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AccuQuilt Go! Kansas Dugout blocks

Posted on: April 7th, 2014 by Lorna McMahon

Did you happen to see the latest finish by the uber talented Rita of Red Pepper Quilts?

On Friday, she displayed her Kansas Dugout finished quilt top.  And shared a great tutorial for making those blocks.  She even offered free templates to download if you are interested in making some too!

Now this block design does require sewing some inset seams (also known as Y seams).  But Rita’s tutorial is sew well written – revealing just how easily those seams can be mastered.

I was tempted to quilt along when everyone jumped on that Economy Block bandwagon.  But I resisted.

This Kansas Dugout block is not getting away from me!!!
I set up the AccuQuilt Go! cutter and got Go!ing.

Using my GO! Signature Block die, I quickly had all my pieces cut out and ready to sew!

I cut the fat quarters into 3″ strips and then folded the strips to cover the die.

Here the strips are in place on the die….

Cover them with the die mat….

And crank them through the cutter!

Here are a few of the blocks I made up this weekend.
My method did not require marking all those pieces for sewing.
And I will share be sharing my secret later this week! 
(edited to add: You can find the tutorial here!)

The feature fabric in the square is Jolly Jungle Allover Animals
by The Henley Studio for Makower UK.

That friendly and cute little monkey seems to be waving at you from each and every block!!/

Whether you have an AccuQuilt cutter or not….
You are welcome to enter their annual Quilt Block Design Contest!

Get your quilty thinkin’ caps on!
The prizes are incredible.  How incredible?  Click here for details!

Keep On Quilting On!

25 Responses

  1. Vera says:

    oh wow, you are super productive!

  2. Lorna, those blocks are adorable! Good for you cutting those pieces; it looks like fun! I am going to check out the tutorial for y seams, they seem intimidating to me!

  3. These blocks are soooooo cute! Looks like you're having loads of fun.

  4. Looks like those are going to make a super cute baby quilt!

  5. Oh…these are lovely! Now I know why you were curious. I see your design now. With my technique I think the focus fabric is reversed. Your border fabric is the focus fabric with my X's and O's quilt. Since I am starting with a charm pack and then snow blocking(not even sure if this is a proper term) them.I am curious to hear from you about your experience, piecing these blocks into rows.Happy Quilting!

  6. RobotMomSews says:

    I love these, but those Y seams make me cringe!! Can't wait to see your tips and secrets!

  7. Katherine says:

    Wow. These are great and it's wonderful to know that there's a die to speed up the cutting. Looking forward to seeing your tips and techniques, Lorna. This is going to be an adorable quilt!

  8. Vicki says:

    Oh Lorna, these are incredible! That Accu thingy is so cool. What a time saver.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have that animal print! I think it was amongst the first fabrics i ever bought. I never knew what it was; now I do 🙂 The accuquilt really does seem to make cutting so much easier…

  10. Kim says:

    Such happy and bright blocks. Your accuquilt certainly seems to save oodles of time. Thanks for the link…I will have to check it out.

  11. DeborahGun says:

    so nice not to have to cut each block individually 🙂

  12. margaret says:

    the cutter machine must save you a lot of time and the animal print you have used here works wonderfully, Y seams ugh, I did do some latge hexagons on the machine the other day which worked quite well but not thinking of doing any more!!

  13. Jacqui S. says:

    Always working, always producing great stuff! these are so pretty! well done!

  14. jacquie says:

    Lorna,Do you know who is behind that quiltpatternpro blog that is ripping off everyone's content?Jacquie

  15. Vicki in MN says:

    What a sweet little quilt you will soon have all together!

  16. this will make an awesome quilt! love the animal print

  17. Mokki says:

    They are so cute! They'll look great when they're sewn up together!

  18. Jo Ferguson says:

    I always love your fabric and colour choices. Y seams are not too hard, you just take your time, and do one, at a time, and then…….you're done. I can't wait to see how the quilt, turns out.

  19. Lorette says:

    What great fabrics for this quilt Lorna!!! I would love an Accuquilt Go… but perhaps later… it's in making a quilt like this that it makes sense to use this tool! Great quilt!!

  20. Lea says:

    Those blocks are just too cute! Great fabrics.

  21. Neat! I'll be looking forward to the big secret 🙂

  22. Anonymous says:

    Cute, cute quilt blocks!

  23. Unknown says:

    These blocks are very clever and I like the soft edges, kids will love them!

  24. What cute, cute blocks Lorna and I love that die!! Thanks for sharing.Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  25. Wendy says:

    Fab blocks!