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Ribbit! Frogs and More Frogs

Posted on: June 26th, 2024 by Lorna McMahon

I have been so busy this spring with gardening, but I finally got a chance to take my frogs to the old bridge for a photo shoot!

I had so much fun creating these frogs and I can’t get over how cute their faces are!

The blocks were fun to make and I love the fabrics I used. I have never used orange for a background before!

I used the remnants from the front and pieced this happy backing!!!

Jars with tadpoles and frogs and flowers…

Ribbit Quilt has more Mushrooms and finishes 4 sizes – Table Runner: 12″ x 40″ using 8″ blocks.
Baby: 40” x 40” using 8″ blocks, Medium: 60” x 60” using 12″ blocks and Big: 80″ x 80” using 16″ blocks.

More Frogs Quilt has less Mushrooms and finishes 3 sizes – Table Runner: 12″ x 40″ using 8″ blocks.
Medium: 58” x 58” using 12″ wide blocks and Big: 58″ x 72” using 12″ wide blocks.

If you are interested in making your own quilt, the patterns are available here…

Here are some pictures of my Ribbit! Table Runner I made previously….

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