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Let’s Bee Social #67

Posted on: April 8th, 2015 by Lorna McMahon

Welcome Friends!  It is once again Wednesday.
And time for the Let’s Bee Social linky party!

Last week I shared the Giraffe Love quilt.  Choosing the backing fabric was a tough decision and I am so grateful for everyone sharing their opinions on just what should be used.  Thank you!

This is the week of the Monkeys.  For the Background: Ice Frappe, Pond, Pool, Breakers & Cyan.  For the Monkeys there is Stone, Taupe & Earth.  Cactus, Peapod & Grass are for the Leaves.  These are the Konas chosen for the Monkey See Monkey Do baby quilt.

Monkey See Monkey Do – 40″ x 50″

This quilt is now finished!  I could not resist sharing a little sneak peek.

Monkey See Monkey Do.  Monkey peekin’ at you!

Be sure to come by on Friday.
I am hosting TGIFF! and hope to reveal a wild finish!


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36 Responses

  1. Carla says:

    Can't believe how cute this is Lorna! You are amazing.

  2. Jasmine says:

    Okay. I think the monkeys are officially my favorite.

  3. Unknown says:

    You are busy!!!! I love the monkeys. They will be on my list too!!!

  4. Super cute! Love the sneak peek!!-Soma

  5. KMTrott says:

    Everytime you unveil one of your little critters I small ear to ear! Giraffe's and now Monkeys!!! Too cute for words.

  6. Your creativity is amazing. With each quilt I think what will she come up with next!?

  7. Patti says:

    Wonderful! I'm amazed!

  8. You're on fire!!! Or, you're gone bananas…This is super fun AND super cute!Don't forget to sleep…sleep is important.

  9. KaHolly says:

    Wow! I didn't see that coming! Very cute!

  10. Lori says:

    this is so adorable. your animals are so wonderful. thanks for inspiring

  11. Renee says:

    Those monkeys are wonderful! And I love the ombre background.

  12. I love all of your modern animal quilts – really cute

  13. Needled Mom says:

    Those are fabulous!

  14. Cheryl says:

    Each animal you make is cuter than the last! I love the monkey!

  15. Jayne says:

    I am so in love with that little money face!!! Cannot wait to see it finished! Great job as always Lorna!

  16. The leaves and background are probably my favorite part of this one, Lorna; somehow monkeys scare me (might be from the Wizard of Oz?). Weird, I know. 🙂

  17. Skootchover says:

    I'm always amazed by what you create without paper piecing. Can't wait to see the whole quilt!

  18. Those monkeys are adorable.

  19. Marian says:

    This is just to cute.. so adorable.. Great Job!!

  20. Debra says:

    Those monkeys are just too cute. I made a monkey quilt for a new baby in 2013… but this one is cuter!!

  21. Ioleen says:

    This is a very cute baby quilt. Monkeys are so fun looking. Great job.

  22. Rosemary B here:Oh Lorna, tooooo cute.

  23. Everything I see that you do is adorable! Can't wait to see the finish!

  24. Lara B. says:

    My gosh Lorna – you are a regular dynamo of creativity and sewing! Wow Wee! Love that little Monkey see Monkey Do quilt! Congrats on your new sponsor Rita and on the fun collaboration ahead!

  25. Glinda ♥ says:

    Cheeky monkey! Think he's my favourite yet! How cute are those eyes??

  26. Laura says:

    What a cute little quilt! I'm excited to see how you did the stem lines in the leaves!

  27. JanineMarie says:

    These monkeys look like they're up to a lot of mischief! I can't believe how quickly you did this. I was still drooling over the giraffes.

  28. Oh that monkey! How much longer can you keep this up? I keep thinking they can't get any cuter… and lo and behold, they do! What's next? Lions? Tigers? Bears? Oh my!

  29. Lisa J. says:

    Love the monkeys and interested in Fabric Please. Looking forward to the tutorial.

  30. Dominique says:

    Oh My! I can't keep up with the fabulous stuff you come up with. These monkeys are awesome. Again!

  31. Oh my….the animals keep popping up. I guess it's time to admit that I can't resist any more. Thanks for coming up with such great ideas.

  32. Would you stop with the cute animals already – I can't believe I want to make every single one – and my baby is 18 years old, so many nieces, cousins kids and my grand-niece are going to be very happy campers!

  33. Preeti says:

    It is a zoo in there, Lorna!!! Or shall we say circus? I wonder if you will make a panda block next…it can be nothing but supercute and will sell like hot cakes on a cold day. Your creativity is amazing and inspiring!!!

  34. Cathy says:

    You are flat out killing me with all these cute patterns!!! My daughter wants to be a large animal vet and work in a zoo. Can you even imagine the comments I'm getting? How many baby quilts can one teenager put in her hope chest for her future children?????

  35. So talented – loving all of the animals so far but my grand-daughter adores monkeys so this takes the cake. Thanks for the linky party.

  36. Ah you are making monkeys too! Your monkeys and your giraffes are so cute! I'm slowly plodding away at finishing my Elephant Parade. Been delayed with jury duty, and work, etc.