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Canada 150 – Lap Quilt

Posted on: December 30th, 2016 by Lorna McMahon


It may be obvious, but it looks like this will be my final finish for 2016.
This finish is the second of two Canada 150 quilts designed for the upcoming 150th Anniversary of Canada. The Sesquicentennial anniversary.
You can see the baby size version here in last week’s post.
To see all of my finishes from this year, click here to go to my Gallery.
The TRUE NORTH polar bear


The STRONG (and) FREE brown bear


The fabrics I chose for this quilt were mostly from the Artisan Spirit collections from Northcott Fabrics. A good choice, I think… quality cotton fabrics from a Canadian manufacturer for a Canadian quilt.

The salmon swimming


The seal pups lounging


The common loon


The Canadian Goose


The Maple Leaf

I chose a deep black for the lettering and numbers…..

The great big Canadian Beaver takes center stage






And the same for the binding.







When it came time for quilting, I went with my usual organic wavy lines. I used green thread, both on top and in the bobbin. The green blends well with both the background and the backing. And yet, did not stand out like a sore thumb against the white polar bear and seal pups.

The Canada 150 design is available in two sizes.
Directions are included for the 40″ x 50″ baby quilt size
AND for the 66″ x 66″ lap quilt size.




Canada 150 baby 40″ x 50″


Canada 150 lap 66″ x 66″




The most of the individual blocks have also been listed separately, including the Big Bear without words. You can check out all the details for this pattern in my shop here.


The “Canada 150 lap quilt finished at 66” x 66″
and was the 14th use of my 2nd edition of 100 labels
ordered from Ikaprint.

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17 Responses

  1. Nancy J says:

    The lettering and the binding, what a finish. In more ways than one, a grand end to the 2016 quilts.

  2. Ariane says:

    This is a beautiful quilt!! Love it!!

  3. A lovely quilt to help celebrate Canada's 150th.

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for showing close-ups of each area of the quilt! Those seals are definitely the cutest – and the big beaver in the centre – perfect!

  5. nice finishes – your quilts always look like they are made from solids but close up one can see the texture

  6. Tish Stemple says:

    I think this is an amazing quilt to end the year with! It's a sign of the celebration to come. Hope you have a wonderful New Year, Lorna. I can't wait to see what all you design in 2017!

  7. Laura says:

    I know I've told you this before, but I love this quilt! I keep wishing I had a Canadian friend to make it for. But my grandfather was Canadian, so maybe I'll make it in honor of him. He was from Quebec and didn't even speak English until he was 16.

  8. Joy says:

    What a fabulous quilt. I am drawn to pictorial quilts; with foundation piecing at the top of my list, but I quickly learned that I can't make as many quilts as I would like. I'm definitely going to be making this quilt for sure.

  9. What a fantastic quilt for Canada 150! I love it!

  10. Ioleen says:

    A wonderful way to finish 2016. Love this quilt and the seals are the cutest.

  11. Kate says:

    Congrats on a very fun finish!

  12. Sandi says:

    Congrats your your wonderful celebration of our 150th anniversary! It is lovely! All the best in 2017!

  13. Carol S. says:

    This is a great finish to 2016. Beautiful quilt! Happy New Year and best wishes for 2017!

  14. legato1958 says:

    What a perfect quilt to celebrate Canada's 150 years! Each block design is cuter than the next one! All of the details pull together to make your tribute quilt so special!!Happy New Year!Susie

  15. Great finish. Congratulations Canada!! Best wishes for a healthy, Happy New Year.

  16. Amazing finish! This is a great pattern. Kudos.

  17. Hi Lorna, I love your many Canadian characters! Since my piecing skills are not great, I'm going to keep it simple by only attempting one of them – your Canadian beaver. Thanks for linking your post at Celebrate-Fêtons 150.