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2016 Mid Year Review

Posted on: July 25th, 2016 by Lorna McMahon

Last December there was a fun planning party hosted by Yvonne of Quilting Jet Girl. Now Yvonne is having a mid year review linky party so we can evaluate how we’ve been doing with our goals. Those who want to link up are welcome to join us! Did I mention…. There are prizes!

I enjoyed participating, and wrote a blog post here, sharing my goals for the coming year. Below you will see my predictions underlined and also my evaluation of how well I have done with sticking to my plan.

Prediction: The year 2016 will be…. The YEAR OF FOCUSING ON DESIGN!

Evaluation: Well…. I think that I have spent more time in the last six months working on new designs and patterns than on anything else. I am really pleased with these new designs and have enjoyed making quilts from the new patterns.

Sometimes I have even made more than one quilt from the same pattern. My first Black Birds baby quilt was sold through my Etsy shop. And now I am so excited to have just finished piecing another version – this one with a light grey background and a blue bird instead of using red.

I am more happy with my quilting life than ever! And am looking forward to continuing on this path. Focusing on design has been the perfect goal for me. I am so satisfied to see that my readers are also happy with the ideas being produced. And it always makes my day when I get an email from someone who wants to share a photo of a quilt they have made using one of my patterns. Or when I get tagged on Instagram because someone is sharing a photo they posted.

So here’s to continuing on this path…. 2016 is the year of focusing on design!!!

Prediction: The year 2016 will be…. The YEAR OF Sew Fresh Quilts ON THE ROAD!

Evaluation: So far this year, I have attended 7 events in six months. And have more bookings for teaching opportunities and quilt shows coming up. But I am MOST excited for the event to be held in August – where I will have my first ever vendor booth.

Meeting with quilters and their guilds across Ontario has been such a blessing to me! I really am a normally shy type. A homebody. Someone who is most comfortable at home and in y pajamas. Quilting in my bare feet. But these events have allowed me to come out of my shell. And speaking in front of a group has not been as nerve wracking as I had expected. When you are talking about something you are passionate about – like quilting and what it means to you – it is such a freeing experience.

Here I am flanked by Lisa of Sunlight In Winter Quilts and Kathy of Kathy’s Quilts who are both members of the Royal City Quilters’ Guild.
And meeting up with quilters and friends in real life is something I really enjoy. I may miss my exit… But I manage to get to where I’m going. And happy to be there!

So here’s to continuing on this path…. 2016 is the year of Sew Fresh Quilts on the road!!!

Prediction: The year 2016 will be…. The YEAR OF THE QUILT ALONG!

Evaluation: Things started out well. I hosted the Ugly Christmas Sweaters quilt along, which ran from February 1st to May 31st. Now there were not as many participants as my first two quilt alongs. Ugly Sweaters just can’t compete with Cute Dogs. Truthfully, I think I was a little disappointed. But I really enjoyed the quilt along and the best part was seeing the work of those who quilted along. I must say, meeting Laurel of Quilts by Laurel was the highlight. And I am so glad we met!

I have given this a lot of thought. What could I offer as my next quilt along?

And I am going to host the MOD Bear Paw QAL next. Beginning in September. So mark your calendar if you are interested in quilting along! 

So here’s to continuing on this path…. 2016 is the year of the year of the quilt along!!!

Keep On Quilting On!

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22 Responses

  1. Béa says:

    I loved Cute Dogs QAL and I am interested by Bear Paw, yeah ! XXX

  2. Your predictions are more than coming true because of your hard work and dedication, Lorna! Thanks for linking up for the mid year review. 🙂

  3. Nancy J says:

    Goals, finishing them, getting feedback, designing patterns, and more, a great start to 2016 for you, well done to every achievement.

  4. Michele says:

    It's great that you are enjoying your year so far and much success for the rest of the year for more of the same.

  5. Danice G says:

    You have really done well with your goals. I finally have my Ugly Christmas Sweaters quilt top finished, and added it to Flickr group. Looking forward to the Kissy Fishy lap quilt. I love all of your designs, and your blog is well written with great photos of your work.

  6. I love your quilts and look forward to seeing them in person (and meeting you!) when you speak at the London Friendship Quilter's Guild in November! I already have a day odd booked so I can attend your workshop!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy reading about your quilt alongs. I have marked my calendar for the bear quilt along – He's so cute! I really like the full size bear in the corner with all be bear paws blocks.

  8. Snoodles says:

    You sure have been busy! Love the new QAL coming up!

  9. Lisa J. says:

    Great job on meeting your goals Lorna. Your hard work and dedication are an inspiration.

  10. Loved hearing about your review and was especially excited about your continuing in designing 🙂 and about your sew alongs. My Christmas Sweater quilt is one of my 'first' quilts to be given off to be quilted. I'm looking forward to receiving it back – hopefully soon. I just didn't trust myself to quilt this one. Thank you for all the continued fun you are providing us quilters, Lorna!!

  11. Paige says:

    Lorna, you certainly have accomplished a lot! Congrats! I think Black Birds is one of my favorites. I just love the red bird and blue bird added with the other birds.

  12. Cheryl says:

    You have made such wonderful progress against your goals and your patterns are just wonderful! I look forward to your next QAL!

  13. nice to have goals and follow through on them – love those bird quilts!

  14. Those were some lofty goals and you've definitely surpassed them. Isn't it amazing how shyness can melt away when speaking about something that you're passionate about? I wish you continued success throughout the year.

  15. Tish Stemple says:

    I have to say, you have been one of the most productive people I know so far this year. I have been quite impressed with all the wonderful designs you have put out lately. Designing and writing patterns takes a bit of time so all that you have accomplished is pretty impressive. I'm excited to hear you want to do MOD Bear Paw as a QAL. Count me in! I wanted to do the Ugly Sweater but life kind of got away from me 🙁 Now I'm going to try to bottle up some of your energy and get cracking with my goals 🙂

  16. Jayne says:

    You are one person who, when looking back, has completed the most! Your patterns designs have really come together and I'm sure everyone is thankful you have done that! It's a hard and tedious job!

  17. Thanks for the motivation, Lorna! And way to go, getting out of your comfort zone to speak to others. We all appreciate it. And it is good for you, too! I did bog down on my sweaters, but have continued to buy sale xmas fabric, lol. It will get done, just letting it percolate in my ufos a while. I will do a review and see where I stand. I can tell you that my blogging is down from last year, but there is always room for progress. Love you my talented blog friend.

  18. Michelle L says:

    Lorna,You are a creative quilting goddess. I love your patterns and will join you on your Mod Bear Paw Quilt Along. It will be my first quilt along, and I can't wait. Thank you for your generous spirit and inspiration. I am sooo excited

  19. Carlene says:

    Oh please don't be disappointed in your Ugly Sweater QAL!! I didn't get to quilt along with you for different reasons but trust me I LOVED the quilt and saved the blogs to make the quilt at a later (sooner now) date. It will be a Christmas quilt for sure for me!!! It is one of the cutest quilts I have seen in quite awhile. Keep up the unique designs–you are truly gifted!!

  20. Lara B. says:

    You've had an amazing year so far Lorna and it has been fun watching it unfold!The Ugly Sweaters were so well done and a really fun and humorous quilt… it is something to be proud even if it did have less participants. Your Mod Bear Paws was the quilt pattern I was planning to buy next. LOL

  21. It certainly has been a year of design for you, Lorna! And those designs have all be fabulous 🙂 Speaking in front of a group would be nerve wracking for me to, but I can see how it would be easier when the topic is quilting. It seems like you're doing extremely well with your goals. Here's to an equally productive and fun second half of the year!

  22. SarahZ says:

    We shall see what September brings, but Bears Paws have always been a favorite block, but I have only made blocks, here and there, never a whole quilts worth…I may have to jump on this one, Lorna!!! And I am getting closer to tracking down that 100th label….😊