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Pretty Butterfly Table Runner {a la snow bank}

Posted on: March 6th, 2015 by Lorna McMahon

Romeo. Romeo.  Spring. Spring.  Wherefore art thou, Romeo sweet spring?

Feeling a great need for spring to start showing some signs of returning, I figured perhaps I can “will it to arrive” by employing some warm and happy thoughts.  So I dug out my Pretty Butterfly quilt pattern and the Architextures fat quarters I received as a gift from Sew Sisters Quilt Shop back when I shared a Kona Challenge tutorial on their blog.  I made a few butterfly blocks for a table runner.

When it came time for the quilting, I was planning to do some straight line quilting from edge to edge.

But when I sat down….  organic wavy lines in this sunny yellow Aurifil thread #1135 appeared and made quick work of the job.  Like golden rays of sunshine!

I am so pleased with this finish – the fabrics, the arrangement, the quilting.  It was such an uplifting experience.  My mood was boosted and I am feeling a lot less blue.  And more green!

The backing for this little runner was a scrap of the Widescreen Crosshatch in blue used on my Giggles Up! quilt back in October.  So suited to those Architextures used in the front.

This runner finished at 33.5″ long by 10″ wide and  is now listed with the other Quilts for Sale in my Etsy shop.

This project was the 31st use of my 100 labels ordered from
You can design your own labels, too!  Click here!

You can find the quilt pattern for sale here in my pattern shop.

As much as I do hate to admit it….

When Spring finally does arrive….

I will miss the pure white background offered by the snow.

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22 Responses

  1. ~Diana says:

    I just love it, Lorna!

  2. contadina says:

    This is absolutely beautiful, Lorna – as if you have invited spring to come ♥I cannot await it!And it's coming, I can feel it.The birds are singing here this morning and I think after finishing the elephant parade table runner I will try some butterflies ;-)Wish you a wonderful day with a lot of sun :-)Sabine

  3. Clumsy Chord says:

    Looks great! We're having some pretty fantastic weather over in Calgary, but I feel for you! Last year was the winter that wouldn't end and it was so intensely depressing I could hardly deal with it.

  4. Very pretty, Lorna! I like the golden yellow thread you used for quilting, the wavy lines are perfectly whimsical for the butterflies.-Soma

  5. Fran says:

    Love Architextures, one of my favourite ranges 🙂

  6. Unknown says:

    Hi dear Lorna, yesssss spring is coming…. your Butterfly Table Runner is so lovely!

  7. Very pretty! I am waiting for spring as well. I'm getting really tired of winter. I need some bright sunshine and green grass!

  8. the butterflies look great!! spring is arriving this week – and I fly north LOL on Thursday but looks like Wisconsin might get a warm up and be in the 40's/30 so much better than the teens it would have been if I had went a week earlier.

  9. SarahZ says:

    It really does shine against that snow bank! So pretty!

  10. Cheryl says:

    Very cute runner! It brings a promise of spring (hopefully) coming soon. Our daffodils are actually already up and blooming but it is still really cold here.

  11. Ready for spring here too. It is lovely, though, how each season has its charms. I like the pure white too, especially in January, but by March I am ready for the pretty pastels of the next season. Cute runner, perfect quilting. I can see the sun's rays in your design.

  12. Unknown says:

    I want to thank you for the tio on the quilt labels. I ordered some right away. They are just perfect – not too big and showy , but a really perfect way to acknowledge one's creatorship. Love the use of archtextural fabrics on the butterflies, great idea.

  13. Snow does make a really lovely backdrop for photography. Congratulations on the bright and lovely finish, and what a great way to boost your mood!

  14. It's beautiful! And it looks great on the snow!

  15. I love how this came out. Those bright colors sure to make me think of spring. And as much as I love the white snowy backdrop, I'll take a bright green grass backdrop any day.

  16. This is such a happy table runner. Like the choice of thread color it sure brightens the quilt.Debbie

  17. Ioleen says:

    This is a cheer me up runner. Love the colours and the quilting. Take care.

  18. It's good to appreciate all our seasons…. since we're going to get 'em anyway! The snow does make for great pics of these lovely butterflies. There are some covetable (I don't think that's a word!) fabrics in there!

  19. You should be pleased. It's a great project. I love photos in the snow as much as I hate winter. I see teacher Jenn above is making up words, but it's a good word! LOL

  20. Vera says:

    It is beautiful! Great job Lorna!

  21. Michele says:

    It does help to bring thoughts of spring and I like the colors that you used. Hopefully for all of us the real spring will decide to show up soon though there certainly isn't any signs of it here today. There is more snow falling down as I type this. Urg!