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Let’s Bee Social #227

Posted on: May 16th, 2018 by Lorna McMahon



Welcome to the Let’s Bee Social! This week Jennifer Allen contacted me via Facebook to send me these beautiful photos! And she wrote. “Hello Lorna! I have now completed two quilts using your adorable animal patterns! I would love to share the pictures with you! Thank you for your adorable and fun designs! They were perfect for my grand baby’s woodland themed nursery!”
I love how Jennifer added the raccoon blocks to the other forest friends. And then the bright and fun flying geese border? Brilliant!!!
Pam of Bear Patch Quilting Co. recently ordered some of my patterns for her shop in White Bear Lake, MN. She then shared this cute photo with me of the sample quilt made. I am going to suggest that you visit their blog to look at the slideshow of all their class offerings, including the giraffes!




What have I been busy with? Each week I struggle to come up with a Let’s Bee Social post because I have not been doing nearly as much sewing as I used to. But this week I thought I would include some updates on my life in general as well. I had a Trunk Show in Fergus, Ontario last Wednesday night. And was a vendor for a quilt show in Mount Forest, Ontario on Friday and Saturday.
What else is new? Folding and packaging patterns always…

What else is new? I broke my truck and had to buy a new one….

What else is new? I got the final borders pieced and sewed two of them on the Christmas Sweaters quilt. Also prepped the binding.

What else is new? I bought a real bed….

And will be sending the old single bed downstairs for storage or give it away….

What else is new? My new neighbours are all encouraging me as I work on getting rid of the flower garden along each side of my driveway. I still have more to go along this side of the house. I plan on moving some of the bigger plants to the other side of the house where the garden will be staying….

What else is new? Me and my Tula Pink purse are still hanging out together. No trips to Texas lately. But plenty of trips to the post office. Which is good!

Hopefully you’ve had more time for stitching than I have!

Now… It’s your turn for Show and Tell!!!

What have you been working on?


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23 Responses

  1. The red binding with the Christmas Sweaters quilt would look really nice. Wow! You had quite a lot of new. Enjoy!!-Soma

  2. Unknown says:

    Wow, Jennifer did a great job. Amazing quilt! Thank you for the linkup!

  3. The giraffe quilt is so cute but the animal quilt with the flying geese border is just wow! I'm glad your new home is coming together. I'm rather envious of your brick driveway, just lovely. Blessings

  4. You have been plenty busy – new house with all the landscaping can be very taxing. Love the beautiful quilts made by Jennifer and Pam – and especially the colourful flying geese Jennifer put around the border – so pretty.

  5. Kathy says:

    Wow! You are busy, and it all sounds like a good and fun type of busy! The quilts by Jennifer and Pam are wonderful, so glad they shared photos. The giraffe photo in the link up is adorable! I'm crushing on that confetti ombre fabric right now and the maker of that giraffe quilt did a fabulous job using that fabric!

  6. Pam Hansen says:

    Hi Lorna– and thanks for posting my giraffe picture! Now I'm planning to use the bear pattern you sent, but it will be a white bear because Bear Patch Quilting is in White Bear Lake!

  7. Brooke says:

    loved seeing all of your adventures, even if they weren't all quilts.missed you last week!

  8. really like your giraffes so cute. You are keeping busy for sure and doing well it sounds like. it takes awhile but little by little and your house is a home and how you want it – and your business is building. How are you enjoying the trunk shows and vending?

  9. Jayne says:

    Well, you certainly have been busy! It seems you have settled in pretty well in your new home!!

  10. Lisa J. says:

    Hi Lorna: Your time for stitching will increase once you are settled into the new place. I hope things went well in Mount Forest!

  11. You've had a lot going on. Sorry to hear about the truck. Love those little raccoon faces.

  12. Up-ending your life makes for a lot of work. Some frustrations, some progress. There will be time for sewing again. For now, we are glad to hear you are making adjustments and settling in. A78mandel at yahoo dot com

  13. Lorna, so nice to read about all of your progress in this new chapter of life! I know what you mean about having little time to sew. When my shop is busy, I am happily sending fabric to others to sew with but ironically, the more I do that, the less time I have for sewing!! Love reading about all that you are involved with and also really enjoy seeing other quilter's versions of your patterns.

  14. Kristin says:

    You've had a LOT going on! Hope you enjoyed the trunk show + vending. The Raccoon/Fox/Bunny quilt is stunning! I love the warmth the flying geese add. It is tempting me to make one, too, but I've got a lot of projects in the works right now…

  15. Frédérique says:

    You have been very busy! Lot of things happens to you this week! Love these quilts, so beautiful!

  16. Nicole says:

    Yes we all wish we could sew more, but you haven't exactly been doing nothing. Hurray for all that you've accomplished!

  17. Mari says:

    There is a lot going on at your house! I empathize about the landscaping– moving dirt and plants is really hard work. You'll be really happy with the payoff, though. And think about all the quilty inspiration you're getting!

  18. Sorry I missed seeing you in Mount Forest… I was only there for the last 45 minutes, well they started taking things down at 4:30 so I was really only able to see the quilts for about a half hour, but it was better than not seeing them at all! Glad you are getting settled into your new home… it's a lot of work!

  19. Susan Q says:

    Love all your patterns. I recently bought the cars, trucks and giffafe patterns. Can't wait to find time to sit down and sew. Life has been busy here and we got back from a cruise about a week ago.Looks like you have more than enough to do with a new house, particularly the gardening. Soon things will settle down and you will be able to sew more. I keep saying the same thing too. I have so many projects to do and no time to do them. Our schools are out next Wednesday, which means I should have more time as the grandkids will be going to a day care camp through the school. I am hoping with that free time (taking and picking up kids daily) will give me time to sit and sew. At least I can dream.

  20. Kris says:

    You are one busy lady!! Keep up the great work!

  21. dq says:

    You sound crazy busy to me. The truck and front yard look fun! It sounds like you have been doing lots of all kinds of work.Thanks for the linky.

  22. Jennifer's Woodland quilt is amazing and what wonderful quilting. Yes, You sound busy enough to me. And thanks for hosting!

  23. Rachel says:

    Love Jennifer's woodland quilt with the colorful flying geese! Thanks for sharing! And congrats on the new bed and the truck!