guilds here and a large one in Rochester, NY so maybe it could be a different kind of road trip!

  10. Sounds like a very busy but fun fall for you! So nice to have your family in Stratford with you! See you in London soon!

  11. Miss Alissa says:

    How very neat to have your favorite ladies along for the trunk show 🙂 That sure was special! I love your quilts by the way. Hoping to make one soon!

  12. Tish Stemple says:

    I love that your family was able to attend this event with you. Having the support of family can mean everything. From the looks of your map, you are a very busy lady, but I'm sure everyone that is able to make it out to see you appreciates it. In my book, you are a quilting rock star! If only Canada was closer, I would love to attend one of your trunk shows.

  13. Sew great to get to share the evening with your family. I live 1200 miles from most of my family, and don't get to share much. At least most of my family do email, so, I can send pictures. I have your Elephant Walk pattern. My mother collects elephants. Even if I don't ever make the quilt, the pattern reminds me of her.

  14. Oh, my goodness, Lorna, that must have been an amazing trunk show and reunion, too! Thanks for sharing this – what an evening that must have been! Wow, I would love to have been there to see all of your quilts together at the same time. They're wonderful, and you are so very gifted and creative. Thanks for doing what you do, you're an inspiration to so many, even those of us who merely lurk by, watching, lol!

  15. Lisa J. says:

    Wow Lorna: You've been busier than a bee! It's great that you got to share your quilts and your experience with all your girls. Looking forward to seeing you in Guelph. I guess I better get cutting.

  16. Looking at your travels in the map is really something. Now that your girls are older, I am so glad yhappy u are taking opportunities to grow your shop and your skills. How exciting. Also happy that you had a bonus day with mom, sister and daughter. Hurray for family time.

  17. lindav says:

    Thanks so much for showing your wonderful quilts to our club. So many of us had no idea we have such a talented designer so close to us. It was a treat to have your mom, sister and daughter there too – so glad you all could come.Hope you didn't mind someone telling you you've been doing your corners wrong all this time? I'm going to try your STOP method (had a browse through your tutorials!) as your sewing is so crisp and professional.You did a great trunk show and answered our questions very nicely. It was very special to see the pillow case dresses that your mom makes too – so cute!

  18. Ioleen says:

    You are one busy lady. Travel here and there just keeping the 401 open, lol. You should think about travelling to the US, I'm sure it could be arranged. Love all the quilts shown.

  19. Carla says:

    Thanks for sharing your trunk show. It's not as good as being there in person, but I really enjoy looking at your quilts. Congrats on your success!

  20. Rachel says:

    Wow! You've been a busy bee! So glad your family was able to come, and your quilts are lovely, as always. Thanks for sharing!

  21. How special to you have your mom, sister, and daughter there with you. 🙂 And I love you comment about the snow birds – that cracked me up. I hope you have a fantastic weekend, Lorna! <3

  22. How lovely to see your quilts 'in person', Lorna. It brings a whole new dimension. having the three girls in your life at the trunk show would have made it extra special.

  23. SarahZ says:

    Oh my goodness, Lorna!! How very special to have your family in attendance at your fab trunk show! I particularly love looking in the background of the photos, seeing the piles of all your goodies….an amazing array, for sure!! I am happy for your busy-ness!!!

  24. Wonderful show! So glad Erin could take photos 🙂 And how special that your girls were all able to be a part of the trunk show. There is something deep within us that celebrates when we get to show and share and talk about our fabric 'kids' right? 🙂 One day I hope maybe you'll come a little further south in Ontario.

  25. Wow, Lorna! You really have been (and will be) traveling around! It just goes to show how much we all love your work.

  26. Jasmine says:

    I can see why you are so much in demand. Your quilts are adorable and it sounds wonderful to spend the time with family. I bet your mom was so proud!

  27. Cut&Alter says:

    What a schedule you have had and are still to have …. such a great time for those attending events with you. If I was closer I would definitely be attending the public event but no this pics on the www will have to suffice!

  28. Sounds like it was a fun family adventure. It's great that you're able to showcase your quilts.

  29. Cheryl says:

    What a special show. It is so awesome that so much of your family could attend. I would love to see your quilts up close and in person.

  30. Paige says:

    Lorna, how special that your family, especially your mom, was able to attend! You are one busy gal!