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Scrappy Quilt – Neutral Background – Day 4

Posted on: May 26th, 2013 by Lorna McMahon

Slow progress….

Yesterday was Saturday, and I wanted to let my daughter sleep in a bit.  So, I ended up doing the dishes and baking some muffins.  Her bedroom is right next to my sewing area.

Eventually, I did get my neutral strips sewn together and cross cut into 2.5″ sets.

Experimented with a few layouts….

And considered making some revisions to my plans…
And did some unsewing…

I did not feel like I had made much progress, but today I awoke determined not to feel discouraged.  By the time I returned from church, I had a mental image of EXACTLY how this quilt would be when finished.  I returned to my grid paper and solidified the plan!  Just got started in the sewing room….

When in walks my son, Russell.  He is the guy I rely on for decisions concerning colours and design.  I can always trust him to give me a worthy second opinion.  But today it was different….

You see the light green shoe box to the right of Janome?  This is Russell’s quilt box – a project he started soon after I got my machine and it has been waiting for a time when Russell was ready to continue the work and I was willing to give him some time on the machine!

So here we are in the quilting hallway…  Russell has five rows of 12 – 5″ finished squares together and three more rows ready to go.  He was wanting a break after that…. Agreed he wanted some pics taken and be in a blog post….  And now he says he wants the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The nerve…

Sew I’m outa here and getting back to Janome before Russell changes his mind!!!!!!!

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