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Friday Finish – a baby boy quilt top

Posted on: July 18th, 2014 by Lorna McMahon

Anybody inspired to give this one a name?  I am stumped!
But very happy with this Friday Finish….

This top was pieced using some yummy Kona cotton solids:  Cyan, Azure, Grass and Peapod along with Black, Coal, Medium Grey and Snow for the background.

The backing fabric I chose is Michael Miller’s Everyday Houndstooth in Lagoon.  This is the same backing I used on my Quilt Like An Egyptian quilt made last month and is the inspiration for the colours I chose to make the quilt top.  I had quite a large piece leftover.  That’s the first time I ever chose the backing first!

This quilt was made using a simple block I designed last Saturday while at my son’s swim meet.

And combines the Farmer’s Daughter block and something like a Greek Cross with sashing.   Anyone interested in a tutorial?

Played around on the EQ7 quilt program, trying some different colourways.

And tried a full size quilt to see how that would look.
I would like to make something like this.

One of the outtakes… This photo was taken with a little help from my friend, Fluffy.
Better known as Mr. McFluffster.

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63 Responses

  1. Jess Burns says:

    I like it. It would be easy to make a gender neutral quilt out of it. So yes, I'd be interested in a tutorial if you wanted to do one. 🙂

  2. margaret says:

    of course a tutorial is needed! This is a beauty and your colour choice I love, as for a name sorry have not the imagination to come up with one. That is a very pretty Fluffy cat you have there

  3. Fran says:

    What a gorgeous quilt! I would love a tutorial please.

  4. Really cute. The colors work well. It reminds me of a rosette on an award ribbon. What about \”Blue Ribbon\” for a name? I am usually terrible with names myself. What a fun idea to ask on your blog. I will think about doing that in the future when I get stumped.

  5. Love it Lorna, the colours are very fresh 🙂 … it needs \”star\” in it's name somewhere, but I'm rubbish at naming quilts!

  6. Maryse says:

    It's quite lovely and perfect for a baby boy, nice mix of colors. Fluffy reminds me a cat we used to have years ago…Caramel.:)

  7. Susan L. says:

    That came out great Lorna!

  8. Dominique says:

    Lorna, this is a great quilt top. Very graphic. Love the colours! I won't even try to name that quilt. The names I come up with are usually things like \”boy quilt\”…

  9. Kris says:

    That is stunning Lorna. It has some great movement in it. I think the center star that is formed is the stunner so I say \”Star Bright\” and that fits a new baby boy too! Love it!

  10. Lorna, that is wonderful!!!How about \”cross section\” as a name for the quilt?Esther

  11. Love the colors here, Lorna! With the stars and boy receipient, I would be tempted to call it \”Rocket Man\” I am sure that Elton John would not mind! 😉

  12. Scrapatches says:

    This finished up wonderfully! Great pattern. Your Fluffy is a beautiful kitty. Thanks for sharing … 🙂 Pat

  13. MoeWest says:

    I really like this design so yes to a tutorial! The cluster of green squares reminds me of a formal herb garden surrounded by a grey patio stone, but I don't have a name for you. I like Kris's suggestion above, especially for a baby.

  14. Mmmmm…. such lovely Konas! There's a cool transparency about the way the pattern comes together… maybe that could figure into the name! And the backing is perfect!

  15. audrey says:

    Oooh! I love this! And the colors are so divine. Yum! Yes, I'd love to see a tutorial! (If you're feeling up to it.)

  16. I thought of the same name as Robin when I first saw it. \”Blue Ribbon\” because the blue looks like an award ribbon for first prize and this quilt definitely deserves a blue ribbon. Yes on the tutorial.Debbie

  17. Jo Ferguson says:

    What about \”Fluffy's Choice\”. Yes, I would love a tutorial. It's a great block with a lot of possibilities.

  18. ~Diana says:

    LOVE this Lorna! Great design, and love the Fluffy picture 🙂

  19. Rachel says:

    Lovely! Great design and very pretty colors! The borders are perfect. I love the name \”Mr. McFluffster\”. My sister did an internship one year where they named the lone tern that hung out with them \”Reginald Studpants McArthur\”. He courted all the decoys. 😛 Silly bird.

  20. Lovely finish and thanks for the outtake photo with Fluffy! I like someone else's idea to call this Blue Ribbon!

  21. Beautiful!! Yes, please, a tutorial would be wonderful! Fluffy looks a lot like my Casey….so cute!

  22. Jasmine says:

    Your design looks amazing. The sashing adds so much to your blocks. I love that first photo. Your solids remind me of the tessellation magnets game I used to play.

  23. Lorna, this looks fabulous! I love the design. Great use of solid fabrics.

  24. Georgi says:

    Lovin' the new design! and YES ~ tutorial please! The colors in your quilt top are gorgeous ~ I'm saving this color palette for sure. 🙂

  25. Ann says:

    I liked the photos you posted Wednesday and love the way they've come out! What a great design. Solids do make it so graphic.

  26. Vera says:

    How about Fresh Aztec, lol. Looking great! Lovely color combo and neat pattern.

  27. Julie Cefalu says:

    Beautiful and fresh looking design! It must be nice playing with EQ. That's on my wish list.Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  28. Shauna says:

    so so cute, I don't know why but the name \”Summertime Blue\” comes to mind.

  29. Beautiful! You know I'm a sucker for solids! It's kind of outdoorsy, reminds of me of grass and a blue sky with puffy white clouds! Or green fields of crops. I'm horrible at naming quilts!

  30. Taryn V. says:

    Really pretty! I love how you used all solids. It really showcases the design.

  31. Heidi says:

    Lorna, this is a really sweet pattern and the colors your used are awesome!And pretty Lillies too:-)

  32. KathleenD says:

    I would very much like to see a tutorial on this pretty and interesting quilt! You did a beautiful job with it!

  33. Sandy says:


  34. This is really stunning! I really love the colors you used in this quilt!

  35. Vicki says:

    This quilt is so wonderful. The colors are great. No wonder you chose the back first.

  36. Izzy says:

    Oh I love all those solids! This is just so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it at TGIFF.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I love how this turned out! Very nice!

  38. I compliment you highly….seldom do I ever see a quilt that I just absolutely LOVE…but these two – the blue/green and the purple/green – and the block styles I just LOVE. I have bookmarked it for later.. I would love to make one with these same fabrics. I have to finish some things for my grand kids but after that…I will be back. I am even thinking of christmas colors. I just love the blocks and the designs they make when assembled!

  39. JB says:

    This is really clever. I'd really like a tutorial, just for the measurements.

  40. Lorette says:

    How about Crossing the Farmer's Field or Farmer's Cross?? I LOVE these quilts Lorna! They're fabulous! Yes, tutorial please!

  41. nicole says:

    This is just fantastic! I love the use of all solids and the fact that you chose your backing fabric first! It's absolutely gorgeous and i would love to see both a tutorial and you make a full size quilt with this pattern!

  42. I love your quilt top – so bold and graphic. I love the clean lines of it.

  43. I love your quilt top – so bold and graphic – nice clean look.

  44. Vickie says:

    I love it Lorna ! how about Pool Party, Summer Fun, Pool Puppy, or best of all \”Swim Meet\” !

  45. Lorna, it's beautiful! And yes, I'd be interested in a tutorial. I think this is the perfect solid color quilt project. I just love it.

  46. Stephie says:

    Gorgeous Lorna! It goes soooo well with the houndstooth 🙂

  47. Kathleen says:

    This quilt looks so crisp with all solids! Definitely interested in a tutorial.

  48. Lara B. says:

    You created a great color combination and design!

  49. A stunning quilt, Lorna. I love it, both the design and the colours. Yes, please, I'd like a tutorial.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I like it!! Also, cute furball photo-bomb! Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  51. I LOVE this. Those colors are amazing. I like \”Pond Life\” for a name…it makes me think of Frogs. and water. Super pretty

  52. \”Southwest Star\” it has a southwest geometric feel with some star qualities. Great finish … I'll be here hoping you make a tutorial. Fingers crossed.

  53. Anne says:

    What a beautiful block, and subsequent quilt! I love it!

  54. Michele says:

    How could I not like it and I love the colors that you used.

  55. salamanda says:

    Tutorial sounds good for the Clover Star quilt

  56. Elise Lea says:

    Love this! I think a scaled down version of the block would make such a cute mini as well! Congrats on the finished top!

  57. Anonymous says:

    Love this! Thanks so much for sharing! I think you should name it something using the word \”snips.\” 🙂

  58. Ginger says:

    Wow! This is a beautiful quilt. It looks very Amish-inspired with the solid fabrics, but the white keeps it pretty fresh looking as well. How about the name \”Modern Amish\”?

  59. Kelsey Boes says:

    Beautiful quilt. The way you used color to imply overlapping and transparency is skillful and lovely.

  60. I love this design so much!! I'm going to be pinning your tutorial!

  61. Patsy says:

    This quilt is just awesome. Love your pattern and your color choices! Yes, please post a tutorial!! As for a name, \”Flying Kites\” is what comes to me.