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Sewing for Me in March

Posted on: March 1st, 2014 by Lorna McMahon

Picture30 minutes
30 days

Just for me!

Sarah is putting up the challenge.
And I am joining in!

Check it out!!!
Sarah of Berry Barn Designs – 30/30 Linky Party!

The Challenge:
Choose a goal for your 30/30. It can be anything sewing related for you.

My plan is make myself a quilted jacket.  With a zippered front closure.  Pockets.  A collar.  And a lining!

And I have no experience making clothing of any kind, much less a quilted piece of clothing.
With sleeves.  Eeeek!

What would you make?  It can be anything at all.  Does your spring wardrobe need an update?  Have you made a quilt for everyone you know, but still do not have one of your own?  (That’s me too!)  Could you kitchen use a new set of curtains?

Perhaps there is a technique you have always wanted to try.  Practicing some free motion quilting?  Tackle some Y seams?

Join me!  And sew something just for you!

Keep On Quilting On!

19 Responses

  1. I am watching you! Glad you joined in!

  2. Michele T says:

    Does one have to have a blog to join?

  3. Oh, my, you picked a good one, Lorna! That sounds like a lot of details and careful pattern work – you can tell I couldn't begin to tackle that, as I'm doing \”reversible apron\” as my \”new skills\” clothing pattern hehe. I am especially curious about the fabric you'll be using… solid? Print? Can't wait to get a peek of it! Thanks so much for joining in!

  4. I'm making new jammie pants for me. Two pairs of flannel ones at the moment and I just ordered a Bliss regular cotton print on clearance. That's for another pair. I also have fabric for an apron I need to make.

  5. Julie Cefalu says:

    I just saw this challenge, and I would love to join!. I'm always making things for a project deadline or for someone else. What a luxury to sew just for me! I think you picked a great project and I can't wait to see it finished!Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  6. Mary R. says:

    Your jacket sounds great–and you will have a bunch of new skills when you get it done. A good pattern for the jacket (even if the pattern isn't for a quilted jacket) will help a lot. And your zipper foot is your friend, but keep your fingers clear when using it! I look forward to seeing your progress through the month!

  7. Scrapatches says:

    Looking forward to seeing you styling your new quilted jacket. Have fun! Thanks for sharing the link to this challenge … 🙂 Pat

  8. CeLynn says:

    Well when you jump in you do so with both feet! Your quilted jacket sounds lovely already! I spent a pleasant morning working on a bed runner for my bed 🙂 Going to check out the link,thank you for sharing.

  9. Mara says:

    Oh My that is a huge goal, I wish you luck in the making of your jacket, it will of course be as lovely as everything else you make.

  10. inchworming says:

    Can't wait to see your quilted jacket! I'm sure it will turn out beautiful!

  11. Wow, now that's a challenge that I have complete faith in that fact that you'll get it done! Namebrand patterns are easy to follow. Beware of patterns written by designers who don't sew. They make lovely designs but are many times very vague on directions and assume the maker has some sewing knowledge. Good luck with this fun adventure! I can't wait to see you modeling it!

  12. Béa says:

    It's in reading your newsletter this morning, I find this challenge, thank you so much,and yes, I join you ! (sorry for my bad english…)

  13. Shauna says:

    good luck, sounds like it will be a busy month, but you'll be so happy when you complete it.

  14. That's a great project! Lots of first! I will be cheering you on. Once I started into quilting couple of years back I have drifted away from making clothing. I might come back to it this summer. Making some Indian tunics for me.Can't wait to see your quilted jacket as you make progress every week.

  15. SIMPLESEW says:

    I am joining you.. I find that I really miss this and do so little sewing for my home with 4 DIL and my sons starting homes, it was fun sewing for them, Now 7 new grandkids 5 and under, its a constant that I know I cant keep up with even though I enjoy it alot. I need to freshen my home and I love to do this, especially this time of year, I always buy new Pillows and sheet too..

  16. I can't wait to see your jacket. I stopped sewing clothes for myself after my size doubled…..giggle.

  17. Cheryl says:

    That is an awesome challenge! I will be following along!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing your projects, always a thrill to see what folk are up to, looking forward to seeing your next projects, I will be visiting you again soon!Jay x

  19. Elaine says:

    Hi i'm visiting over from the linkies. Can't wait to see your jacket, I'm just getting into my stash to make some fun projects I've been putting off for a long time.

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