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Spring Giveaway!!!

Posted on: February 29th, 2024 by Lorna McMahon

I don’t know about you….
but I can’t wait for SPRING!

I found these pretty fat quarters last time I went fabric shopping. Perfect for 3 friends!

Made this pouch one day because I wanted to use the rainbow scrap from my Noah’s Ark quilt.

It’s very deeeep! Perfect for 1 more friend!

I’m always saving my corner cut offs and saved the HST’s to make a sunny table topper.

Perfect for 1 more friend!

Preferably someone who loves cats!!!

Each of the above 5 prizes will also include some paper patterns…

Did you happen to notice the FRESH SNOW for the background of all these photos???!!!!!


And because it’s going to be my 58th birthday…

PDF pattern of your choice from my shop here…

Perfect for 100 more friends!!!!

If you would like to enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below or email me at and tell me your favourite thing about SPRING!!!

Entries closed end of day on March 19!

Winners will be notified by email during the following week.

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50 Responses

  1. Terri in BC says:

    Spring is extra special because it’s when my birthday is too! This year, I’ll also be retiring so a double celebration. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Kate C says:

    Flowers are my favourite spring thing. This winter has been so grey that I need some bright flowers! I was sewing with bright floral prints yesterday, just to brighten my day.

  3. Chris K. says:

    Seeing the forsythia, daffodils, and rhododendrons bloom.

  4. Nadine Anderson says:

    Ahh Spring! My favorite season! I love the budding flowers of flowers & plants & the warmth of the sunshine!

  5. Victoria H says:

    I love spring since my birthday is in April but my most favorite part of spring is opening the windows and airing out the house. Love the fresh air and warm breezes

  6. shoshana says:

    my favorite thing about spring has to be the flowers, daffodils, crocuses, forsythia, calla lilies, and not to forget that sound of birds singing and the feel of the gentle breeze, all of it!!!

  7. Carolyn Harness says:

    I love spring for so many reasons but mainly because it promises endless possibilities. New life and projects. Opportunities to make memories and have experiences with those I love. Finally, you can’t beat the color scheme, nature sure has an amazing color pallet.

  8. Renea Yarolim says:

    I love Spring because I can open all the windows, hang laundry out on the clothesline and see my iris’ bloom in all their glory. Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you have a great day and get to do something for yourself that you enjoy.

  9. Cheryl Parker says:

    Oh my gosh, that bag is sew cute! I love bags! I didn’t know that you had a Nativity pattern. I may have to get that one. I love that Spring means fresh, new things and warmer weather (flowers are GREAT, as are fresh veggies). Happy Birthday! I’m just a wee bit older than you (61).

  10. Cathy B. says:

    It’s all about the lilacs for me! And getting outside more, even if it is yardwork. Happy Birthday!

  11. Karen Addleman says:

    I love all the flowering trees and the blooming flowers in my garden. The snow drops have been blooming for 3 weeks now and the daffodils are coming!

  12. Tana M. says:

    New baby animals and flowers pushing their way thru the ground. Happy Birthday to you. Love the bird fabric.

  13. Louise Riccobene says:

    My favorite thing about Spring is happening today: I am boiling down the sap I gathered from my own sugar maple trees in my 1 acre yard. It will take all day and it’s my favorite day of the year.

  14. MoeWest says:

    Happy Birthday Lorna! The best thing about spring is that it’s the start of gardening season.

  15. patti leal says:

    hi. happy birthday to you. spring is a great time of renewal for all of us. i think we come out of our ‘hibernation’ and into being more outgoing and open in our lives and minds. thanks for being so generous in your giveaway. i have a couple of your patterns in line to be made now. i love the cat ones. thanks for all you do. patti in florida

  16. Lois Ruth Oberg says:

    I love all the flowers blooming and how green everything turns!!!

  17. Connie Campbell says:

    Happy birthday Lorna! I’m ready to start gardening, come on spring!

  18. Sandra says:

    spring is such a wonderful time for renewal. Energizes me to organize all the clutter, repot the patio plants, and start a new quilt project. Thanks for the opportunity of this giveaway.

  19. Annmarie says:

    I love watching all the little green shoots popping up in my flower gardens. They make me sew happy.

  20. judy McElroy says:

    I cant wait to outside and listen to the birds and .Love watching the plants starting to come out and the leaves on the trees grow and watching the squirrels and chipmunks run up and down those trees. Happy 58th birthday

  21. Rose Paslay says:

    I love Spring because I know I’ll be attending some fun quilt retreats , Sit & Sews,& Quilt Shows ! This all leads to hanging with my quilting buddies !
    Thanks for giveaway! Happy Birthday to you !

  22. Karen says:

    My favorite thing about Spring is daffodils! Thanks for the give away and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  23. Lisa England says:

    Hi Lorna, I hope you will have a very happy birthday! Thanks for sharing your celebration with the many friends who enjoy your blog and admire your pattern designing talent.
    I have always enjoyed all the lovely blooming things that come with spring, but the last several years I have also come to appreciate the many birds that return to the area where I live in the spring. There are so many interesting and colorful birds to see if you spend time outside looking around.

  24. Allison S says:

    Happy birthday!

    My favorite thing about spring is daffodils and forsythia—the bright yellow makes me so happy.

    Thank you for the giveaway chance!

  25. Marcia M says:

    My favourite thing about spring is listening to the spring peepers. I try and record them every spring just so I can listen to them during our long Canadian winters.

  26. Pam S. says:

    Happy birthday! You should be the one getting fabric presents! I hope you do, and thanks for your generosity. My favorite thing is longer walks with my dogs. Both they and I get cold during our winter walks.

  27. Rebecca Smith says:

    I love that it is daylight later and I can be outside more.

  28. Carol says:

    Cannot wait until Spring. We just moved to a new home in Mitchell and we are excited to see the mud get covered with grass soon 💕

  29. Melissa feldhaus says:

    I love spring because we get more daylight which means more time outside. It means a new beginning for everything that has been sleeping during the winter.

  30. Kristin Foltz says:

    I love the Spring weather and a chance to get outside again and soak up the sun and see your neighbors out and about and just connect again after a long cold winter. It’s a time of renewal

  31. Linda Fleming says:

    What is not to love about Spring!
    Spring bulbs blooming;
    Trees in Blossom;
    Daylight saving ends;
    Birds are chirping and nesting;
    Lorna celebrates her birthday!
    We celebrate our (53rd) wedding anniversary!

  32. Gail B. says:

    I love Spring even though March & April tend to be our snowiest months, in Colorado. It’s warm enough that even with 6-12 inches, it will melt within a day or two. The tulips & daffodils LOVE the Spring snow storms; it’s like a little blanket for them.

  33. Danette C Stankovich says:

    I would love to win any of these cute item! My favorite thing about Spring is getting the camper organized and taking our first camping trip after the long winter. Thank you!

  34. Laura M says:

    My favorite thing about spring are the brave flowers from bulbs pushing their way up to seek the sun. It always reminds me of never giving up hope that the day will be sunny.

  35. Eileen Maher says:

    Spring brings me energy to finish all my projects and start New ones!! Plus all of my grandchildren have spring birthdays, so spring IS extra special for me!!!

  36. Thunder says:

    My favorite thing about spring 🌱🌼
    Is the feeling of re-new
    Grasses turning green 🍃🌱
    Flowers starting to grow🌼🌸🍀
    Trees blooming and budding 🌳🌳🌳
    Birds 🐦🐦 chirping
    Happy birthday 🎂

  37. Maridee L Hargis says:

    My favorite part of spring is the guessing game I play with the weather. Will I need a jacket all day? Only until noon?

  38. Kimberly says:

    Oh how I look forward to spring here in AZ because it is so beautiful with all the butterflies before we go into our high temps in Summer. The cactus flowers are out in the Spring and the baby birds come to our feeders! Thank you for the chance….

  39. Tonna says:

    No more rain! Spring means you can go outdoors without getting wet! Come on Spring!

  40. Brenda C. says:

    My favourite part of spring is the cardinals and robins singing away in the morning. It lightens the day before it begins.

  41. KatieQ says:

    The Garden Club in my town has a program called “Golden Roads” Over the years, they have planted thousands of daffodil bulbs. They are planted near town buildings, including the library, along the larger roads, and tucked into traffic triangles throughout the area. It’s such a delightful surprise to turn a corner and see the bright yellow heads of daffodils nodding in the breeze.

  42. Patti says:

    Return of the mountain bluebirds

  43. Carol says:

    Spring is walking–hearing birds sing, finding the cracked robin eggs, the glorious blooms of all the various flowers and trees, smells of ‘spring’ and chatting with neighbors and all the children laughing.

  44. Kathy R. says:

    I enjoy seeing all of the buds coming out. Yesterday I spotted two Cardinals hopping about in the Bradford Pear tree out the kitchen window.

  45. Carmie Anderson says:

    See the flowers pop up around my yard. Fresh air can be brought into the house!

  46. Alma Dirpaul says:

    My favourite part of spring is the longer days! Thanks for sharing these treasures. My daughter has 2 cats and would love these.

  47. Deborah Sutton says:

    I love seeing the spring daffodils in the hedgerows as it’s promises lighter nights and summer just around the corner x

  48. Gail says:

    My favorite things about spring are the return of the robins and the blooming of the daffodils and tulips.

  49. Carol odell says:

    My favorite thing about spring is when the Iris start blooming. There are thousands in my yard. I try to get the beds cleaned out before they bloom

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