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Let’s Bee Social #112

Posted on: February 17th, 2016 by Lorna McMahon

Welcome to the Let’s Bee Social! This week I have some wonderful news to share….

This is my mom. Opening a package from Carrie at Gotcha Covered Quilting. Carrie wanted to donate some fabric from her online shop to contribute to this project that is near and dear to my mother’s heart – Little Dresses for Africa.

Along with the fabric kindly donated by Carrie, I also delivered money which was sent by @CraftyCop on Instagram. Both of these ladies read the following post on my Instagram back in January when I posted about purging my stash and bringing the fabrics to my mom for her project. You can read more details here.

A photo posted by Lorna McMahon (@sewfreshquilts) on

These two ladies were so touched by the work being done to bring happiness to young girls from around the world who had so little. And wanted to do something to help.

And my mom is now back in business! She makes these dress in an assembly line fashion. Cutting out the dresses. Matching up the trim to dress them up. And adding little touches.

Here are some of the fabrics I sent my mom last month.
Now in the process of becoming pretty little dresses.

And each little dress is labeled with the size.

The final step is to make the long ties needed to thread through the casing along the tops of the dress to tie above the shoulders.

THANK YOU Carrie and @CraftyCop for helping to allow my mom to do what she can to help these girls to have a little dress. And for giving my mom a purpose that makes her so happy!

It’s your turn for Show and Tell!!!
What have you been working on?

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36 Responses

  1. How wonderful Lorna, aren't quilters just the best at helping people? – Chris 😀

  2. Samantha says:

    Those are lovely- kudos to your mom!

  3. Hi Lorna! I'm so happy your mother has these new beautiful fabrics to make more cute dresses! x Teje

  4. Thanks for sharing that story. Reading it was a great way to start the day! : )

  5. Patti says:

    Bravo to your mama! Quilty people have the biggest hearts!

  6. It's a wonderful project to support and will make such a difference to their lives, to just the dresses, but knowing that someone cares. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Kate says:

    What a wonderful way to make a difference.

  8. Sewing for such a purpose as your mom has, is that much more fulfilling – and wonderful to see the sponsor support she has been given to keep on! Thank you for sharing, Lorna!

  9. I (almost) always so impressed with the generosity of quilters. Your mom makes adorable dresses. So glad she's getting help from other kind souls.

  10. Patty says:

    Good minds think alike! I have a post on my blog today about Little Dresses for Africa too with a point to Jan's blog. This post is part of my Hugs series, sewing and giving handmade to those who need it. I just added a link to your post. Your mom is doing some good work here!

  11. What lovely fabrics and workmanship! 🙂

  12. Allison says:

    I love sewing with a purpose projects… and I mean a REAL purpose. So sweet of your mom to take on sewing so many dresses for this cause. I was touched by the story too when you wrote it in January. Two thumbs up for your mom!

  13. KaHolly says:

    Lorna, that is sew sweet! I missed the original post, shame on me! Your mom deserves a big hug! XO

  14. Cheryl says:

    What beautiful dresses and such a great cause!

  15. SarahZ says:

    Total sweetness! And such fun to see your Mom 🙂

  16. LA Paylor says:

    nothing beats your show and tell this week. How sweet the connection between bloggers and your mom and the little girls. LeeAnna

  17. Tish Stemple says:

    What a generous gift for a great cause! The quilting community is so wonderful to be a part of.

  18. Carol says:

    I love this post! This is a project I have been wanting our ladies at church or at quilt club to get involved in. When you posted a few weeks ago, I looked up the pattern and started getting excited. Thanks for sharing this one about your mother's work!

  19. Jayne says:

    What a wonderful charity! The dresses are adorable, your mom did a fantastic job!

  20. Stephie says:

    Lorna, where are you social share buttons?!?! I really want to share such a wonderful story with friends on Twitter, FB etc! That's one lovely picture of the little girls, how rewarding it must be for your mum and what generous IG friends you have 🙂 You're such an inspiration missis! x

  21. Mari says:

    What a great mom! I'm sure those adorable dresses will be much appreciated.

  22. Beautiful dresses for a great cause!!-Soma

  23. Those happy little girls make my heart sing. What a joyful purpose for your mama. We all want a better world, what better way than one smile at a time.

  24. What a wonderful mom you have!!! That is so awesome! xo

  25. Such a sweet donation and a such a wonderful Mom!

  26. tubakk says:

    Your mother is so sweet and helpful. Send her my greetings.

  27. EmileeHope says:

    So happy your mom has something she enjoys, that also brings joy to others! What a great gift!

  28. Lorna, you and your mom are incredibly adorable and so generous.I love both of you so much.

  29. That's awesome. Should keep your mom busy for the next little while. What great gifts to receive.

  30. That is so great… amazing actually. Your mom is awesome!

  31. Great project! So happy for your Mom, and for everyone who contributed. Those girls look so happy with their new dresses.

  32. Lisa J. says:

    That is so wonderful Lorna.

  33. Puppilalla says:

    That is a WONDERFUL project. Tell your mum hats off to her and her committment.

  34. Sewmotion says:

    Wow! Your mum is amazing, and those dresses are so cute, good on her!

  35. Rachel says:

    Such kind quilters, both your mom for making the dresses and the fabric donators! Love the different little trims on each dress!

  36. Jasmine says:

    What a sweet project. Those dresses are darling.