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Spring Update…

Posted on: February 27th, 2013 by Lorna McMahon

I know I’m really pushing Spring lately, but I can’t help it.  I am trying to be optimistic!

The weather was horrible yesterday.  And the wind was horrendous, blowing the snow off the fields and making a mess of the roads.  Then came the sleet.  And then, when the kids were sent to bed, and it was my turn at the computer…. I was making great progress on some catch up…. When the power went out.

Amazingly, the school was not closed today and I had no misgivings this morning as I drove them down the lane to meet the bus!

Sew here’s the update….

This is the quilt my friend Linda made for Victoria’s Quilts.  She is not a free motion quilter and her long arm companion has some health issues right now, so she asked if I could help her out.

I am not much of a free motion quilter myself, but she can play the organ at our church without getting nervous, whereas, I am a wreck.  So, was looking for help in deciding on a design for this manly quilt.  Did not want to do flowers or loopy, curvy things for this.  Karin kindly offered a suggestion in the comments from my last post.  She thought zippling, by +Leah Day, would be perfect for these large square blocks.

 I thought zippling would be perfect too!  Unfortunately, I did not have what it takes to zipple at a moments notice, sew I went with Leah’s Cave Points instead.  Still sharp and masculine, but sew much easier to accomplish in the tight squeeze offered by my little Janome, and with my limited free motion skills.  Not sure if skills is the right word… But ineptness sounds a bit show-off-ish.

Ahhh… Now I am back to some spring colours, spring flowers, light and bright!  No more pressure!

And spring must be coming soon, because there was finally enough light coming through my little window, to provide an unusual event to occur!  A photo with accurate colours and it is hardly even blurry at all!

How is your Wednesday coming along?  Following +Marelize Ries‘ lead and am linking up with WIP Wednesdays@Freshly Pieced
Looking forward to continuing the quilting this afternoon… Bee right back!

12 Responses

  1. OPQuilt says:

    Bravo to you for quilting on your friend's quilt–a truly lovely gesture of friendship. I LOVE that daisy quilt. You must have so much fun quilting it as it's so cheery and just says \”smile.\” Sorry to hear about your bad weather. I won't tell you it's supposed to be 75 degrees here and sunny. No, I won't. Hang in there until spring. As a trade-off, you have gorgeous autumns and we are still melting in 100+ heat.Happy quilting!Elizabeth

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog; I'm returning the call. 🙂 Your free motion quilting is looking good–both the angles and the curves. I'm a beginner at FM too.

  3. Thanks for the visit, Elizabeth. And for the encouragement! Muchly appreciated.

  4. Thanks knitnkwilt! We can't all be Leah Day or Angela quilted mine!

  5. Amy says:

    I love the quilting. I also love the daisy quilt,the colors are really springy

  6. Thanks, Amy! Glad you stopped in for a visit. Come on Spring!

  7. What a beautifully fresh Spring quilt! Looks like we're all in the mood for some Spring. Nice quilting you did on the manly quilt too. Those always seem harder for me to come up with something more masculine than swirly loops. 🙂 Found a really nice one for the long arm called steam and it works a treat. Could probably be adapted to do FMQ style on a domestic machine too. See this example:—Paper—4__SQS-M89-4.aspx

  8. Kelly Vetch says:

    Oh I love these colors! Bright colors just inspire good feelings! Lovely!

  9. Thanks for the compliments and for the link, Elita. I appreciate both very much:)

  10. Hi Kelly! Thanks for dropping in for a visit. Glad you like those quilty spring colours! (I had to add my Canadian 'u' ) Lol!

  11. Danih03 says:

    The cave points are perfect with that masculine quilt! They double as mountains or pine trees!

  12. Thanks Danielle! What great insight! Thanks sew much for coming for a visit!