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For My Boy: A Wolf Quilt

Posted on: November 12th, 2013 by Lorna McMahon
Welcome to my stop on the For the Boys blog hop!

If this is your first visit here, I hope you’ll snoop around a bit after the post.
And I encourage you to please leave a comment.  It’s always a pleasure to make new acquaintances!

As I mentioned in this previous post, my son, Russell has been patiently awaiting
his turn to receive a quilt, handmade with love by his mom.

Through the past couple of years, Russell has been a great help to me.  He is my number one supporter in my quilting endeavors, cheering me on and boosting me up.  Whenever I need a second opinion, I know I can count on him to give me an honest and thoughtful response.
When it was time to start planning for his very own quilt, of course Russell wanted to take part in the design process.  And all fabric choices had to have his approval.

He sure does have a keen quilting eye!

The inspiration for this quilt came from a pillow panel Russell purchased with his own money.
The wolf panel was picked out while fabric shopping with his mom one day
and the quilt was then designed around this theme.

This panel did indeed make two very nice pillow cases, but they were too short for standard pillows.
For the extra length needed, I added a blue winter pine fabric to make the flanges,
using the French seam method.

A third pillow case was made using the moon print.

This wolf quilt finished at 70″ x 89″.
Russell had previously noted that my quilts were looking rather flat.  And he prefers a fluffy quilt.
I explained to him that a polyester batting makes a quilt look more puffy,
whereas a cotton batting will be smoother.  So this quilt has a poly batting.

I quilted parallel to each long seam, 1/4″ on either side.  Then quilted along the mountain top and across the wolves backs.   I also free motion quilted around each moon and wolf silhouette.

And I love how the free motion quilting around the wolves really makes them pop!

I used a fleece backing for this cuddly quilt.  And because it was my first experience quilting with fleece, I decided to test it out first by making an additional quilt.  Winter Wolves was made using some of the leftovers and quilted up surprisingly easily despite the stretchiness of the fleece.
My favourite fabric used in this quilt was a beautiful print called Birch Tree, from the “North by Northwest” collection designed by Maria Kalinowski of Kanvas Studio for Benartex.
This birch print was also used to make a double fold binding which was applied by machine.
Judging by this smile……..
I’d say, “Mission Accomplished!”
Taking part in Madame Samm’s For the Boys Blog Hop has been the most incredible fun!
And visiting all the talented participants has been such an inspiring experience!

Thank you Camelot Fabrics for sponsoring this hop.  And….

Sending out a great big THANK YOU! to our head cheerleader, Amy of Sew Incredibly Crazy!

November 12th
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Thanks for visiting today!  And…. Keep On Quilting On!

85 Responses

  1. CeLynn says:

    No doubt,mission accomplished! I am also a fan of wolves and have some of those prints in my stash. Really like how your quilting adds an almost 3d effect to the quilt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He definitely looks like he approves of his quilt! So do I – it's a great use of the patterned focus fabrics.

  3. Thearica says:

    He is one happy young man and rightly so!

  4. Judy B says:

    How sweet that Russell picked out his wonderful wolf fabric! The pillowcases are perfect too. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Great quilt Lorna, your boy looks to be enjoying it!

  6. Carla says:

    He looks so happy surrounded by all the wolf goodness. Great quilt for a boy for sure.

  7. Baa. xxx says:

    Wow, that is a great quilt – no wonder he loves it and looks so happy all wrapped up. I love the way you have quilted it to make things pop out. Super!

  8. Vicki says:

    First, I think Russell is a dream! That smile would stop traffic. The quilt is amazing for sure! You outdid yourself again. Thank you so much for sharing this great work of art.

  9. Shari says:

    What wonderful fabric. Great work! And such a handsome smile!

  10. Great fabrics and a lovely quilt! Russell has a great taste. Looks like he is really happy!Mission accomplished indeed.

  11. charlotte says:

    What a great job. I really like the way that one came together. Your boy has a very good eye for fabric. Looks like he's pretty happy with the end result too.

  12. Nana B says:

    Sweet dreams Russell

  13. Ale jc says:

    YOUR Russell, is adorable…and I have to say, this is such a boy quilt, so evident by his smile…you did a fabulous job of this Lorna….what a great Mumm you are..

  14. Ale jc says:

    ps. Lorna, can you put up the list of your fellow bloggers so we can find them as easily as we found you…please…..

  15. Ale jc says:

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  16. What a great quilt. Even more special that he helped pick everything out.

  17. I love the wolf fabrics, and the quilt came out beautifully!

  18. Kristen King says:

    Great job and Russell seems to be one happy boy! 🙂

  19. Elise Lea says:

    Beautiful quilt! He looks so thrilled – and what more could you really want when making a quilt for someone. I think it is awesome that this was something you could do together.

  20. Vickie says:

    He looks like one very happy young man….extra special because he started it all off with his choice of fabric. The border is a great one !

  21. JoyceLM says:

    Great quilt! Lucky Russell.

  22. Ohhhhhhhhhh I think he likes it!! I know I do…fabulous colors

  23. Unknown says:

    What a cutie, and I love the wolves on the material very nice

  24. i really love how happy your little guy is with his new quilts. my son in law wants a fluffy quilt too,,,now i know what do use. thanks!

  25. It's great that your son got you involvec in his interests! I think For the Boys came just in time for both of you! Nicely done!

  26. Terrific quilt! I love the pictures of Russell (my dad's name) snuggling with his quilt. The fabric is fantastic, and you used it in just the right pattern to make it stand out. Great job!

  27. I want one, too! 😉 I love wolves and this quilt is beautiful! Great job!

  28. Oh, he loves it alright and I can see why….it is Beautiful. Job well done!

  29. Joyce Carter says:

    Your son has really great taste in fabric choices. I love that fabric and your quilt looks beautiful. I like the quilting too. Great job. Thank you for sharing.

  30. Carol S. says:

    My son would love this quilt (what guy wouldn't) as he has always been a fan of wolf things. Cute little guy you have peeping out from under his very cool quilt!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Ooooh, yes, mission more than accomplished, isn't that beautiful?!?!!!Great quilt, my kiddies would love this one too!

  32. Fabulous quilt! I prefer my quilts puffy too!

  33. Marcy says:

    Yes, mission accomplished. Great quilt with a very handsome model.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I have never seen those wolf prints in my local fabric stores. I know I would have bought some if I had. Beautiful quilt.Now where did the fish come from that is in the first picture? LOL

  35. So fun that he picked the fabric and had opinions on the quilting…wonderful job!!

  36. Calicojoan says:

    Oh that smile says it all. What a great quilt!

  37. Hi! This is unique and amazing quilt! I love wolves and all the fabrics and colours are most beautiful! You made the quilting also perfect! x Teje

  38. Great finish! A quilt perfect for a special boy!

  39. Sara says:

    Gosh what a nice bedding set:):) I bet he does LOVE it;)

  40. How sweet that your son loves your quilting. so fun that he was involved in the making of his quilt and he looks so happy and cozy under his quilt and with his pillows. Fantastic!!!

  41. Linda says:

    Your adorable little man looks so happy with his quilt! Who wouldn't be? Great job!

  42. Jackie says:

    Great quilt, looks like one happy boy!

  43. Amy says:

    Looks like a happy boy for sure!! It turned out just great.

  44. tink's mom says:

    What a wonderful assistant. He has a great eye. The quilt is terrific and looks like it is already well loved.

  45. Anne says:

    The wolf quilt is beautiful. Or maybe, because it's a boy-quilt, it's handsome! :o)

  46. Margaret says:

    very nice My family always ask for puffier quilts too so I keep a roll of polyester batting around to do their quilts with. I love your quilt

  47. Theresa says:

    Really great quilt! My son would just love this!

  48. Sure did enjoy reading your post and learning how your son participated in choosing fabric and other preferences. I love it that he wanted a fluffy quilt. The quilt is awesome and so are the pillows!

  49. Corrie says:

    Such cute photos. Great quilt – well done!

  50. LJ says:

    What a cute little guy – a smile worth a million!! Smile, he should, because you and he did a bang-up job. The fabric is wonderful and I love that you followed his lead with the puffy quilt batting. Great stitching. Great fabric, Russell.

  51. I know he has to be totally in love with this quilt and pillow! My grandson goes to a school whose mascot is the wolf so I made him a pillowcase out of that very same fabric. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  52. Linda C says:

    Definitely mission accomplished! That looks like one very happy young man so way to go, Mom. I wonder if he will be quilting himself someday?

  53. evelyn says:

    Couldn't ask for a better welcome for a new quilt. Stitched with love, and received with love. Cute little guy. Your quilt is marvelous.

  54. Heidi says:

    This sure came together perfectly, and the photos are awesome too! Congrats on a great finish and a happy Russell:-)

  55. Joanne says:

    This is wonderful and what a precious gift to have your son be your quilting partner! Thanks for sharing your creation with us today.

  56. Sallie says:

    Great quilt! Thanks for sharing!

  57. What a wonderful quilt and the last picture of your son with huge smile of his face is fabulous! I really love how you put this all together. I love even more that your son has any interest whatsoever in the quilt process.I'm sure he will treasure this for years to come!Carrie

  58. What a precious quilt and how neat that he took part in choosing things! That last photo with him is priceless!! Thanks for sharing.Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  59. gpc says:

    What a great choice — love wolves! 🙂

  60. Robin says:

    That is one great bedding set for one happy little boy!! The quilt really is awesome and so are all your picks of Russell. Great job!!

  61. Cheryl says:

    That look like one happy boy! Beautiful quilt!

  62. Anonymous says:

    A great result. Nice to have an in-house consultant. I agree, the birch tree fabric is wonderful–especially as you (and he) used it.

  63. Such wonderful projects. Really love how the pillow cases compliment the quilt. Terrific fabric choices. Thanks for sharing.

  64. AshleySaxon says:

    Great Job! Love how boy-ish it looks 🙂 (Ashley from QuiltedAffair)

  65. Createology says:

    Wow! That smile says it all! Fabulous Wolf set \”For the Boys\”. Great job and thanks for hopping. Creative Stitching Bliss…

  66. Cindy says:

    What a great quilt. It is so fun sewing for family, especially when they enjoy helping with picking out the fabrics.

  67. Wow! Absolutely fabulous:)

  68. Blues and browns go so well together! Your son looks very pleased with his new quilt.

  69. Definitely a success by the smile on his face.

  70. That is one wonderful quilt!!! I think your son is VERY happy with it!

  71. Lovely quilt. Nice to see a quilt with a 'boy' in mind. Always so flowerey or too pretty. My son would love this wolf quilt.

  72. Hi! I'm back, now from 'Really Random Thursday'. I still love this quilt! But now I realized your social buttons – iiiik they are super! Where you got them? x Teje

  73. It's fantastic that you were able to make a quilt for Russell! It looks like he really loves it. It's no wonder- it's so unique!Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  74. Unknown says:

    He looks so happy with his new quilt. You did a great job, Lorna

  75. Unknown says:

    He looks so happy with his new quilt. You did a great job, Lorna

  76. Lindsey says:

    This quilt is fantastic Lorna! It's always nice to see boy quilts and projects! I'm sure your son will love this quilt for years to come! 🙂

  77. audrey says:

    Oh, this is so sweet! My oldest is three, and he likes helping me lay out fabrics. I hope one day he'll be excited to help pick out fabrics for his own quilt. 🙂 Lovely finish! Definitely a success.

  78. Shanna says:

    Wow! What a fantastic bedding set you have made for your little boy! And what a cheerleader to have by you when you sew!

  79. It is absoutely amasing to see how your son loves his new quilt.Wonderful work, thanks for sharing!Bente

  80. Bravo! A great finish but more importantly a very happy son!

  81. Katherine says:

    Your son's smile says it all, Lorna. What a special quilt and I love the pillowcases to match! Looks like your helper is going to enjoy these for years to come.

  82. Regina says:

    You made a lovely quilt out of these great fabrics!

  83. What awesome fabrics!

  84. So glad your rejuvenated this post Lorna! Still love that little guys smile!