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Let’s Bee Social #248

Posted on: October 31st, 2018 by Lorna McMahon
LARGE – 27″ x 27″, 54″ x 54″ or 108″ x 108″

Welcome to the Let’s Bee Social!

As you can see… I am still concentrating on those quilts for guys! 

First there was Screw This
And then there was Nailed It.

This new pattern needs a name!!!!!!

Please head over to my Instagram or Facebook post to enter to win a PDF copy!

I finished testing the pattern for Nailed It and have the batting and backing ready to go.

I have drawn this new Pipe Wrench and Water Faucet pattern using EQ7 and have two different layouts – large and small. Each of those layouts can be made in 3 different sizes, so this pattern provides 6 different size options. I am having so much fun drawing up various colour options.

LARGE – 27″ x 27″, 54″ x 54″ or 108″ x 108″
LARGE – 27″ x 27″, 54″ x 54″ or 108″ x 108″
LARGE – 27″ x 27″, 54″ x 54″ or 108″ x 108″

This is the SMALL size version…. 

SMALL – 19″ x 22″, 38″ x 44″ or 76″ x 88″


SMALL – 19″ x 22″, 38″ x 44″ or 76″ x 88″


SMALL – 19″ x 22″, 38″ x 44″ or 76″ x 88″


SMALL – 19″ x 22″, 38″ x 44″ or 76″ x 88″

I have NO IDEA what size or colour of quilt I will be making. YET!



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Now… It’s your turn for Show and Tell!!!

What have you been working on?


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22 Responses

  1. Frédérique says:

    Fun pattern! I love the very last version, orange pipes on light grey background

  2. Both Large and Small designs are so cute! Only you can make a bad plumbing scenario into this cute design :)!

  3. Hi Lorna! What a fun pattern! Each one is cuter than the next. If you forced me to pick a favorite, I would choose the dark grey background small version. Sew very nice! Happy Halloween! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. KaHolly says:

    Oh, my goodness, your imagination is on turbo!

  5. Brooke says:

    Hey Lorna!I am not sure your linky party is working…so, so happy to see you back blogging with fresh new patterns!

  6. Mama Spark says:

    There is no way to link up = (

  7. Emily says:

    This is so fun! I really love this subset of patterns!

  8. This is a great addition Laura. How about Pipe Dreams or No Drips Allowed.

  9. Jayne says:

    Another great design! This one takes me back to our recent leaky pipe situation…not a pretty sight! I much prefer the drips in the quilt instead!

  10. isn't that different! I like the bright color pipes – glad we are home now and have dependable wifi so I can link up

  11. Jan Snell says:

    Pipe dreams was my idea but I see somebody else came up with that idea too.

  12. Charlotte M. says:

    I immediately thought \”Pipe Dreams\”

  13. Pipeworks?Wrenched?Plumber's Elbow?

  14. I sure enjoy seeing your new series of quilts for the fix-it person in your life.

  15. It's wonderful seeing your male-themed quilts Lorna. You should get into little boys clothing too; I recall when my sister's boys were little, there was such little variety.

  16. Lots of great options for a guy quilt. Well done.

  17. Sherrill Ash says:

    Just shared your designs with my husband and he suggested \”Let it Flow\” for your plumbing quilt.

  18. Are you doing a lot of home repairs? Lol. A78mandel at yahoo dot com

  19. barbora says:

    Lorna, you have designed so many great quilt patterns – congratulations! What an imagination you have.

  20. pat says:

    how about called it \”flush it\”

  21. Karen says:

    These \”tool\” quilts are hilarious!! How about \”Plumb Crazy\” or \”Just Plumb Crazy\”!