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Let’s Bee Social #256

Posted on: January 2nd, 2019 by Lorna McMahon

Welcome to the Let’s Bee Social!

Happy New Year!!!
I quit smoking.









Now… It’s your turn for Show and Tell!!!

What have you been working on?


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28 Responses

  1. Nancy J says:

    Happy New Year Lorna, those HP blocks are amazing. Down here, unpacking more boxes and nothing exciting in fabric, quilting or sewing at all.But I did find a box of unfinished projects!!!

  2. Kathy S. says:

    Good luck with not smoking. I've never smoked, but I'm on a diet. My word for 2019 is FINISH. Hoping I can meet a 60 pound weight loss goal for this year. Five pounds a month, right?

  3. SandraC says:

    Welcome to the quitters' club! When I quit smoking, what really worked for me was a prescription from the doctor…I can't remember the name of the drug, but you are to continue smoking as you want, but for some reason it takes away the desire. I just had to work on the \”habit\” part of it. Also, as you probably know, not every time sticks….but the last time will stick!, and it's worth it :)Here's hoping this is your last time quitting!! xo

  4. Brooke says:

    Happy New Year!so pleased to hear you quit smoking!wish you all the best!!

  5. Happy New Year Lorna!! Congrats on quitting smoking, you can do it! I quit 5 years ago.

  6. Michele says:

    Congon quitting. I'm sure it will be rough for a while but in the end you'll be happy you took the leap.

  7. Lisa J. says:

    Awesome blocks Jasmine! Lorna I hope you don't get too cranky while you quilt smoking! Happy New Year!

  8. Betty K says:

    I tried to quit smoking in the 80's (New Year's resolution). It didn't work.On Dec 31, 1989 I made a resolution to not smoke in the 90's. Bottom line, I have not smoked since then. I had no problems and had decided I was not going to let the cigarette make the best of me. Oh, I haven't made another New Year's resolution but I do feel the 89' one was the tops.Love your quilts!!

  9. Elaine says:

    Lorna — OH – you are one for making changes. A right rebel you are! Good luck with the smoking thing. Now you'll have more money for ?????? HAve a great 2019~~~~Elaine

  10. Sylvia says:

    Congratulations! Becoming a non-smoker is going to be difficult, but you can do this! Your life will be better for it!Good luck with the QAL. And all the best in the new year!

  11. You are a person who does hard things, and quitting smoking is a doozy.All the best for 2019!

  12. Jayne says:

    I don't think people realize just how hard it is to quilt smoking! It's a battle but one worth fighting for. I wish you all the best and hope you can throw that monkey off your back once and for all!

  13. I quit for the second time a little over two years ago. It's not easy, but it does get easier in time. I promise!! The last time I quit I had been smoke free for 6 years. This last time I quit was much harder and that is one way I keep myself from being tempted to start again. I used Chantix and it was a huge help. It's not for everyone, but it was what I needed. You can do this and if you need support, I am only an email away!

  14. Eliza says:

    Good luck on your no-smoking journey! Yes, it is a journey. I quit almost 20 years ago but had moments when I craved a cigarette for many years after. My key to success was to find something to do when the cravings hit. Exercise, sew, cook… anything that requires concentration on something else. Shake up your daily routine because there are times you will just habitually reach for a smoke and you don't want that reminder. I even took a different route driving to work. I found that there were certain points in my 1 hour drive where I always smoked so it was either change the route or eat instead of smoke. I am overweight enough that eating wasn't an option. Looking forward to HP in the new year! 🙂

  15. Congrats on quitting smoking. Whenever you think of lighting up, just think of all that extra fabric money you'll have! Good luck!

  16. Judy says:

    Good for you, Lorna! Been there, done that… It took me several tries, but I finally made it. My doctor once told me the \”best thing you can do for your health is to quit smoking.\” Hang in there.

  17. Mozango says:

    Good Luck on kicking the habit! It’s hard not gonna lie, but 13 years later I’m so glad I did. I think the key is staying busy, when you feel the craving go do something. I ate a ton of mints, chewed endless gum, gained some weight (boo) but I did it! And you can too! Looking forward to some Harry Potter sewing! I’m not sure if I’ll keep up, but it’ll be fun trying! 🙂

  18. Margo Yang says:

    Lorna, be strong! Stop smoking is no easy task. I’m rooting for you. Thanks for the inspiration you’ve given us all these years. Have a happy and healthy New Year.

  19. Good for you for quitting smoking. You'll save money, your health, and the health of others. My uncle just died of lung cancer from second hand smoke.

  20. Kathy says:

    You've got this! I quit a few years ago…it was a battle. I still have \”those\” moments, especially at my day job. UGH. But, I've found those Nicorette mini-mints (2mg) are awesome (not to mention true life savers…I wanted to ring people's necks!). For a while there, I was popping them in my mouth like they were M&Ms! HA! Cheers to you…you can do this!

  21. Way to go Lorna! It is a hard addiction to overcome. I wish you the very best!

  22. Tammy says:

    You go girl! Wishing you the extra strength you may need to kick that habit; you got this!!Love the Harry Potter Blocks and looking sewww forward to joining in on the sew along!!!

  23. JanineMarie says:

    It looks like you will have this whole quilt community for support in this new journey. Stay strong!

  24. I wish you success with no smoking. You can do it!! I think I'm going to pass on this QAL — there are so many out there I want to do and just can't do them all. It's a great design. I hope many people join in.

  25. Sue says:

    good luck with quitting, lorna! It's my job for this year as well since the price is now ridiculous in Australia and I can't justify throwing money around like that for a brief few minutes of relaxation. I'll have to find another way.

  26. Congratulations! I quit too this past June! Probably the hardest thing I have ever done by choice! Bad part is, I really enjoyed it! It will be worth the agony though, I promise!

  27. Deanna says:

    My husband, a successful ex-smoker, reminds you that a craving only lasts as long as the cigarette would have. Tell yourself, \”It can wait 5 minutes.\” At the end of that time you will usually find that you don't REALLY want one. That will hold you until the next alarm goes off in your head. Then, do it again. You can do this, and it will give you more money for FABRIC!

  28. Kerry says:

    Well done quitting smoking. I'm sure you can do it. My son and girlfriend also quit smoking last year too. Another friend bought a colouring book to use when she had urges – just something to distract her. I suppose fabric squidging might be good too! :DSuch fun Potter pics!