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An open letter to Alison L. VanSacker

Posted on: July 15th, 2019 by Lorna McMahon

Happy Monday to you!

Just want to share this letter, received in my email inbox this morning…..

You’re getting a pissed off blast because I’m tired of dealing with the screwed up mess you created in the Harry Potter quilt along pattern. Even your corrected pdf’s have mistakes. You can’t even get it right when people email you a list of your mistakes. I’m still waiting for you to upload the corrections I sent you a couple of months ago for the still wrong already corrected once title block pdf. 
The blocks were great until the title block. Something changed. In discussions with a friend we suspect you had a pattern writer and decided to it was cheaper to stop paying and write them instructions yourself.  After all writing instructions is easy. No it’s not! If we’re correct that was a mistake that will cost you dearly.
It’s very clear that you didn’t just get in over your head, you jumped into the deep end without knowing how to swim and have been drowning ever since. I’ve had to correct cutting and piecing instructions for every block starting with the Harry Potter title block because you can’t get it right. On top of that I corrected the cutting and piecing for the Hogwarts Express to remove that really obnoxious seam running thru the large yellow square. My block is has 3 fewer seams and looks a hell of a lot better than the one I made using your instructions. Then I get to the final block and find the corrections you uploaded over the long weekend are still totally screwed up.
I printed the corrected pdf for Castle Part 2b only to find you can’t even get the fabric colours straight. In the Castle Part 1 you have us piecing strata for the windows using yellow and medium grey. In addition to cutting unit 1’s from that strata we cut also cut Units 12 and 13 and set them aside for Part 2b. Then in part 2b you suddenly change the window colour in Units 12 and 13 from medium grey to light grey. WTF????? To add insult to injury all your posted test blocks for 2b are pieced using yellow and medium grey for the windows in part 1 and light grey and yellow for the windows in part 2. It’s clear your test blocks are not test blocks but the blocks you made when you designed the pattern. You then wrote the pattern based on those blocks but failed to test the pattern. Your blocks are NOT test blocks. Test blocks are the blocks OTHER people make to ensure  the pattern instructions are correct before you release them. 

What does this mean to you? I’m sure I’m not the only one telling everyone what a screwed up mess you’ve made of this and to avoid it at all costs. I personally know of one person that will never quilt again because she tried to make this quilt. I’m being very vocal about how frustrated I am and I’m sure others are too. This will cost you. Anyone who heard about the quilt along but has never bought one of your patterns will probably never buy a pattern from you. If your free pattern is so badly written they’ll think all your patterns are as badly written as the quilt-a-long. 

A parting reminder, a happy customer tells 10 friends, an angry one tells 100. A truely pissed off quilter tells a whole lot more than 100. 

Dear Alison,

Mondays are hard enough. But thanks. Now I can go plot how best to kill myself.

Dear BlogReader,

I am very sorry for providing you with the opportunity to participate in the screwed up mess I created in the FREE Harry Potter quilt along pattern. Even my corrected pdf’s have mistakes. I can’t even get it right when people email me a thousand list of my mistakes. Apparently an unknown number of folks are still still waiting for me to upload corrections to the Harry Potter title block pdf.
The blocks were great until the title block. Something changed. What changed is that the young lady who had volunteered to help with the pattern testing, unfortunately, could not continue in the process. I have never had a pattern writer. Or a paid pattern tester. I wish that I could afford to pay someone to do just that. After all, if writing instructions is not easy, then pattern testing is even more difficult. My hats off to all those quilters who devote their time and materials to providing this service simply because they enjoy doing it. 

In spite of the fact that I realize there are still existing mistakes in the Harry Potter Quilt Along, on Friday I went to the bank to see if I can get some kind of financial help. Turns out that I figured wrong when I surmised this separation and divorce proceeding would be over by now. I am struggling to keep my mental, emotional, financial and physical health. But oh, yeah….
It’s very clear that I didn’t just get in over my head, I jumped into the deep end without knowing how to swim and have been drowning ever since. I am not even talking about quilting. I am talking about trying to make it through each dang day. Meanwhile there are quilters everywhere all over the world that have had to correct cutting and piecing instructions for every block starting with the Harry Potter title block because I can’t get it right. On top of that, the corrected the cutting and piecing for the Hogwarts Express to remove that really obnoxious seam running thru the large yellow square, provided by a reader, were also never published. Her block is has 3 fewer seams and looks a hell of a lot better than the one I made. And apparently the final block corrections I uploaded over the long weekend are still totally screwed up.

And I still need to organize the prizes. There are people counting on me to come up with at least one more post about this free quilt along. The one with the free prizes. Sponsored by myself and a slew of generous donors. I think I will just write it into my will instead.

The corrected pdf for Castle Part 2b hasn’t got the fabric colours straight. WTF????? I don’t think using a gun is going to work. Too messy. Car accident? Nah. I will probably survive as a paraplegic and be a burden to my family. 

What does this mean to you? I’m sure you have already read somewhere on the internet that I’m  a screwed up mess I’ve made out of my Harry Potter Quilt Along and out of my whole GD personal life. Because of me there is at least one person out there that will never quilt again because she tried to make this quilt. I’m being very vocal about how sad this makes me. Because I am. And I’m sure others are too. This will cost me. Anyone who heard about the quilt along but has never bought one of my patterns will probably never buy a pattern from me. If my free pattern is so badly written they’ll think all my patterns are as badly written as the quilt-a-long. 

A parting reminder, a happy person does their best to build others up. Not tear them down.


156 Responses

  1. I'm glad you left it so your readers could respond. Lorna, I didn't participate in the sew-along so I can't comment one way or the other about how that has gone. I can say that I come to your blog because I know you will post something that I will enjoy looking at or even making. I know that you've made some big changes in your life and that not all of them have been easy. You've been brave enough to share some of that on your blog as well. And by sharing that you've given others an opportunity to see some of the bad with the good. Readers should know that most bloggers are just writing for the shear joy of sharing something that they know how to do. Not everything is going to be perfect. I again don't know how many negative comments you've received about the Harry Potter quilt, but I have seen hundreds of positive comments about other quilts. Positive comments for years of your hard work. Don't let the HP sew-along or any other negative comments destroy all of the good you have made and shared.I'll keep reading your blog and sewing with you.

  2. Laura says:

    I am so sorry this is all happening to you! Best of luck and good wishes! Hang in there!

  3. Carol S. says:

    Wow! I’m so sorry about all of this. I love your patterns and have made several of them, but not the Harry Potter FREE ones. Hang in there sweet lady!

  4. Carol R. says:

    Very well said, Julie Kaye… I hope that life gets better for you – SOON…

  5. OMG – what kind of letter is this to write to someone? I made every block except for the castle (planned for this week) and I decided to omit the title and do something else. I can't comment as to the mistakes in the title page, but honestly, that is besides the point. It is very unkind to write something like this to anyone. I have gotten a tremendous amount of joy with this pattern. I only found one small error in Hedwig that, with a little effort, I was able to figure out. I asked Lorna about it so she can make the correction and she/you got back to me about it. It happens. It's free. It's fun. People make mistakes. I, for one, love my blocks and will be making another one. Thank you for this pattern and I did buy some of your other patterns because I have enjoyed the methods employed to create these designs.

  6. Unknown says:

    If you need/want someone to test your blocks/patterns, I am happily available for free. I am no expert for sure, but I do love quilting and usually sew without reading the patterns. Do maybe I can help figure out some/if any mistakes. Have a lovely day!

  7. Unknown says:

    I'm sorry, I forgot to give you my email address : mamiedin3@hotmail.comDenise

  8. Jeannie says:

    Hey! I absolutely love your patterns. I didn’t have any interest in the Harry Potter quilt but I have purchased many of your other patterns! I love them and have made some of them several times. I check your blog all the time to see what new quilt you have come up with. I love your patterns. I found a small mistake once but I am smart enough to figure it out and didn’t think it was a big deal at all. I don’t have the same talent that you do to create patterns so I really appreciate your talent. Keep it up. When you go thru hard times you need a passion that you love and quilting is yours. Keep on quilting!!!

  9. Cathy V. says:

    I have purchased and made many, many of your patterns and never had a problem. Please don't let one person's out of line email discourage you. Divorce sucks and does take its toll on the best of us. I had months of being in a zombie-like state during mine. Its unfortunate this woman felt the need to berate you, shame on her! Lorna, you are a very gifted and talented quilter and pattern designer who just happens to be going thru some major shit in her life. Don't let this woman, who by the way was getting a free quilt-a-long, bring you down. You are very talented and very generous with that talent. Remember, there will always be people that want to tear us down because of something that is inside of them. This womans awful email to you says more about her and who she is as a person. Please, please do not own her crap. You are a wonderful talent and the quilting world is lucky to have you! Chin up my dear, you are loved!

  10. Mari says:

    Oh Lorna! I am so so sorry that you got this letter. Please don't talk about killing yourself. If you really are having those feelings, please, please get some help for it. I tested the Bear Paw pattern for you and I recall that you were very encouraging and open to suggestion, and the quilt turned out great. I'm sorry for your personal troubles, but all of us will be here while you work through it. Delete that email, then delete it forever from the trash, and then go on with your life. Have a better day!

  11. Louise says:

    Lorna .. Tell your lovely letter writer to come walk in your shoes for a week or a month! Maybe then she'll realize she's a stuck up, unfeeling AssHat!

  12. Oh my goodness, as my mother used to say \”consider the source\” and I say \”this is not about me, it is about them\”. It takes all kinds to make this world go around and some aren't happy unless they are making others as miserable and unhappy as themselves. I am truly very sorry for this and the other crappy things that are happening in your life. Please know there are far more out there that love your patterns than don't. Please hang in there as most of us love your patterns! I just finished stegosaurus and all the mistakes in it were mine! My recipient loved it anyway!

  13. Lisa says:

    I will continue to buy your patterns, yeah there were a couple of mistakes, but OHMYDOOD it was flipping FREE and AMAZING. Alison why don't you design a free quilt along for the quilt police & mean ugly people?

  14. MyraH says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. kvanatta says:

    Lorna -wow! You got lambasted by the nasties, didn't you?? What a load of discontent! I'd like to say THANK YOU for your FREE sew along…. mistakes or not! And we are all able to help each other make the quilt. That is NOT on you. You just have the bad luck of getting the emails 🙁 Put the computer away….. take a walk, breathe, go sew something for FUN…. your patterns are excellent, your talent is amazing… Thank you for sharing the letter… everyone does not feel the same way as this disgruntled participant.Kay 🙂

  16. LaurieS says:

    I’m horrified and appalled that this woman elected herself to speak for all of us readers. No one deserves to be treated the way she’s spoken to you. Thank you for the FREE patterns. Thank you for thinking of others and trying to provide joy when your world is crumbling around you. A gracious person doesn’t berate someone if their “gift” contains a mistake, a gracious person says thank you for thinking of us! Your effort was appreciated!

  17. Diane says:

    I stumbled upon your post today, and feel terrible that you were subjected to such nastiness.I think I'll order some of your patterns today.

  18. Anonymous says:

    You create fun, wonder, beauty and joy. Please don’t even think of self harm. We should all write in screaming how great you are and how many of us quilt because of something you created or said!!!

  19. vcpbennett says:

    Wow, totally stunned by such a vile message. Just remember her comments say more about her as a person ( vile , angry, hate filled) than they say about you! Divorce is hard. Your patterns are great and unique. PS. I hope I never have to give here anything for free.

  20. Jeanette Sturtz says:

    Oh my word – what the hell is wrong with people? I cannot believe the gall of some people. I didn't start or even read the directions but I am pretty sure I would have approached this differently. Your patterns are amazing and I love them! Do not let this deranged crazy person destroy your business or bring you down. Your true followers will still stay loyal. Have a good day and keep on sewing!

  21. I love your quilts!!!! I made the Christmas one without any problem!! People should be grateful that you put up patterns for FREE instead of complaining in such a horrible way! We all go through difficult times and should have some consideration and support people who are living a challenge.

  22. Momma B says:

    Sending hugs. I love your patterns they are so fun! Amazing even…I am a new quilter and I made the kissing fish quilt , bought the pattern at our guild meeting you spoke at. So glad I did! I follow your blog and refer back to it often for you tutorials! Miserable people will always be miserable…they can't seem to survive unless they can nit pick , berate and put down someone …anyone! Keep on blogging, ignore that one ( she isn't worth the trouble) looking forward to more from you! ps: the reason this new quilter bought a pattern from you…you came across with an authentic love of quilting, creating and you made me feel like I could do it! And you were so down to earth, real and so friendly

  23. Unknown says:

    I absolutely love your quilts! I eagerly read your blog posts. Your designs are inspiring and so very fun! Thank you for blogging and sharing!

  24. Your patterns are some of my favorites! I'm absolutely appalled at how this horrible nasty woman treated you. This was a \”FREE\” quilt along! Holy hell, you'd think she paid $1,000 for it. I'm finally getting back to my sewing room after my attack so I'm always available to you to help with testing. But you focus on yourself and your life and block the nasty asshats that dont deserve your generosity!

  25. Tovenia says:

    Prayers for you. I have downloaded the HP patterns but have not made it as of yet due to life. I am so sorry that you have been bullied by this person. NO ONE should be bullied for ANY reason. I fee terribly sorry for this person. She must have a miserable life. Hang in there – things will get better for you and you will move past this angry bitter person and her email. Cyber Hugs to you

  26. Unknown says:

    I am so sorry the writer made you feel so awful. You very kindly answered an email from me requesting help designing a high heel shoe quilt pattern and did it for me free of charge. I made the quilt and it turned out perfectly…my daughter in law uses it to this day. I hope you remember all the people who appreciate you and your patterns, blogs, and advice when faced with negative and mean-spirited comments.

  27. Beth Strand says:

    Oh my dear Lorna, I'm so sad that anyone would write such a vile letter. I love your work, it is fun and uplifting and vibrant. I often treat myself to one of your patterns because your designs make me smile. I hope you will figuratively burn this ugly letter because it's not worth the paper to print it on. You have been through such a lot recently and still you made time to offer a great quilt (on my make list, btw) for free! I believe that what we put into the world Congress back to us. You have put kindness and joy and acceptance. I would not want what may come to the author of that letter. Mean people suck. Hugs. Beth

  28. ~Diana says:

    Oh Lorna~no good deed goes unpunished! Thank you for your generous & creative spirit. Your designs make me smile and I know there is a good heart behind them. Sorry that you're going through a lot of crap right now~but please know that you have WAY more people behind you supporting you than people looking to bring you down. (((HUGS))) you'll get thru this! WE ARE STRONG, WE ARE INVINCIBLE, WE ARE WOMEN! And generally, we're supportive of one another~

  29. Beth Strand says:

    Well, darn…. that was comes not Congress…. lol. Autocorrect!!!!

  30. Katie says:

    Big hugs. And now I'm going to go buy at least one of your patterns. I haven't before, but I'm trying to be good in that limiting my stash area. I passed on the HP quilt along, but to make a point to AngryPants, I'm gonna support you harder. Some people just have to be angry. Doesn't matter to whom. I see it far too often as a retail worker. It's not you. It's them.

  31. Kathy says:

    Wow. I can't even imagine what sort of pathetic life Alison is living. It's a quilt Alison, a quilt. To have that much anger over a quilt is just sad. Why on earth would you feel the need to spew a horrible angry email like that? Seriously, Alison obviously needs a great deal of mental health help. That behavior is not what the quilting community is about. Lorna, I have made numerous quilts from your patterns and every single one of them put a smile on my face…and many other faces. Shake this poor communication off and move on. You're a talented and creative woman and you can overcome all the annoying obstacles that land in front of you, no matter what they are. I believe in you.

  32. PegP says:

    Lorna, please do not consider harming yourself. This person clearly is not worth it I am appalled at the way you have been treated. Why do people think it is okay to blast others in writing when they would likely never think of doing something like this face to face? Divorce is difficult, no question. But please if you have feelings of self harm, please seek out some help. If you need pattern testers, I am sure you would have many volunteers if you put out the call to your readers. Hang in there, most of don't behave in this inappropriate manner.

  33. coppertop45 says:

    I'm so sorry you got this unhappy post…you do some great designs and I have several….take care of yourself, consider the source and move on, knowing you have many friends supporting you…..hugs!

  34. Janet says:

    So sorry you were subjected to that kind of negativity! Love your patterns Lorna, and love how you responded!

  35. Heather says:

    Hi Lorna. You are a lovely person. Was so happy to meet you when you visited my guild. I love your patterns and will continue buying them. Put me on your list for free pattern tester.

  36. Jill says:

    This letter made me cry. What is this world coming to. It must be nice for the letter-writer to be perfect. But maybe not…..if she is what exemplifies perfection, then I will remain happy and humble to be my bumbling through life as best I can as myself. Xoxo xoxoAnd PS, I love your patterns!!!!

  37. LizD4400 says:

    I think you should completely ignore that cruel letter. If you're going through a difficult time, you should just post that you need to take some time off to get yourself to a place of feeling at peace. Blogging is a lot of work and trying to post new patterns is tough on top of it. Just take time for yourself right now, maybe take a few days away at a bed and breakfast with your quilting supplies, if that's what brings you to a place of peace and joy. People obviously love you, except for those few cruel types who only love themselves and their own opinions.

  38. Pattypiecer says:

    I did not participate in the sew along , but NO ONE should receive a vile, horrible letter like this. That person must be very unhappy to spread such hate and anger. That is not representative of the quilt community I have seen. Please try to move on and not let one unhappy person affect you. You should be thanked for your generous gift of the free pattern

  39. jeri955 says:

    I love your patterns and will definitely order at least one today to support you! Jeri

  40. Anonymous says:

    I have read the comments here and though mistakes are unavoidable, we all understand how frustrating it is to continually make a block with bad instructions…it's our time and resources that are being wasted…and though you are supporting Lorna, you are also denigrating miss angrypants for doing nothing more than expressing her anger and frustration…we've all been there. Would you rather she stew in anger and tell 100 people how terrible this has been, or should you open your heart to her, explain how your personal life has been in turmoil, open a dialogue and solve the problem that way. We should all remember that there are two sides to every story…

  41. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad you posted about that “screw ball lady”….but don’t let her get under your seam ripper. She isn’t worth it. Let her and her one follower move on and create havoc on someone else’s blog. I love what you do . Thank you!

  42. Gay says:

    As others have said, consider the mean-spirited source. It's never easy to get mail like this, even when you know the sender is a jerk. I have made several of your patterns, loved them, and will make more. I enjoy your blog so much it has a place on Top Sites on my iMac. I'm not very far into the Harry Potter blocks but am enjoying them immensely.Finally, you have given away FREE patterns and quilt alongs many times. What amazing generosity that is! Do not let the miserable few influence the joy you give yourself and others!

  43. Cynthia_B says:

    Yes, there were a couple of errors in the Harry Potter FREE quilt along but I corrected them as I went and the world did not end. Sheesh! I gave the completed quilt to my niece and she LOVED LOVED LOVED it! I have shared your site with my quilting friends and one of them (whose maiden name is Fox) bought one of your fox patterns. It's too bad one person cannot get over herself enough to just happily make corrections to her quilt block and be done with it. Your hard work is appreciated by the rest of the world! Thank you for doing what you do.

  44. Anonymous says:

    The person who wrote that email was absolutely awful. I started quilting because I saw your dog quilt and I've been hooked ever since! We're all human and absolutely prone to mistakes. I wanna see if she lives a perfect life ��

  45. Melanie says:

    Free…it was free!!! I love your patterns!! people need to be kind to each other!

  46. Laura says:

    I enjoy your patterns and your sense of fun. No idea about this Alison woman. Holey moley, how could someone be so seething in rage that she attacks a generous soul like you! Hope you have many bright moments this week.

  47. marebear says:

    Lorna, It is so upsetting to get a letter like that, but remember, for 1 unhappy customer, you have 100s of HAPPY CUSTOMERS. Concentrate on the positive and try not to dwell on the negative.

  48. Joan says:

    I agree with LaurieS 100 per cent! No one asked the complainant to subscribe to your blog or to join the quilt along—that was her choice, and she needs to take responsibility for it, not blame someone else for something she was getting for free! Her rudeness is pathetic!

  49. Donna says:

    There seems to be a killjoy ever minute, no matter the arena! If you give away a free patten or do a quilt along and make a mistake or two or even three (considering your personal circumstances), then let it roll off your back. Not so say the mistakes shouldn't be corrected at some point but take care of yourself first. I didn't join in on the HP quilt along but now I may make pillows for two GDs who love HP. I would be happy to pattern test for free! For all of you bloggers, you are amazingly generous and I can't even imagine the stress to put out info on a regular basis.

  50. Kerry says:

    I have a frustrating quilt full of mistakes via the pattern writer (quilt shop owner), but instead of having it out with her I went to her partner and said \”about that . . .\” and she sadly has been dealing with so many complaints. I do think the lady in question may be a little skewiffy, but she thought she has done a great thing. For me the blocks came out different sizes, but now I'm thinking of a way round it all – perhaps change the sashing to make them fit. My brain hurts with it, but I just need a break from it for the time being.I did your Jolly Little Christmas and one block might have been a measurement out, easily sorted, and I plodded on and enjoyed it as I was also learning something new. I also have made the bear paw quilt and I love that to bits.It wasn't a nice letter, but then I think perhaps you could have tried to diffuse the situation – or just ignore the angst and read between the lines for a solution. I'm sure both of you have had a lot on your plates and perhaps one cut of the fabric was the bit that lit the fuse. Nobody is going to ditch you because of one thing that went awry – there are many more that haven't. Hang in there Lorna, don't forget – you are the new Lorna now and the new Lorna is a tough cookie! Bring it on!

  51. Nicole says:

    Hi Lorna – big hugs to you! You've responded with humour and grace while under an awful lot of awful pressure. Hang in there. I also think \”this is the internet! you owe nothing to no one\” yet you offer multiple free patterns and a weekly link up to us random internet strangers, most of whom are grateful. It's easy to be a keyboard warrior. I hope the letter writer is a little bit embarrassed. xo to you.

  52. Sarah says:

    Hi Lorna, WOW, I'm sorry that folk want to ride a free horse to death! (ya know what I mean?)Anyway, here's a hang in there! I love you quilts,Sarah

  53. mpfprint says:

    Hello! I loved the Harry Potter Quilt! Mine is finished and I am in the process of quilting it. Binding is next. I have soooo enjoyed quilting along with you. If I had a problem, you, Lorna, responded almost right away and were beyond helpful. I am eager to sew with you again! My quilt is a holiday surprise for my daughter. She will be ecstatic over it!

  54. MyraH says:

    Lorna – I am sorry about this obnoxious person. I have used several of your patterns (dogs, shoes, Frenchie) and had no problem with the instructions. I was thrilled to make and complete the Harry Potter quilt, and I know my grand-daughter will love it too. I was so impressed with all the work that you put into making the patterns, and them to share with us for FREE was amazing. Sure, there were a couple of SMALL glitches in them, but I was smart enough to figure it out.Please know that there are many, many of us out here to enjoy and support your work.

  55. Donna says:

    You are a great pattern designer. The unhappy lady might have a reason for her unhappiness ….but you don't work for her ( free pattern).Perhaps she doesn't know how to express her feelings any other way. Keep on trucking kid…the world has many unhappy people, you don't have to be one of them ❤️❤️

  56. Judy MacLeod says:

    Lorna, myself and my whole damn guild of 130+ people love you and your patterns.PLEASE don't let one menopausal bitch rain on your awesomeness. We all make mistakes, it's part of being human.You will get through this messy divorce crap, trust me. Been there, done that, lost my kids and burned the fucking t shirt! And survived, and flourished. You will too, you've got it in you. I knew that the moment I met you and felt drawn to you, and it wasn't just because we both smoked.Love and hugs, Judy

  57. I am really sorry someone had to push the envelope vs contacting you with questions. Any quilter knows that things sometimes get overlooked. NONE of us are perfect.Be kind to yourself, going thru a divorce and financial struggles are devastatingly stressful, I know, I've been there.Do your best to ignore the ignorant comments. One person does NOT mean all of us feel this way about you or your patterns.Hugs and one day, one hour, one minute at a time – and breathe……

  58. Sheila says:

    I am beyond shocked that anyone would take the time to try to hurt someone to this degree , really very sad . Since this pattern is free she should be grateful for the pattern not complain about minor mistakes , those happen often in quilt patterns, it's too bad we aren't all as perfect as she is . I didn't take part in this QAL but if I had I certainly wouldn't send you an email of this nature when I came across a mistake, she seems capable of fixing such mistakes , maybe she should have volunteered to be your \”free \” pattern tester . Please ignore this person, your work is amazing and deserves praise not this kind of horrible rant . God Bless and take care of yourself .

  59. Hi Lorna, I used your free Elephant Parade quilt along for my very first quilt I ever made. The instructions were well written and clear, so that a newbie like me could make it. I love your patterns and will certainly buy more.I'm really sorry you are having a hard time. I admire your courage and your art. You are strong. Don't let a mean spirited person get you down. Sending you sunshine.Renae

  60. VA says:

    I've just made one of your patterns (the dog). At first I didn't think I could do it as there were so. many. little. pieces–but I just followed the pattern one step at a time (which was very easy to follow), and my project turned out great! I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. Your new patterns continue to amaze me, and I look forward to seeing them.

  61. Charlotte M. says:

    Lorna. Hold your head high. You are doing your best and clearly, that is not good enough for this woman. Alison seems to be one angry miserable person who has nothing better to do than criticize people for mistakes. Glad I don't know her personally, I would be embarrassed. I have seen many other pattern writers put out a call for testers. I think that could work for you. You get feedback and the testers get to be the first to have your pattern. Win win. Life if messy, and hard. Please don't give this woman another thought. Move on. And know that many of your followers love and respect you and your hard work.

  62. Haters gonna hate. Allison ought to have paused when agitated, and instead she blasted you for what is clearly her issue. NOT yours. No one forced her to do your free HP quilt long. How about, as my sister-in-law said to me, \”while you're at it, go F#%@ yourself.\” I LOVE you and your work. You are my role model. Keep hanging in there. Divorce is not easy, and no one wins but you will be free of that POS. It took me years to learn to float again after my divorce, and still get zinged from time to time. My ex decided he/she is transgender after blaming me for all of our sex problems. lol. I share your patterns and specials on my facebook page, \”Thimblepie's Quilt Supplies.\” I have bought most of your patterns and love each and every one. They are inspired. My kids and grands love your patterns, the items make great gifts. Don't give up, people such as Allison are clearly not human. Shame on her for lashing out so irrationally. Love you so sew much, your girlfriend in the webs, Jane

  63. Dar says:

    Lorna… I am so very sorry for the awful angry email you received, in the midst of a very difficult time in your life. I am making THREE of your FREE HP quilts simultaneously, as I have three grandchildren, for Christmas. I am about 6 blocks in, making them out of order as suits me, and I’m enjoying it immensely, seeing them come to life. I enjoyed it so much that I bought several of your other patterns awhile ago, and can’t wait to get started, especially on the adorable giraffes which will be for ME! ;-D Please, please do not let ThatAngryWoman’s words live in your head… delete the email, remind yourself that you’re shouldering A LOT right now and you don’t need to carry her complaints too, and move one or two steps forward if that’s all you can manage. I’ve read all the previous comments; a whole bunch of people love your work and are extremely grateful for the FREE quilt along, and have had loads of fun doing it. Try hard to concentrate on them and the care and concern they are expressing in support of YOU, a very gifted and generous woman. Love your work!

  64. PS, I will happily test your blocks FREE. xoxo Jane

  65. Anonymous says:

    It won’t really matter how many people Alison tells her Sad story to and her friends already know and don’t care.So Alison, Get Over It and see a good shrink soon.

  66. Peggy_K says:

    I am so sorry someone can be this mean. I know how trying your best professionally while your personal life is falling apart can be next to impossible. Keep doing what you do and know that you have 50000 cheerleaders for every mean girl. Your patterns are wonderful, i have purchased them before. Count me in as a cheerleader! I am proud to be one for you!

  67. Lorna I'm so sorry you are going through this. I have bought your patterns and used your free patterns and have been a happy customer. As a pattern designer myself I know how much work goes into writing a pattern even a free one. I test the blocks myself before I send them to my testers, so yes I could be called a tester. No one is perfect but this woman needs to get a life.

  68. Vivian Oaks says:

    Wow! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, didn't they?!! Suffice it to say some people will say things anonymously that they wouldn't think of saying to their face. She does seem to be a bitter person, and for that I feel sorry for her. What a shame to go through life so negatively. I, for one, appreciate the amount of hard work that goes into pattern making!! Not sure I could do it if I tried!! Thank you!!

  69. Holy cow, honey I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with all of this. What a terrible person she is. You are one of my favorite designers. I’m in the midst of a BOM that I spent more than $200 on so far and there have been several errors on some months even though this is the second time she’s done this BOM. Ok well I figured it out and if I had a question, I asked very nicely. Some people need to get over themselves. Sending you live and hugs. ❤️❤️❤️

  70. Anonymous says:

    So sorry about this bad attitude. I made your FREE Christmas quilt two or three years ago and it was great. I have since purchased your two dinosaur patterns and the little dragon pattern. They are just great and turned out wonderfully, thank you so much. You are very inventive and I know you are doing your best. Thank you again, Judy Gillis

  71. Barbara says:

    So sorry to hear that one of your readers is so ungrateful for something that you gave away free! I would hate to think that one very rude person could be so hurtful. It brings to mind a phrase I saw on a coffee cup years ago: \”Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down!\” Focus on your personal life and doing what makes you happy. Love your cute patterns and look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future. Keep creating! *** Big hugs! ***

  72. MaryCay says:

    I LOVE your pattern designs and so enjoyed making the Harry Potter quilt (as well as some of your others). I will continue to buy them and look for new patterns from you!

  73. Heidi D. says:

    I am so sorry about that nasty email. I love your patterns and I was so upset for you, that I just bought 4 more patterns! Many thanks for your amazing, fun and colourful quilt ideas! Please don't stop and best of luck with life stuff. Things have a way of working out in the end. Giant Hug!

  74. Roch167 says:

    I also did not participate in the sew along, but did download then for that day down the road when i am caught up, lol. Anyway, horrible letter that woman wrote. People on a keyboard can be so cruel and anonymous. I love your patterns, have purchased a few. Everyone's lives change, separation, divorce etc etc. Yes, been there done that myself. At the time you think life is a mess, but trust me when i I tell you that it does get better. You cry less, worry less, fight less and find someone that thinks you walk on water. I did, you will too. Disregard people like that woman and anyone visiting your shop will see what beautiful patterns you design. Be glad your not that awful woman and someone much nicer with more talent in your little finger then she has in her nasty 10 on a keyboard!

  75. MaryCay says:

    I just bought the alpacas!

  76. Nancy says:

    Oh, Lorna, I'm so sorry you received such a letter from another quilter and especially one who is using your pattern for free. She clearly has an undeserved sense of entitlement. It's too bad she didn't stop and think about the effect her letter would have on you and consider that you may have other, more pressing things happening in your life. I hope you'll be kind to yourself and do your best to forget this hateful letter. Maybe you could postpone the finish and free prizes for a little while? I've never made any of your blocks but I have to say they are stinkin' cute. Please take care of yourself. You are more important than a quilt pattern and a letter from an unhappy reader.

  77. Jfelb says:

    I'm sorry you are having trouble in your personal life…I hope things turn around for you. I've been buying and making your patterns for years and have always enjoyed your clear directions…easy to follow. However, Allison is correct…towards the end of HarryPotter your quality of work vanished. The castle instructions were bad. I had recommended HP to my friends and had the link published in my quilt guild newsletter. I had to send up red flags on the directions and apologize for you by saying \” I don't know what happened…her directions are usually spot on\”. It has been my experience working in the business and being a consumer that quilters get spooked by bad directions and are hesitant to try that designer again. One example-civil war tribute. Bad directions, had difficulty getting people to purchase CWT 2 because word got out about bad directions/ measurements by that designer. I hope you regain your focus on attention to details in your patterns and that your personal life improves.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Although I sent an email, I just want to apologize for Alison and her \”hate mail.\” I hope she has had some time to reflect on what she wrote and realize how ridiculous her words were.Please read all of these positive responses you have had from so many who appreciate all that you do and create. Keep on keeping on!!!! I think WE would all like to contact Alison and shame her. Her ignorance comes through rather brightly in her email. Sending many hugs and positive thoughts!

  79. mh says:

    Oh wow–I can't even . . .!!! That letter-writer is mean, mean, mean. Your blog posts are always a bright spot in my day, full of fun and whimsy and I hope you just keep your chin up and know that you are appreciated by so many of us!

  80. Anonymous says:

    So sorry that you have to be subjected to such an attack. Hopefully that woman has had time to reflect on her hateful words .. no one should be subjected to that kind of verbal abuse. Did she think she was Donald Trump!

  81. Pam D. says:

    Wow! Just wow! I personally LOVED the QAL. We’re there a couple mistakes? Yeah, but easily resolved. I love the quilt!! And screw the haters- it was FREE! I had a blast making it. Please don’t go away – I love your quilts. You have such talent. Some people will complain if you hang them with a NEW rope so to speak. So keep on keeping on. You got this!!!

  82. Deborah says:

    You are needed by all of us. I love all your pattern. She obviously needs a hobby. Just remember I love you and God loves you. If you need to talk to someone, get in touch with me. God bless, Deborah DeBerry poladydwd at yahoo dot com

  83. Librkat says:

    Well I hope you will be able to eventually be able to look back on this and while not laugh, at least shake your head. Face it. There are trolls. There are people who don't appreciate free and they feel that that fact that even though they didn't pay for something they are entitled to be rude and nasty. Please don't let this awful person get in your head and affect what you do. She is just a speck in this universe and her opinion means nothing to the cosmos.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Dear Lorna,First, I want to tell you how much I enjoy your patterns. They are joyful and make me smile. I love sewing and quilting, but I also am going thru a hard time now and am unable to take the time and energy to look at all my quilting emails. But I ALWAYS open the one from Sew Fresh Quilts, because they make me smile. You are talented and I love seeing what new patterns you come up with. I have bought a few, and look forward to making each one. Your patterns are clever and imaginative and I am so thankful that you share them. I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you! Thank you!Second, I want to share some life things that help me with my struggles. Some days are hard, but as my mom always said, This too shall pass, things will get better. I'm sorry that you are going thru some hard times. This is how I get thru them, maybe something here will help you. I always try to be my best, in words and actions. I can't control other people, but I can control myself. When things get overwhelming, I sit and cry and talk to God and get things out, allowing myself 5 minutes or so, no longer. Then, I shake things off and put on some joyful music, and take care of what I need to get done, doing the best I can. I choose to be happy in the midst of suckiness, I choose to believe that better is coming. I go on, but with a smile, I refuse to let the bad things win. Day by day, and sometimes minute by minute, choose happiness. Lorna, you are strong, your are joyful, you have such a wonderful imagination, you are talented. Things will get better! So tackle your to-do list one item at a time, that is all that you can do. REGARDING THE LETTER BY ALISON:Alison, I'm sorry your HP quilt experience has not gone well. I can understand your frustration, but I think you should have ranted about it to a close friend, and then written a much kinder letter to Lorna. She has done such a wonderful job with all of her other patterns, the problems with HP were obviously unusual, out of the ordinary for her. She could not have all of these patterns, if she consistently had mistakes in them. \”Pissed off blast\” letters should never be sent, always, calm down and then write a letter that is kinder, asking questions about what/why is happening, not just unloading on a person.Lorna: If you knew that your HP quilt was not up to your regular quality, maybe you could have let people know that things were overwhelming right now, and you had to slow down a bit and get caught up. Your following would understand, we have all been there.I wish you both well and hope the best for each of you. I hope my words did not offend anyone, I mean them only for good. Keep writing those wonderful patterns Lorna! Keep sewing Alison!

  85. Regina says:

    How much better it would have been if she had offered feedback on the errors and changes she made to be helpful, instead of spewing such hurtful words at you. It is in our actions that others see the quality of our lives and the depth of our character. Hang in there, Lorna. The difficult times your are going through can be overwhelming but it appears from all the comments here that a lot of people are behind you and cheering for you. Myself included. Peace.

  86. KaHolly says:

    Lorna, honey, I hope posting this helped you to process this. Don’t allow one mean and nasty person to spoil everything you’ve built up. Put her behind you and continue to wow us all with your imagination. You know I own and have made several of your patterns, some more than once, and each one has been delightful. If I could afford it, and knew I had the time, I’d buy every one of your patterns! You are loved❣️

  87. KaHolly says:

    P.s. I’ll be a pattern tester for you any time, just for the sheer pleasure of doing it. XO

  88. Stephanie says:

    I love your patterns and look forward to reading your emails and blogs. I’m getting ready to start making the adorable giraffes for my grandson!So sorry that someone was so hurtful and nasty. Remember that you are admired by many!

  89. Wow! Someone is an unhappy camper. Love your patterns. Although I'm not sewing much anymore, I still check out your blog.Hope you have a better tomorrow.

  90. Linda S says:

    Hi Lorna,I just want you to know that although I did not participate in your Harry Potter quilt, I have purchased several of your patterns in the past and have been extremely pleased with them. It upsets me that you have had so much go wrong at a time when you are trying to give so much. Life is not always easy, but just remember what a good person you are and think to the future. You are successful in your own right, and will continue to grow from this setback. I’m sending a great big hug your way and hope you can feel it!Have a better day!

  91. SarahZ says:

    oh for crying out loud, Lorna!!!! This just makes me feel so darn far away because I sure wish I could run right over and give you a big hug!! You have made a reputation among your friends for being there for us, and I for one will always appreciate you and your care for me when I have doofy questions about patterns or pattern writing or anything else I might choose to burden your precious time with! Wow! That is just sooo bad! Thank you for sharing this with us so we can all take a lesson how not to ever ever ever be!!! Hugs and love to you my quilty bloggy friend!!!xoxoxooooo

  92. Nancy J says:

    Wow,this is nastiness to a whole new level. If she had found an error, why not email, and ask politely the first time? Life, hang in there, it surely will get easier, and remember, out here, we, your true and loyal friends, are with you every day.We walk with you through the troubled times, some have walked that path before and know better than I do how it really is. I send a truck load of love from NZ.XXXXX p.s. I am happy to pattern test if you ever need someone down south of the Equator to give it a go. My fabric heap is huge and I could so easily shrink it this way.

  93. Anonymous says:

    I did not participate in the Harry Potter quilt along because Harry Potter is not my thing. However, I have many many of your patterns and I love them all! I WILL continue to buy your patterns and make your quilts! I also LOVE the fact that you are a Canadian designer. Don't listen to this negative Nellie; all of us out here know better!

  94. OMG and WOW. This nasty person should look in the mirror. IF she sees perfection in her reflection, she is delusional. No one is perfect. I just dusted off the unicorn pattern I bought last year. I will be making it with my 6 year old granddaughter. She can wait to get started. Lots of hugs and love for FL.Aileen

  95. Kathy says:

    Alison should be ashamed of herself – that statements she makes are just horrible. I pray you don't take her to heart and disregard those negative comments.

  96. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy and respect your creativity and am so happy you chose to share this gift! I will continue to purchase! This nasty letter says volumes about the person who wrote it and has NOTHING to do with you or your work.

  97. I hope after reading all of these nice comments you got today you realize most do not have a problem with your patterns. I have been reading your blog for quite a few years even though your patterns are not my style. I have gotten one or two of them over the years though. I have admire how you persevered and got out of a bad marriage and started new. Harry is not my thing but I still stop by to read and see what you are doing – good luck!

  98. Lkekko says:

    Oh my! But I always say some people would Bitch about their own Mothers milk!

  99. Marie says:

    Hi Lorna! I have made a few of your hp blocks, including, the title and the castle. You made a few mistakes? Well I made more. I found the blocks amazing. Some things, I would never have thought myself (Hedwig's construction, so clever!). I have learned a lot, including read the full pattern first to make sure I understand everything. Thank you for this wonderful gift. I have learned in the past that, when one offers something, or organise some thing, on her free time, just for the enjoyment of others, there will always be people to find it normal and will demand more. I know many generous people who have been treated badly that way. I never understood why people react that way. The comments to your post show fortunately that these are not the majority… Let's forget about such people. They don't deserve your time and energy.

  100. I’m so sorry! How terribly hurtful.

  101. Anonymous says:

    If you go to Miss Alison's page you will find her berating someone else. Seems like a pattern! No pun intended

  102. Hi there Lorna,Don't let the assholes of the world get you down. You do what's best for you!Jeeze….I thought quilters were a nice bunch of peeps.A Quilty Hugg to you from just outside Vancouver, BC

  103. Oh I’m so sorry about this.I have been loving making all the HP blocks and now that I’ve found how easy and clear the instructions are I’m definitely going to buy more of your patterns to make. Please done give up!Also, I Will happily test any patterns you think need a look over before publication.

  104. joolz says:

    Trolls. Always has to be some Bee-otch in the crowd who feels that they have the right to just be nasty. I always say 'consider the source' and in this case I wouldn't even think twice about her. I'm sure she's never even purchased a pattern from you.

  105. Oh, Lorna! How awful! I can't understand how any person could feel it is right to write something so hateful to another (and over a quilt, no less!). Your designs always delight me and I have your little dragon pattern waiting rather impatiently for when I have time to finally make it. I hope the many supportive comments help to drown out this terrible woman's rant. And I'm so sorry you're still struggling after the divorce. I pray things will start to turn around for you soon. Do you have a support system around you? Please take care of yourself and let me know if there's anything I can do from Newfoundland. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

  106. Keep on going Lorna, life will get better one day at a time, you are a brave woman and will survive this unthinking person, I guess she forgot that this is a free site . Would gladly test a pattern for you, still a beginner but would love to help. Hugs to you.

  107. It's already been said what I want to say. Sending you a virtual hug. You are a strong person.

  108. Reese says:

    I love your patterns and want you to know you are appreciated. Take care of yourself and do not let this unhappy person bother you.

  109. Beth says:

    Dearest Lorna, I hope you read all the comments because I love your patterns and you. It’s hard putting yourself out there and to have this result is insulting in the extreme. I did not do this QAL but have did your Christmas one. I never have a problem with you patterns, free or otherwise. I would gladly be a pattern tester for you free of charge. Don’t let the weird people get you down. That person has a serious problem. I often rewrite patterns to suit myself but would not dream of telling the author they had done it wrong. Keep up the good work

  110. Nancy says:

    I am a follower of yours on Instagram but haven't purchased any of your patterns-yet. I think they are all such charming and cute patterns! Don't let this letter being you down, it seems to me that Allison is knowledgeable enough to write her own patterns. I'll pray for you that you can find happiness and joy and your life circumstances get better.

  111. tink's mom says:

    I was raised with the \”if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. I personally love your patterns and have made several of them multiple times. My big question of Alison is why wouldn't she offer her friend/acquaintance some help with her quilting to keep her in the quilting game. She sounds like a bit of a wind bag to me. Not someone who I would let direct my life in any way. Keep up your excellent work and the best of luck in your personal life.

  112. Ann says:

    Lorna I found your blog through your FREE tutorial on flange binding. Even though I'm typically a \”civil war\” girl, I love your quilts. I've made Fox in the Birches and love it, and I have purchased about 6 other patterns of yours. Your email is the one I open first! I can't wait to see what you've come up with! I promote your patterns whenever I can. I was thrilled to see some of your patterns in a quilt shop in Seattle. I think you see from all the positive comments that you have a loyal following who support you. Take heart from that. Receiving that email was difficult, a kind of \”kick me when I'm down\” thing, but trust that things will get better.I'd love to be a volunteer pattern tester for you. There seems to be quite a number that offered so please do take us up on it. I'd love to because then I'd actually make some of the wonderful quilts that always bring a smile to my face (rather that just thinking about it!!). Sending you a big hug from Alberta.

  113. Pam J says:

    Hi Lorna, all I can say is WOW, has the whole world gone mad?!!Please don't let this nasty person get to you. I love your patterns. You are so creative! I too have been through a difficult divorce and l can attest to you that life does get better. Hang in there and keep blogging and creating. You are loved.

  114. Well…wow…just wow…. I hope you know that there are people who love your work, love you, and will continue to buy your patterns.

  115. Kate says:

    Dear Alison L. VanSacker,This is precisely why you should consider your words before they leave your mouth: (or email in your case, you keyboard warrior!) I’ll say it loud so you hear – YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT BATTLE ANOTHER IS FACING. SO FIRST CHOOSE TO BE KIND.You have no idea what it costs individuals to even get out of bed in the morning, let alone send a little piece of themselves out into the universe. And for what? To have some precious snowflake throw it back in their face? Why not email Lorna and offer assistance? Why not just share your (obviously superior 🙄) fixes with your friend instead of having her give up quilting completely? Was that just so you could include that in your vicious little spiel?Go back to bed, dear, and get out on the right side.Sincerely disappointed in you a a human, KateDear Lorna,In the words of the irrepressible TayTay “Haters gonna hate”. Looks like there are HEAPS of us who love your patterns and quilts, and the rest don’t matter.Chin up – you rock!!Sincerest regards, Kate 💖

  116. Beth Conlin says:

    Loving, healing, positive energy to you. Life will get better, you just have to survive this phase. Please know that Alison’s letter says more about her than you. Love your Sass, keep up the good work. Now I’m off to buy some of your patterns, xox. Beth Conlin

  117. Mary says:

    Lorna, you will never read this as I sure hope you’re sitting with a cup of tea and several cookies – the delicious, chewable kind – and just practicing letting go of that spew. How awful! I think most quilters know we’re not perfect and will realize that it’s just fabric and that we learn from mistakes. When we color outside the line, we learn to be creative. When we cut the wrong size, we improvise and make our project unique. Please let it go. Hug your kids and yourself and eat another cookie. I will say a prayer for you as that will help me to know that you’re loved.

  118. Isnt it amazing how something which is free creates more complaints than something that is paid for? I see this phenomenon repeatedly on auction sites. I am one who is grateful for free patterns. I always feel compelled to buy their patterns or fabric to support their business in support as a result. I hope many other people who have joined your free quilt alongs are also buying your other patterns. Out-there is always a 15% off code at the end of each blog post. Thank you so much for the Harry Potter quilt along. It is one of my most admired quilts.

  119. Patti G. says:

    I absolutely loved making the Harry Potter quilt! I don't think I have ever had so much fun quilting. I liked that the blocks started out fairly simple and progressed to more and more complex ones. My piecing skills improved right along with them. I could not be more pleased with the finished quilt. Any errors were obvious and easy to correct. Thank you so much for this FREE pattern.

  120. cjmont says:

    every pattern of yours i have made has been super fun with very clear directions. i am not a brain surgeon, but if you can read and comprehend what your reading the patterns are very clear. my grand daughter, 23 yrs. old, says \”haters gotta hate\”. please keep blogging and writing patterns.

  121. Thank you so much for sharing this, I've shared it with my followers! I'm totally with Mollie Sparkles that bitch needs to make a d*ck quilt to satisfy her screwed up psyche!

  122. Peggy Gayler says:


  123. This comment has been removed by the author.

  124. Lorna, I just wanted to let you know that I love your patterns. I just finished the sweet giraffe quilt. I love your style and design sense. So sorry that haters have to hate. I wish you better days ahead 💕

  125. Kathleen says:

    Pattern writing is hard. Unless you have tried, you have no idea. The math – oy! Lorna. I only wish you peace and joy in your journey and sorry that this person has added to an already stressful year. Keep me on a list to try patterns. I am a little backed up but if I say I can I will. Thanks for putting it out there. It had to be done. We are with you!!

  126. Beverly Greve says:

    Lorna,I hope this girl reads my comment along with everyone else. All I can say is that these people don’t see all the ‘behind the scenes’ helping that you do! With all that you do for the sewing community and the new patterns that you offer to us, I asked for some help to make a sweet lamb quilt for my new grand-baby. You immediately responded that you would help and wouldn’t hear of taking any money for it even when I offered. I think this girl has no idea how much time you spend not only on the regular things required of you, but all the sweet extra things that you do for others!Thanks so much for everything.Beverly

  127. Dolores says:

    Since her name has been mentioned, she may just think twice next time she comes upon an error and decides to write a nasty letter to the designer. I'm sure her friend is glad that she didn't co-author the letter and have her name out there too. It wasn't long ago when I heard that another designer's pattern had errors. It had been published in a magazine and was actually the fault of the magazine's. It too was a free pattern. Lorna, please take her comments with a grain of salt. Deep breath and move on. Tomorrow is another day. My motto is \”I can only do what I can do.\”

  128. Denise says:

    Sending you a quilty hug. Life will get better. Keep hanging in there.

  129. Karen says:

    Wow…. Didn't expect that when I woke up this morning! I have just purchased 2 patterns to show solidarity and a love of your funky patterns. Look at the balance sheet here. One angry lady and her email, and the rest of us supportive and loving your patterns. We win!

  130. Anonymous says:

    What a nasty little troll. I’ll not waste another word on her. Lorna, thanks for sharing your creativity and your inspirational quilts with us.

  131. Frankiesgran says:

    Haters gonna hate luv 😕 don’t let the bastards get you down👊Someone wise once said ‘tough times don’t last but tough people do’ hang in there, it seems you have a lot of support 👍

  132. Quiltjo says:

    I think your letter writer has some mental issues. That rant was unstable.Read the positive vibes and absorb them. They are the real ones.

  133. CathyC says:

    🙁 such a horrible letter. I have been watching the HP posts and have enjoyed seeing them come together.I made your 'Elephant Parade' quilt – it was a first for me and I enjoyed the process very much. I have followed a few of your QALs, but haven't actually completed anything yet, but I will keep you posted when I do.Keep up the good work with your quilting, but remember to take time for yourself to recharge the batteries ….. I am sure us quilters will still be here to support you 🙂

  134. Wow Lorna! That was the most horrid, vile thing I have seen on a quilters blog. Obviously the writer was NOT raised by a mother like mine “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. For those of us who have walked in your shoes, divorce is messy and hard. I couldn’t believe that with your world spinning out of control you took the time to write a FREE bunch of patterns for a much loved theme. I spend half of my quilting time testing patterns for quilters (and am volunteering to do yours if you’d like another tester for your volunteer list) and seldom (almost never) get a pattern with no errors. That’s life! In fact I started a pattern I had purchased last week which had an error in the cutting instructions that I didn’t catch until I was sewing blocks together. Those of us who follow your blog do so because we love your patterns and think of you as a friend. We care so don’t let one rude person put you in a tailspin. I for one admire your fortitude dealing with the crap you’ve had to and am so proud to see the quilters commenting on this blog that they are purchasing patterns in support of you. So thank you for all you give to this community. Don’t let one bad apple ruin it for you! Carol

  135. Lorna I am so sorry you have been subjected to so much abuse. You have brought so much pleasure to so many people over the years and are one of the most liked and respected quilters in blogland. The lady obviously has problems of her own and has put all her personal frustrations out on you, unnecessary and uncalled for. Thank you for everything you have given to quilters and bloggers over the years, and keep on doing what you are doing. You are a brave caring woman going through a tough time, it will get better, it’s just getting from here to there. Just look at the number of supportive messages you have, it speaks volumes. Xx

  136. christine m. says:

    Hey girl, I see that you have over 8000 followers on Instagram. And unfortunately one of them has behaved in a completely selfish way by throwing some kind of hissy fit/tantrum. This seems to be a case of someone kicking you when you are down. Perhaps at a different point in your life, you could’ve brushed off this person and their comments. But I think right now your defences are down. I would suspect that this person and a couple of others are no more than a tiny, tiny minority among your 8000 followers. I would also suspect that well over 8000 people admire your work but just don’t engage in social media. So try to picture 10,000 people or more who admire, respect and appreciate your artistic gifts to the quilting world. All of that positive energy has to outweigh that drop of poison from this one disgruntled person. Keep it all in perspective and persevere! 10,000 quilters or more have got your back

  137. pat says:

    It makes my heart sad that someone (especially a quilter) would put in writing something so hurtful. Patterns are extremely hard to write for all levels (beginner to advanced/seasoned) quilter. I did not participate in this pattern but if I had, I would hope that I would be kind in constructive criticism/suggestions if I couldn’t find a way to figure out how to fix it and make it work. Praying life will settle down for you and you are able to move forward using lessons from a supportive community. Thank you for being real …. and this is just a small bump in the road compared to what’s really important and priority in our lives!

  138. Just want to echo the support for you, it is hard enough to deal with trolls when things are good, but to have to do it while your life is in upheaval is awful. As a pattern writer who does freebies too, I totally understand the frustration of sending a free pattern out into the quilt-osphere and having it trashed for a mistake. But, know that the people who matter won't give it a second thought, and I hope that venting your frustration and seeing the support you have will help you put this behind you. Take care, sending virtual hugs to you!!

  139. Vivian says:

    I am appalled by the email sent to you by the pissed off quilter ! You are an independent pattern designer who does a fabulous job. No one is perfect all the time. I am sorry for your personal troubles. Life is a bitch some days, especially when going thru separation and divorce, my own separation after a relationship of 41 years had me circling the bowl for 4 years on and off. Life will get better. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Work is a distraction. Good luck!!

  140. I loved your response. You hang in there my dear. I love your patterns and your blog and by all the responses you have had, so does the quilting world and beyond.

  141. Darlene B says:

    I am so sorry for all you are going through. Let me say that if you throw out a request for 10 people to do a test block for you, you'd probably get 25 people responding that they are willing to do it! I have written quilt patterns for a designer in the past and have proofed patterns from another designer. I was not paid for proofreading, but I received a free copy of the final draft of the pattern. Again, throw out a request for help, and you will get more responses than you would probably expect.As far as someone actually writing and publishing some nastiness, they should have been taught, as I was, that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.Please continue to do what you love and let the haters go by the wayside. They are obviously unhappy people anyway and nothing will please them.I love all your animal patterns. They are so creative and well-done. Keep up the great work!

  142. Clownh8r says:

    Lorna – Mean people suck! Keep your chin up. You're divorce issues will get better and you'll come out on the other side a much stronger and happier person. I know from experience. It's hard right now but it does get better. Keep doing you and tell the mean folks in your world to eff off!

  143. Skootchover says:

    Such a shame that some felt the need to write you such an ugly letter. One ugly letter can hurt so much that it's hard to see beyond it. Please do see all of us who have been inspired by your blog and your awesomely cute quilts. We've got your back Lorna.

  144. Emily C says:

    Wow. first off I suggest at least 1 day with no social media. Take a break and clear your head. 2nd…I was in a qal in 2017 for Sarah felke's down the rabbit hole quilt. We paid for videos, pattern pieces (because. Omg. Is there a Ton of applique) FB social group for help with questions. Was it bug free? NOPE. There were several snags and issues and things that needed fixed along the way. But it happens. I'm still finishing mine. I picked up a project that was a challenge. Maybe that other lady needs to learn a little perseverance. Maybe not. Quilting might not be her cup of tea. Personally if she gets that pissed off over a free pattern, she should consider anger management. Don't let her bs ruin your day/week/life. Go find a rainbow. *hugs*

  145. BrendaM says:

    I cannot believe someone would write something like that for a FREE pattern (or should a say multiple patterns) Don't let her get you down, There are a lot of us that have gone through the same or similar situation that you are currently in. It takes a big toll on you, especially when you have children to worry about as well. I have made several of your patterns with very little issues. The one time I had an issue, I thought I was doing something wrong and contacted you about it. I received an immediate response from you, my issue was corrected, and my block turned out perfect. Don't let this *** person get you down. You have a strong group of fans out here.

  146. YOU… MY DEAR…are without a doubt.. my absolute favorite pattern designer. I have done a bunch of your designs, without any issues. including the Harry title!!!please don't let this email get you down, I know easier said than done…there are many of us that love you. many hugs💚💚💚💚💚❤❤❤❤❤

  147. Colleen D says:

    The Harry Potter QAL patterns are FREE. Thank you Lorna for sharing them with us. Some people are such jerks. The comments from the jerk are childish and ridiculous.Thank you,Colleen

  148. You are the best. I did a free mystery pattern for my guild and got all kinds of grief because there were some errors. I always make a sample block when I make a pattern from someone else. You do not have to drink the poison that someone else served you. You don't go to the grocery store and drink Draino, so toss the poison pen people. And don't look back. Any true quilter learns and perseveres and never blames someone else.

  149. Ann L. says:

    Dear Lorna: It makes me sad that reader(s) blasted you about mistakes. We all make mistakes and they were certainly easy enough to correct on my end. I had to cut a few extra pieces to a fabulous pattern. It really stretched my ability with all those tiny pieces but I ended up with blocks that were all the correct size and look forward to sandwiching and quilting it with a wizard pantograph I ordered to complete the surprise Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law. I can't believe the work you put into creating the design and just wanted you to know that I appreciate your work and your talent. Thank you!

  150. meychel says:

    Лорна! Любой человек вправе ошибиться и это не страшно. Не надо принимать близко к сердцу плохие отзывы. Обидеть человека легко, а добиться его расположения и прощения невозможно потом, а вот в лоскутном шитье исправить все можно, на то оно и лоскутное шитье, это же творчество:) Поддерживаю Вас, продолжайте творить. Ваши разработки уникальны:).Еще раз спасибо за \”Маленькое Рождество\”, благодаря Вам у меня есть волшебное одеяло!:))))))))))

  151. Danice G says:

    It is very troubling that someone actually sent an email like that! Please do not [let her] make you feel inferior. You are a wonderful quilter, pattern designer, and blogger. No one is without flaw, including that woman. Oftentimes, people who blast others like that are deep-down just jealous. Having gone through a divorce myself many years ago, it is a really difficult thing to do but you will make it. So many people appreciate and admire you.

  152. Lana, look at the ratio of comments on this twisted post. Let's see, oh, that's 152 toooo, WHAT!!!—0. You helped and encouraged me along years ago when I first started sewing, now what are the odds I'm the only one? Right, just use that same ratio. God has used this miserable lady for good. That being your christian friends will be praying you through this divorce. And we should be praying for that miserable lady,I would hate to be in her shoes.

  153. Kristine says:

    Wow! I am glad that you posted this because there is no need to stomach this by yourself. She didn't like your free pattern, she can move along. Not worth your time and attention!! Nasty people spew nasty things because they aren't happy in their own lives. The quilting community has always been kind, uplifting, and supportive of me and I hope you can move past this bad apple to the open arms of the rest of the sane crowd. Also screw divorce! It's awful no matter what. We have your back girl!

  154. A Madison says:

    Hi, Just a note. My husband passed away recently and I think that many of the feelings are similar to a divorce. I would like you to allow yourself to mourn and to please be kind to yourself. Take some moments during the day to just breathe. You make lovely designs and patterns, that is a fact. The free Harry Potter Quilt Along is a huge undertaking even without the divorce. So, you made some mistakes, trust me, in 5 years it won’t matter. Ignore the “perfect people “ who write nasty notes and you can even feel a bit sorry for the trouble that the errors caused. It is okay, no one died and no one was even slightly injured. As we say in my house, “First World Problem” I wish you peace and lots of love and hugs. Ann M

  155. Nan says:

    I LOVE your designs. Just ordered the raccoon! You ROCK!

  156. sewyouquilt2 says:

    Love your designs .you rock. As for that nasty person… just cant fix stupid.