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Whole Lotta Quilting Goin’ On

Posted on: August 29th, 2022 by Lorna McMahon

In my last post I had just added two dog quilts to the unquilted pile. And after that, the pile got deeper!

But this past week, I got a whole lotta quilting done!

Then on Sunday my sister and I got together for a visit and she helped me get photos. Again…

This was her first time to this spot with me. It’s an old bridge that is no longer open to motor vehicles.

My sister really liked the back of this quilt even more than the front.

It’s a bright napping dogs and rainbows theme! What’s not to love?

My Dandy Danes quilt finished at 36″ square. Quilted edge to edge in organic wavy lines.

It’s been so wonderful to spend so much time this summer together!

Not as much quilting, but much more family time.

Lots more posts in the coming days!!!

Dandy Danes blocks are 17” wide by 36” tall. Two blocks make a quilt 36″ square.

Then there is the “uncropped ears” version.

Handsome Hounds blocks are 15″ square. Four blocks make a quilt 36″ square.

You can find these patterns here in my NEW SHOP!

Keep On Quilting On!


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One Response

  1. Jane Holbrook says:

    Hi Lorna! I have been studying your wavy quilting (as seen on the great dane quilt.) I have used your general wave for quite a while and love how simple and lovely it looks. I drew out the moving wave and think I’m ready to tackle it. Thanks for the patterns and inspiration. You are awesome. Jane @