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Selvage Expedition – Spool Blocks

Posted on: March 12th, 2020 by Lorna McMahon
I am not a “scrap quilter”….
But I am a quilter.
So naturally, I don’t want to throw any scraps away!
I have been saving and using my scraps along the way. But up until now, I have not done anything with my selvage strips. Except save them. I don’t cut a selvage from yardage. Most of my selvages were the result of trimming a finished baby quilt.

Something grabbed ahold of me soon after completing my SHOP HOP full size blocks.
And felt this sudden impulsive urge to play.

These Simple Spools are each made using 2 pieces of selvage, pieced in the middle.

When the Backyard Baby collection came out in 2012, I fell in love with the Windy Day print.
I paired these spools up with this cute bird print for the backing. And the binding has tiny snails.

Quilted in organic wavy lines using my walking foot and white thread.
“Simple Selvage Spools in Backyard Baby” finished at approximately 8″ x 18″
This alternate style of spools I made were more complex. But still super easy!!!
These spools are made using 2 pieces of Selvage and a square.
Diagonal piecing is used on the corners.
To add a little extra special touch, I used the Flanged Binding method to finish!
Quilted in organic wavy lines using my walking foot and white thread.
“Complex Selvage Spools in Urban Mod” finished at approximately 10″ x 21″
And then I made the one I really fell in love with….
Quilted in organic wavy lines using my walking foot and variegated thread.
“Complex Selvage Spools in Good Natured with Bee Joyful” finished at approximately 10″ x 20″
Wanna make your own “Selvage Spools”?

CLICK HERE to get the printable PDF file.

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5 Responses

  1. Nancy J says:

    They are all stunning, but the quilting on the last one shows those wavy lines just perfectly, great way to use small scraps, I save every last little piece of batik, and have bags of each colour.

  2. Those are cute! I haven't used my selvages, either.

  3. Charlotte M. says:

    I really like those. They are different than your usual quilts. I save scraps, but not selvedges.

  4. sam says:

    I have a wall of mini quilts in my sewing room. This would make a perfect addition. Thank you. Just gotta say I love your organic wavy line quilting. Every time I see one of your quilts I am awestruck by the quilting. It always looks so perfect with your style of pieced quilts.

  5. Sewmom18 says:

    Love these thanks for sharing!