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Let’s Bee Social #39

Posted on: September 24th, 2014 by Lorna McMahon

Another week has gone by…. ALREADY?!!!

Seems like I am desperately trying to hang onto the summer.  But it is, well…. Gone.  It’s officially fall.  The leaves are changing.  The air is crisp.  And the kids have been back in school for more than three weeks.

Yet, my daughter and I are still partaking in our summer past-time: watching TV series’ on DVD.  We are currently working on Gossip Girl and are now on season four.  And even while relaxing while watching movies… I am still thinking of quilts.  And, of course, Ed Westwick, who plays the part of Chuck Bass.

These chair cushions, found in the Van Der Woodsen living room, have inspired me.  Wish I could have found a better photo to show you the details.  I would love to discover an easy way to turn this pattern into a quilt.  But it’s not coming to me.

NOW…. What’s new with you?

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15 Responses

  1. Yay! I finally have something to share again, LOL!!

  2. Vicki says:

    If I could see these chairs closer, I may be able to help. You are such a busy woman!

  3. Kaja says:

    They are pretty chairs and that would make a great patchwork if you could figure it out. I don't have that sort of brain, so can't help, but will be very impressed if you manage it 🙂

  4. Pretty inspiration!! It will come to you :)-Soma

  5. Those chairs are awesome! The first thing that came to my mind is the Super Nova block. . . but tweaked somehow. I can't see exactly how they are coming together in the corners but the center part of Super Nova might give you a start? I have no doubt you will have this figured out in no time 😉

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lorna! I miss that crispy Air! We had few lovely days but yesterday it was again +34C and hot south wind – again AC on. That pattern on the chair looks great. I hope you find how to make it easily. x Teje

  7. Talk about watching old TV…I couldn't resist picking up ( for 5.00 ) Season Two of Bewitched at Target. Now that is old. LOL haven't put any on yet but it struck me as a snow day kind of thing to have around 🙂

  8. Julie says:

    …..waiting on a pattern for to come to you based on those cushions…….they're fantastic……

  9. woot! I have something social this week. 🙂 It's good to see you – hope you're well!

  10. Lorna, you are so creative I am sure you can figure it out. Here in Florida it has cooled to the 80s LOL but we will soon get our Fall weather. People say Florida seasons do not change but they do change and if you lived here for sometime you would be able to tell. October and November are my favorite time of year in central Florida. Enjoy your crisp weather. Debbie

  11. Teresa B says:

    Great party (again)! You're right, summer is gone, I was so hoping it could last forever…Have a wonderful week.

  12. Laney says:

    I like the pattern on those chairs, too! Thanks for hosting the link up!

  13. That cushion pattern has me stumped too!

  14. Some kind of EPP? You just need to break it down and find the repeat. It's amazing to see the leaves changing….

  15. Martha says:

    Great inspiration Lorna. I wish I could offer some help. But I'm sure it will come to you and you are going to come up with and awesome pattern.