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TGIFF! Charley Harper meets Superior Threads

Posted on: March 21st, 2014 by Lorna McMahon

Welcome to this week’s TGIFF!

Today I am showing off my birthday suit!
So glad you could make it!

For the past three weeks, I have been participating in the 30/30 challenge hosted by Sarah of Berry Barn Designs.  The challenge is to find 30 minutes of me sewing time for 30 days in March.  This was perfect timing.  My birthday was just this past Wednesday!

Made using a few pieces from the Charley Harper collection for Birch Fabrics, my finish this week started out looking very much like a long narrow quilt.

The threads used for quilting this project were kindly sponsored by Superior Threads.
Keeping it simple, I straight line quilted with my walking foot along the seam lines.

The quilting was completed using my variegated blue Fantastico #5006 Niagra and my yellow/orange Fantastico #5005 October.

Shine on, Fantastico!  Shine on!
When the quilting was finished, I laid out all my pattern pieces and began cutting up that long quilt.
This is my first time making any kind of garment.  There were a few new terms to learn.
And a few instructions that were modified.

I did have to do some unsewing and resewing and some chopping and resewing.
The first fitting was a little big incredibly HUGE!  But better too big than too small.

But I managed to get through.

And am looking forward to showing off my birthday suit this Sunday at church!

What do you think?  The teal pants or the black?

Now it’s your turn!  Can’t wait to see what you got!

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Keep On Quilting On!

72 Responses

  1. Luv the jacket with or without pants! Beeeeuuuuutttttiiiifffuuulll!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cheeky :)Congrats on finishing it, it looks great; especially for a first garment!! I'm too terrified to try make any clothes haha!As much as I love teal, I think the black pants look best. It just really lets the colours in the jacket shine.

  3. Lorna…you are the best!! Congratulations on making the jacket…it came out terrific! Love the picture of the fabric and threads. Was it difficult to essentially make the quilt and then CUT it up? I was a garment sewer for many years and the fitting and resizing part is still not my favorite. This looks great!!

  4. What a post Lorna! Classic! Love the jacket but think the beige pants in the last photo might not keep you warm at church, although they might attract some new members?

  5. *Smile* Awesome post! haha LOVE the jacket! It turned out great! Congratulations on a great finish – and that was quick!!

  6. Lisa says:

    Great post! I love the jacket!

  7. Audrey says:

    Your jacket is awesome! I love it!

  8. Georgi says:

    Gorgeous jacket!! I like the black pants with the blue print top underneath. 🙂

  9. Vicki says:

    OMGoodness..this is so cute! I am so impressed that this was your first attempt at garment making. I like the black pants, they make the jacket really classy. The teal pants make it more casual. So I guess the answer is both. The last pair would be great for a night out on the town!!! tee-hee!

  10. Jessica says:

    I love your finished jacket. It look amazing!!! Don't get too down on yourself about the sizing. Finding the correct size is always hard to figure out until you get used to it. 🙂 I love your color choices in the fabric and thread. So pretty! As for what to wear it with, there are so many colors in there you could get away with almost anything. I'd pull it on over jeans and a mustard colored top… to bring out the yellow. 😉

  11. Jacqui S. says:

    Well done, that is a lovely jacket.

  12. Hahaha! Great pic! You know the one… Great job on the jacket. Very brave of you, it looked great as a quilt, I don't think I'd be able to cut it up. I agree with the others.. Black=dressy, teal=casual dress, jeans=everyday.

  13. That is amazing Lorna, so pretty! And Happy Birthday to you!! 🙂

  14. Anonymous says:

    Oh Lorna you are so funny! I love your jacket! You did an amazing job! Congratulations on an awesome finish and a very Happy Birthday!!! Thank you so much for hosting the linky party. Marie xxx (

  15. Anne says:

    Hahahaha you are so awesome! And you look beautiful. 😀 I'd go with the black or beige, personally. ^_^

  16. Kim says:

    Too, too funny!! Love it!! Teal, black….both will look very swank…..though I think your gorgeous jacket worn with skin colour will give that congregation of yours a lot to chat (sermonise) about for a very long time!! Your jacket is lovely…..looks as if you have been whipping up tailored garments for aeons!!

  17. Ha ha, cheeky girl! I think black is best in this case.Happy birthday to you!!!Estheresthersipatchandquilt at yahoo comipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  18. Vera says:

    Ha ha. You are taking the quilting to new level! Well done!

  19. Bahahahahaha! you have a fantastic sense of humour! Love the black pants look. Pink pants – maybee….Love your jacket Lorna. Really cool!

  20. Elvis Lives says:

    You're game, making a quilted jacket. Not exactly the easiest project for a first garment. Congratulations on the well done finish.

  21. Gene Black says:

    Lovely.. The black pants give it a dressier look. So for church that is what I would pair it with.

  22. Your jacket turned out great Lorna and you look beautiful in it!! I think I would wear the black pants with it to church….I don't think your weather is warm enough for the \”no\” pants look! Happy Birthday too!

  23. LA Paylor says:

    happy birthday, you!! Here's to lots of cake and joy and fabric and making stuff! The jacket is outstanding with all the seam lines making it not boxy. Fab. Looks good with both pants or neither, but I likes color, so teal wins. Mights as well go all in! They already know you… LeeAnna

  24. Kris says:

    Happy belated Birthday Lorna! You crack me up. I love the jacket with both or none…whatever floats your boat. I think you did a super great job on the jacket and it is lovely.

  25. Scrapatches says:

    You are styling in your new quilted jacket, Lorna! I love everything about it … from fabrics to finish. Happy Birthday! … 🙂 Pat

  26. audrey says:

    Yummy fabric, yummy thread! Congrats on your jacket, and happy birthday! 🙂

  27. hahaha, this is awesome! love it!

  28. I can't believe you have never made clothes. That is a fantastic jacket. It will be a sure hit.

  29. Kelly Vetch says:

    Hope your birthday was super special!!!

  30. Lovely jacket! I think I'd put it with the black pants. I don't know if church would appreciate your last potential outfit! 🙂

  31. P. says:

    Well, aren't you cheeky? 😉 Love the jacket! I say with the black pants. Well done! I can't believe it's your first garment sewing!

  32. Rachel says:

    Very nice! I like the teal but the black pants might be more church appropriate, depending on how formal your church is. You probably shouldn't wear the last outfit to church. 😉

  33. Ruth says:

    Hope you enjoyed your birthday – loved the post!

  34. Cheryl says:

    I love the jacket and I love love the final picture you posted 🙂

  35. LOL! That's awesome, Lorna. I have to say that I think you've been the 'cheekiest' host yet! Thanks for hosting!

  36. Oh Lorna…you just totally cracked me up!! I needed that! LOL!! Your jacket came out spiffy!

  37. Congrats on this finish. Your jacket looks fab! And belated Happy Birthday 🙂

  38. Katherine says:

    Beautiful jacket, Lorna. I'm voting for the black as I love the contrast.Belated Happy Birthday!

  39. Newbie Jen says:

    That jacket is so cool!

  40. Jessica says:

    Lol – you are too funny! Happy birthday! The jacket is a great combination of fabrics!

  41. Carla says:

    The last one! Just kidding. I like the teal but the black does set it off. You did a wonderful job

  42. LOL!! Awesome post and I simply adore the jacket!! I think the black pants draw more attention to the jacket. Jeans would be very nice too!!Have a wonderful weekend!!-Soma 🙂

  43. Naomi says:

    I was really concerned when I read you were cutting up your quilting. lol! Your jacket is awesome!

  44. Jasmine says:

    The jacket looks amazing. I would have had a hard time cutting it out, too. I like it with the black the best.

  45. Congratulations! Great job! I vote for the teal, more springy.

  46. You're done!!! This came out great, it fits so well.

  47. Cindy says:

    Love your jacket! Your post was so fun to read – thanks for making me laugh this evening. My vote is for teal pants.

  48. Glinda ♥ says:

    You're just too funny! You 'crack' me up!!Love the jacket … you look great I all colours, my friend 🙂

  49. Rachel says:

    Hehe funny. Love the jacket. I vote for black pants.

  50. Vickie says:

    You do look marvelous in your new jacket !!!!!

  51. Mara says:

    You should go to church the way you look in your last photo, hehe, but if you HAVE to wear pants I like the teal pants best, brings out the colors of your jacket more.

  52. Jo Ferguson says:

    Congrats on a stunning finish. If it were me, I would choose black…..but I always do, so I suggest you do the opposite of boring old me and wear teal. They look more like spring and the jacket is gorgeous, with them.

  53. inchworming says:

    Ooooooh my! Love it, Lorna!!!! Stick to the nude colored pants!!!

  54. CeLynn says:

    Lorna,your jacket is Fabulous! I think you should stick to the teal pants,the nudes are probably a bit to risqué for church 😉

  55. Great job Lorna! I vote the black pants, the contrast really makes the jacket pop:) I can't even imagine trying to make a jacket or any clothing! I'm gonna suggest no bday suit for church, haha.

  56. DeborahGun says:

    this is completely awesome 🙂

  57. Caroline says:

    Lorna you are hilarious! Love your jacket.

  58. Tehe … that is one cheeky post! Well done on the jacket, it's fun to learn how to sew in a different genre 🙂

  59. nicole says:

    Fantastic jacket!! I can't believe this is your first time sewing clothes, it looks awesome!

  60. Marly says:

    Beautiful jacket, congratulations. I'd wear black trousers, but I'm rather broad in the beam. You're slim enough to wear teal, so go for it girl!

  61. Your jacket turned out beautifully! Great job. You'd never know it was your first time making a garment.

  62. Jan Briggs says:

    What a great jacket! I am digging the Charlie Harper as well. I may have to go and get some myself. I like the teal by the way.

  63. Your \”birthday suit\” is AWESOME! Congrats on finishing something just for you. I have been sew busy here that I missed my chance to vote on black or teal, but I want to know which one you chose in THE END…ha! (That was a good one, Lorna.) 🙂 Keep smiling. I know I am. 🙂

  64. Unknown says:

    I love your jacket! I just had a birthday this month too! I think it looks great, and not one of those patchwork ones I've seen around, so I'm surprised. It looks like a designer made this, well I guess so, because you did! Now I want one. I don't know if I could model as well as you, especially that last photo! Lol! Awesome job!

  65. Vicki B says:

    Can you tell me what pattern you used for the jacket. Very cute.

  66. I love the jacket. Congrats on getting it done.and I vote for the birthday suit 🙂

  67. Quite a cliffhanger ending there, Lorna! I think the black might be a more suitable church ending, just saying! 😉

  68. SewPsyched! says:

    Lol!! I love your birthday suit!!! Inspired!

  69. Karen R says:

    Happy Birthday to you and I love the jacket you did a great job. Either pants look good with it but I agree the black makes the colors pop you will certainly get a lot of wear from this cozy looking jacket. I would love to know what pattern you used.Karen

  70. susan kg says:

    love your sense of humor and your suit, I'm not a dick but I did buy the pattern when it was on Craftsy, got get it made

  71. Unknown says:

    Happy birthday to you! Love the jacket! What jacket pattern did you use?