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Cat Treats

Posted on: March 11th, 2016 by Lorna McMahon

This one is for the cat lovers out there. Cat Treats is features some cute little kitties looking over their shoulders for a treat. Fish Bones. Yummy!

This has to be one of my all time favourite finishes. I love the design. And the backing. And the quilting. I just love it all!

These little cats were a lot of fun to make. And the Fish Bones blocks were quick to piece using the strip piecing method. No paper piecing for me.

Cat Treats was made using a selection of Cotton Couture from Michael Miller Fabrics. The green background is Kryptonite. The cats are Cappuccino & Toffee, Ginger & Honey, and Clay & Ozone.

I adore the crazy birds in this fun backing. The print is Robin in the Hood in Aqua. To avoid having to make a matched seam, I used a strip of Bahama Blue. This sweet birdie print is a nice compliment to the playful cats. And helps to lighten things up! 

For this one I dug into my stash of Superior Threads and chose a cone of variegated brown for the top and used plain white thread in the bobbin. However, I stuck to my trademark organic wavy lines for a fast and fun quilting finish. I chose black for the binding to match the cat’s eyes and the bird legs. I love the dark frame this black binding provides.

This Cat Treats quilt has been generously sponsored by Michael Miller Fabrics. The quilt top is made entirely of selections from the Cotton Couture collection. And the backing is Robin in the Hood in Aqua from the Pets a Plenty collection.
The Cat Treats pattern is now listed for sale in my pattern shopThis quilt is made using traditional methods and is not paper pieced. The pattern provides material requirements, cutting instructions and detailed step-by-step directions. Here it is with a pink background using an Electric Quilt mock up.

Cat Treats  55″ x 60″

Cat Treats finishes at 55″ x 60″. Instructions include the directions to make the Cat blocks that finish at 10″ wide by 14″ tall and the Fish Bones blocks that finish at 7″ wide by 14″ tall.



“Cat Treats finished at approximately 55″ x 60″
and was the 84th use of my 100 labels
ordered from Ikaprint.
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28 Responses

  1. Steffi says:

    Diese Fischgräten sind der absolute Hit, die Katzen natürlich auch, aber die Fischgräten…super Idee!!!Liebe GrüßeSteffi

  2. Sue says:

    Those cats and fish are absolutely adorable! Love the backing and the quilting….just love the whole quilt!

  3. Another wonderful quilt – love the cats, the way they are looking over their shoulder at the fish treats. Beautiful backing and quilting!

  4. Kate says:

    Very fun quilt! The kitties are so cute.

  5. KaHolly says:

    You've done it again! A delightful, whimsical creation!

  6. Debbi says:

    See cute! I love the whimsy of the birds on the back. I also like the trick of putting in the solid piece to avoid pattern matching – you would never guess that you had ulterior motives beyond adding a design element.😌

  7. Pat says:

    This is a seriously fun quilt. And I love that there is no paper piecing involved.

  8. Lisa J. says:

    I've already told my cat loving co worker she has to have a baby so I can make her this quilt!

  9. love those cats with their treats

  10. legato1958 says:

    What a cute quilt you have made!! Everything detail is fun and perfect!I love this kitty pose…. they do follow/track us everywhere when we get close to any possible treats!!Susie

  11. Lori Smanski says:

    this is so adorable. you did another fantastic job. thanks for inspiring us all. quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  12. Anonymous says:

    So adorable! You come up with the most amazing designs!

  13. I'm no longer a cat person (that's what happens when you marry a man with allergies!), but I can't help but smile when I see your fish-loving felines. Well done!

  14. Ioleen says:

    Love this quilt.

  15. Fantastic…..made me smile!

  16. Lara B. says:

    Your quits always make me smile and feel happier Lorna. This one is so cute and it made me laugh too. It's so amazing how many designs you can create with your design method!

  17. tubakk says:

    A fantastic quilt. I actually love all your quilts.

  18. Susan says:

    Adorable kitties – thanks for not forgetting about us cat lovers!Susan @ quiltfabrication

  19. Such a cute quilt!! love it :))

  20. Another great finish. I love that backing!

  21. JanineMarie says:

    The expression on those cats' faces just makes me laugh. I wonder if they know there are birds on the back of their quilt! I'm glad you got a decent stretch of sewing time. You were fast getting this done!

  22. Michele says:

    It is just adorable and I'm betting that there will be a lot of versions made by the legions of cat owning quilters out there.

  23. SarahZ says:

    This is sew cute Lorna! I love how the eyes of the cats create the movement in the quilt design! Very graphic use of fish bones too 🙂 Congratulations on another great pattern!

  24. So cute . . . I love the addition of the fish.

  25. kervei says:

    That is adorable!!Ilse

  26. Christine S says:

    This is so cute! The way you set the eyes really gives them personality!

  27. I have way too many quilts of yours in my queue…. but this one might get added in! ADORABLE!