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Custom Fabric Designs on Spoonflower

Posted on: June 12th, 2015 by Lorna McMahon

Happiest of Happy Mails…
is when your own fabric designs are delivered.

A few weeks ago I shared my first four custom fabric designs in this post. Truthfully… That post was not intended to be published when it was. I just forgot that I had it scheduled. And did not have much written about those pieces. And how happy I was to see my first designs on fabric!

These three new designs just arrived yesterday from Spoonflower. I can understand why so many quilters go into fabric design. We all LOVE fabric don’t we? And who wouldn’t want to see their name displayed proudly along the selvage of a fabric you designed yourself?

Well, Spoonflower doesn’t provide you with that option. So on this Little Feathers yardage, I photo shopped it in! Hahaha!

low volume Little Feathers on white background

Along with the Little Feathers, I also created an Ants print on a plain white background.  These little crawlers are here to invade your summer picnic.  But they don’t eat much.

Some of those ants are larger than others, but they all seem a little lost.

low volume Ants on white background

The third design is called Gobble D Gook. It is a text print of random strokes in a typewriter style. But there are a few hidden gems that can be read if you look closely.

My sassy daughter Erin is listed.

low volume Gobble D Gook on white background

And a few other favourite words….  Like QUILT. Of course my son Russell had to be included. But not too close to Erin. They get along very well if each is given their space.

Looking to add some low volume to your stash?
For more information, please check out my Spoonflower shop here.

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31 Responses

  1. I had wondered about that post, Lorna. 😉 Congratulations! These look awesome and it is so exciting to see you growing and trying new things!

  2. KMTrott says:

    Love the ants 🙂 Congratulations on the fabrics!

  3. Love Gobble D Gook! Such a perfect text print!

  4. love your fabric – congratulations!!

  5. Jenn4653 says:

    Love the ants! I can see this with some red gingham and a great pattern. Call it \”All Ants no Uncles.\” LOL!

  6. Congratulations on getting your own designs printed – I love them all and I hope you sell all your yardage 🙂

  7. Aggie-G says:

    They're awesome! Great work!!

  8. SarahZ says:

    How FUN!!! I will definitely check out your shop 🙂

  9. Unknown says:

    Congratulations!!! It's sooooo cool👍 you're so talented, creative and hard-working. your creations are stunning.I admire you so much

  10. I love these Lorna! Great job!! I am new to spoonflower and I sent you a message thru there?! I think?!

  11. Ruth says:

    Great designs – love that text print!

  12. Lara B. says:

    Great Low Volume designs Lorna! So fun and playful! You fooled me good with \”Sew Fresh Quilts\” in the selvage… I thought it must be a new feature, LOL.

  13. Congrats on the fabric design. I like all three but the ants are the cutest and one I will have to buy next month for sure. Your talent is amazing. Debbie

  14. Jasmine says:

    What fun fabric. I seriously love that you photoshopped your name to the edge. Perfect!

  15. Ioleen says:

    Congrats Lorna. Love the ants!!!

  16. margaret says:

    a lovely collection Lorna congratulations and I am sure there ill be more from you soon

  17. Kerstin says:

    Wonderful collection, I especially like the text fabric!

  18. Happy mail day indeed!! Congratulations. Can't wait to see how you put this great fabric to use.

  19. Ever since I saw Lara's cookie fabric, and then her Christmas wreaths, I have thought, I should do this…but I haven't although I did go and poke around a bit…I need to be much more computer savvy methinks…that and patient and okay with losing out on sewing time…I absolutely love your designs, ants (shiver) and all. So unique. Love the hidden words!

  20. Vera says:

    Fun! I especially like those hidden words 🙂

  21. Great fabrics. The ants are so cute! And the arrows only show up is you are close, very clever. Congratulations! Love the photo shop.

  22. pollyanna says:

    Those are great fabrics. I have just bought a bunch of half yards of black and whites for a new quilt. I had been buying reds and black and whites and black and whites for a while for a RBW quilt. Finally found a pattern I wanted. And I have to say I love those squirrels up at the top of your page 🙂

  23. Patty says:

    isn't spoonflower great? I've done some small fabrics myself . I like that you hid their names.

  24. Cheryl says:

    I love your designs! I just love text prints and your typewriter style black on white is wonderful. I think that we might be seeing your name on salvages for real in no time!

  25. I love those designs! Very cute! Especially like the subtle words that make it so personal!

  26. Lorinda says:

    I can't wait to order from Spoonflower- I just have to get some designs off my sketchpad! 🙂 I love that you photoshopped your name onto the selvedge!

  27. JanineMarie says:

    Great selvage! And I love your designs. The texts and feathers are fun, but those ants take the cake.

  28. Wow, Lorna these are so perfect! Beautiful and fantastic.Lovely small prints so when you cut the fabric they will show in every piece. x Teje

  29. Unknown says:

    I love your fabrics!!! Congrats!!!

  30. I am loving these fabrics and most certainly for the low volume aspect… love love LOVE those ants and the feathers… oh yea and the typewriter text. I love it all! I will totally be venturing to get some of this!

  31. What a great group of low volume fabrics! Loving those ants.