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Cat Runner

Posted on: March 8th, 2024 by Lorna McMahon

I had so much fun making the Cat Tree wall hanging that I immediately wanted to make a kitty cat table runner too!

The quilting is my usual organic wavy lines from edge to edge, using a rainbow variegated on top and plain white thread in the bobbin.

My Cat Runner quilt finished at 12” x 36”.

Cats are super stars – hence this fabulous backing choice!

Want to make your own?

Quilt finished sizes:
Table Runner: 3 Cats 12” x 26” or 4 Cats 12” x 36”

Bed Runner: 3 Cats 24” x 52” or 4 Cats 24” x 72”

If you are interested in making your own quilt, the pattern is available here…

I delivered this Cat Runner and the Cat Tree wall hanging, shared in my previous post, along with the little mug rugs yesterday. Donated to the Alley Cat Cafe in Stratford.

I had some cat themed fabric bits remaining from previous projects and decided to make them into a variety of mug rugs. I did them using this bindingless method.

And the backsides….

These sweet kitties were a recent gift, sent to me in the mail from my dear friend Mary Brower Huey. This fat quarter was actually the wrapping paper for the beautiful handmade knitted toque she sent. She knows me!

You don’t know how puzzled I was to find a package in the mail that wasn’t addressed to one of my children. They order online. I only order fabric online and that’s rare. So finding a gift addressed to me and not a bill???? Wasn’t expecting that! And was I ever delighted!!!

Isn’t it funny? On a day when you find yourself desperately needing a friend, she arrives in your mailbox and puts the biggest smile on your face! And she inspires you!!! Pass it on and send that feeling around to your other friends. So thank you so much my lovely Mary Brower Huey!

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  1. Johanne Hagar says:

    Love the kitty runners, may attempt one! Never wanted an indoor cat but acquiesced for my husband after he retired. He plays with our small dog as they chase each other!

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