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Duck Duck Goose table runner

Posted on: March 27th, 2022 by Lorna McMahon

Spring has sprung here. And lately I have been getting all kinds of inspiration by simply LOOKING UP!

This table runner was made using the new Duck Duck Goose pattern. This pattern comes with instructions for both a lap quilt, using full sized blocks, and this runner, using half sized blocks.

Quilted horizontally, these guys really look like they are soaring on the WIND!

The background and backing fabric has been in my stash for about 9 years. Whenever I looked at it, all I could think about was Andy’s bedroom wallpaper on Toy Story. Which I LOVE, by the way.

My Duck Duck Goose table runner finished at 9″ x 43″

I tested the full size blocks and put together this quilt top!

Here you can see my baby Thumbelina. She’s at least 50 years old. I have had her since before I started kindergarten. We used to go on many adventures and she is an excellent tree climber.

I don’t know how I managed to hang onto her through all the moving and shakin’ I have done over the years. But I am so glad to still have her. That little round face is comforting to me.

No. My name is not etched on the sole of her foot. But you can see she’s a Sew Fresh Baby.

And also no. I did not cut her hair. She’s always looked this beautiful in the morning.

The Duck Duck Goose pattern includes instructions for Quilt finishes Lap 52” x 52” using Full size blocks.
And Table Runner finishes 9” x 43” using Half size blocks.

Full Size Duck Blocks finish 8” x 22” – Half Size 4” x 11”
Full Size Goose Blocks finish 10” x 34” – Half Size 5” x 17”

You can find the pattern here in my NEW SHOP!

Keep On Quilting On!


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One Response

  1. Sandra D, Jol_Il says:

    Love the ducks! And Thumbelina? I still have mine and yes, I chopped on her hair but still love her. I cranked her up about 2 years ago and she still moves but very slowly and noisy….darn arthritis gets to us all. I’m not sure how old I was when she came to live with me one Christmas morning but I’m guessing I was 4, 5 or 6 so she’s around 60 years old. I never got a Barbie but I still have “Tammy” and Barbie’s little sister “Skipper”. I had a walking talking Chatty Cathy but she stopped working early on and fell apart. I love watching Christmas Story because it’s so typical of my childhood. I didn’t play much with dolls, I preferred my brother’s race car track, Lionel train, Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys and loved climbing the apricot tree, sitting and eating watching the bird activity. I was quite the tomboy. What a blast from the past. I have a cross stitch pattern “Old Doll” by Little House Needleworks. I plan to stitch it, frame it and put up a small shelf to hold my old dolls. The saying on the piece is: ‘She sits on a shelf, tattered and worn. Her hair a mess, Her apron torn. With just one look it’s plain to see, This doll was very loved by me.”.